Spector’s Aftermath

I spoke early this afternoon with Vikram Jayanti, director of The Agony and the Ecstasy of Phil Spector, which I reviewed at length last weekend. I left my Canon Elph at the Soho House last night so I was forced to use my iPhone 4. I’m now sitting in a noisy Starbucks without my earphones, so I don’t even know how loud or clear the sound is. Whatever — these two clips represent most of our 19-minute chat.

Jayanti emphasized that he didn’t choose to make an Errol Morris film that would bore deeply into the particulars of Spector’s guilt (or possible innocence) in the death of Lana Clarkson. He believes, however, that there is an area of reasonable doubt as to whether Spector shot Clarkson or not. I believe that at worst the shooting was a stupid accident. (In the video Jayanti passes along a rumor that I hadn’t heard about Clarkson and handguns that I’d rather not repeat it in print.)

Jayanti reports that the jailed Spector is being kept in solitary except for a half-hour per day of exercise, and that all he has for diversion is a lousy black-and-white TV set and that he’s basically “in hell.” He also reports that Spector got into a fracas with some Latino guy and that the guy punched Spector and knocked his front teeth out.

If you were to regard “Spector” as an acronym, what would the letters stand for?

15 thoughts on “Spector’s Aftermath

  1. MilkMan on said:

    Regarding the death of Lana Clarkson:

    Occam’s Razor, Jeff.

    Two people in a house. One ends up dead via shotgun.

    Reasonable doubt?

  2. Spector does not own either the publishing or licensing rights to his catalog. Publishing is located with EMI, and Sony acquired the rights to administer the recordings, which had previously resided with ABKCO, the Allen-Klein-owned concern that once controlled the Beatles’ material and still holds sway over a large portion of the Stones’ catalog.

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  4. Come ON, DZ. With so many pointless links, couldn’t you have at least TRIED for an acronym?

    I sympathize with Wells on Spector. It seems to me like Wells’ gut is telling him this guy is OK on some level and Wells is honestly working to explain why. I’ve been there. It’s like all those folks who were convinced the finale of LOST wasn’t a crock of shit.

    (P.S. It was.)

  5. TAAEOPS has to be one of the 3 best docs I’ve seen in years (along with Man on Wire and The Power of Nightmares) ….. just the way the film merges the songs with crucial footage of the trial constantly produces jaw dropping moments …. the way Spector goes off on Tony Bennett or Woody Allen, or claims that he had Scorsese’s career in his pocket …. just to take the Mean Streets section of the film inspires thoughts that go on and on; really Spector got points in future Scorsese films that include Goodfellas?. The way Spector does that chord progression, then does it in another key to illustrate his thought …. Spector is either speaking without realizing his delusion at times, and then other moments he nails the meaning of art in music so eloquently you know he’s got the devil on his shoulder.

    I watched it on youtube but is was pulled off after a couple of days.

  6. I find it hard to connect on a human level with anyone that thinks Lost ended great. Do you really need that many slow motion hugs?

  7. Did you lose your camera (again)?

    Re: Spector. He’s certifiable. He’s been threatening people with guns for decades. Is it possible he threatened Clarkson and it accidentally discharged? Yes, but the guy deserves to be behind bars. Genius has nothing to do with getting a free pass.

  8. This is a great interview, but doesn’t this guy seem a little too protective of Spector? Just going by his recounted interactions, it seemed like he was coddling/supporting him too much for someone he is effectively studying.

  9. I believe that at worst the shooting was a stupid accident. (In the video Jayanti passes along a rumor that I hadn’t heard about Clarkson and handguns that I’d rather not repeat it in print.) Vimax

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