With close to $30 million earned earned late last night, the problematic Eclipse is expected to pull down $150 million by the end of the July 4th holiday, or by the evening of Monday, July 5th. As Peter O’Toole says to Donald Wolfit in Becket, “I would spit if I were not in God’s house.” Which alludes to my idea about theatres being churches. A stretch, agreed, but it allows me to quote Anouilh.

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  1. Robert Cashill on said:

    “The latest TWILIGHT film is called ECLIPSE because you can’t look at it directly”–Nathan Lane on Letterman.

  2. Stephenie Meyer is the authorial version of Jed Clampett, randomly firing in a wide field and inexplicably striking oil.

    Hopefully she takes the money and walks away.

  3. There’s a few funny bits on Twitter right now about this crap movie. The best I’ve read is the soccer analogy:

    Twilight’s like soccer. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don’t understand.

  4. $150 million? It’ll have half that amount by tomorrow morning, give or take. Sure, it could cash out over the long weekend after an insanely-frontloaded opening day (as did the first two), but the long weekend is going to give the fans a chance to see it again over the holiday (it’s certainly a better film than New Moon, but still not nearly as entertaining as the light-footed and self-depreciating Twilight). The 6-day record is $222 million, scored by The Dark Knight. We’ll know more on Saturday, but that record could be in a token amount of danger even if it has just the long-weekend multiplier of a Harry Potter sequel.

  5. Scott, isnt July 4th usually a dead box office day? I’d imagine saturday will be filled with BBQ’s and other events for many as well.

  6. As long as it erases any records set by that transforming robot piece of crap from last summer, it’s fine in my book.

  7. PS – “Twilight’s like soccer. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don’t understand.”

    This is brilliant, thank you.

  8. Is that line actually in the play? If not, then perhaps credit should be given to Edward Anhalt – who did afterall win the Academy Award for his script.


    And Scott can probably assure you that I had NEW MOON flat ON THE NOSE with my predictions last year. 150 mil by Monday? Get the fuck out of here.

    It’s gonna do 85 TODAY. 60-something TOMORROW. At LEAST 40s every day this weekend.

    It’s gonna do **300 MILLION** by MONDAY. I don’t know we go through this EVERY YEAR where everyone in box-office prognostication UNDERESTIMATES this series.

    I am right EVERY TIME. I truly have my finger on the pulse of teenage girls everywhere.

  10. Makes sense, as the pulse of most teenage girls is located between their thighs.


  11. The Arclight matinee I caught in Hollywood, for the record, was packed with HOT CHICKS either in pairs or SOLO. Single hot women going to see this by themselves. I am repeating this from the Cold Blog, but when it was over I lingered by the exit to hit up this HOTTTTTTTT Alba-looking trim in booty shorts and flip flops, affecting my best Edward Cullen meaningful gaze then bestowing upon her a DELIGHTFUL asshole smirk, as I stood there in my 2001 Old Navy shirt and camo shorts. She BREEZED on by like I was Burt Young at the Playboy Mansion, but a man’s gotta try.

    AWESOME Howard Shore score by the way, great cinematography… wanted more Dakota though.

    And hey, speaking of Dakota, shouldn’t that creepy girl from Tigerland and Silent Hill, who’s in this too, be about 34 by now? Circa 2005 I would’ve put money down on her being a striking young woman by now, but nope… she’s really gawky and seems to have aged BACKWARDS. I swear she was 14 in Tigerland but is about 11 here. How does that work?

  12. you’re the man Lex. IAnd yes this will be bigger than both movies. A high 400 mill gross would not be out of the question. Maybe even reach 500 mil. This movie killed with the audience. Much moreso than New Moon. Kids are gonna go back and back and back.

  13. And thought I mentioned it above, but guess I didn’t:

    Anecdotal, of course, but there were way more guys in the crowd this time than the first two. I saw both 1 and 2 on opening day at the same theater, and they were 99% female audiences.

    It was like 75-25 for ECLIPSE. The pronounced action and horror elements probably account for this… Or maybe there are other dudes who bow to the power of K-Stew and Dakota.

  14. Get to know the lingo.

    Apparition floats to L.A.

    Another bride movie.

    Jackson brings back the King Kong ride in 3D.

    Lex probably wishes he was Thomas Jane.

    Meryl Thatcher.

    Bassett jumps for broom.

    New Expendables trailer.

    New Charlie St. Cloud trailer.

    Dry Land trailer.

    Cairo Time trailer.

    Despicable Me clips.

    Inception spots.

    Paranormal 2 trailer>

    Schmucks spot.

    Wright on Ant-Man.

    Serkis gets a rise out of Apes prequel.

    Kinks album a Bobcat Goldwaith movie?

    Seyfried gets her Cinderella moment. Also, that link has cast updates on Spider-Man 2.0 and the Dragon Tattoo remake.

    Digital Bits doesn’t want to catch the recent Predator Blu-Ray.

    Carrell talks about being Despicable.

    McAvoy’s top 5.

    I wonder how it’ll compare with the next Fast and Furious title.

    Sorcerer clip.

  15. Might as well keep posting my thoughts on this epic:

    Loved the movie, but talk about BLOWN OPPORTUNITIES:

    There is a moment in this movie where Bella goes to Florida to visit her mom, played by, er, Nina Myers from 24. They’re out SUNNING THEMSELVES and I actually adjusted my view, scrunched forward, with Tex Avery wolf-whistle eyes, hoping for what should surely come next.

    Sure enough, they pan over, and they’re laying out on lawn chairs, in the sun, and yep, the cougary mom is barefoot with her soles right in the camera lens, wearing some appropriately summer bathing suit type deal… panning… panning…

    My heart starts pounding and I’m leaning forward like a guy watching laptop porn at 2am with the sound down waiting for the money moment…. panning… panning PLEASE don’t fuck this up Slade…. AND….

    What the hell? Kristen is laying out too, but wearing SHOES, like her usual Converse style Chucks, rubber soles instead of the barefoot shot I was expecting, and not only that, she’s like WEARING A SWEAT JACKET or something. Like, Kristen, a little somethin’ for the fellas maybe? A nice one-piece? A tank top with some arm action? Nope, sleeves ahoy (okay, maybe it was some kind of low-cut blouse or something, but where was the bathing suit or the bare feet?)

    Only disappointing moment in the film.

    And what I wouldn’t have given to heard Wells’s derisive groans when this one starts having CIVIL WAR FLASHBACKS, or some weird PATHFINDER flashbacks to olden Native American times, or NIKKI REED of all super-Jewish SoCal rich kids in like the AGE OF INNOCENCE era getting assaulted by some douche in a Clark Gable Stache.

    What was THAT?

  16. Lex: Is K-Stew’s Dad in this one? He was quite funny in the first two. Probably put in there just to reassure the fathers in the audience that, yes, Bella is a bit mental. Always rolling his eyes and being all like, “WTF is she smoking?”

  17. bmc: I’ve made that observation for years. Especially the last 12-15 months or so, when I go to the Arclight, I feel like I’m in the lobby of the Divine Madness tour circa 1980.

    I think I even tweeted recently, “Do any STRAIGHT guys go to the Arclight?”

    But I think the couple random dudes in the house for THE CLIPSE today were guys like me, just trying to ogle the Goddess and maybe pick up on some tail after the show.

    I should’ve brought some glitter to sprinkle on my face for my post-show hunt.

  18. Has anyone seen any audience breakdowns for this thing? Lex is right … it’s about 25% guys in my area as well.


  19. Eloi, have no fear, Billy Burke and his “No, I’m not Harry Hamlin, see I have a” mustache are back in full force.

    He even gets the LINE OF THE MOVIE when he tries awkwardly to have the sex talk with BELLA, and she fidgets and gets embarrassed and demure (SO CUTE OMG I LOVE HER, ALL WOMEN should act like her), and finally Kristen goes drops the line of the movie (about her virginity, it made my day) with her trademark THUMBS UP, and Burke tags it with a GREAT PAYOFF.

  20. Lex, you criticize men for going to see Toy Story 3, and you saw Eclipse on opening day?

    That’s so very manly of you.

  21. Dalloway, I’m not going to rehash the same old shit for a billion times, and truth is, I don’t really have anything against TS3, because it employed Michael Keaton and per all my female friends who went en masse (I declined their invite, BAD IDEA) it’s allegedly good and I should stop being so mean about it, but still:

    Do you really think I’m going to skip a Kristen Stewart movie? I can stop right there, because that’s your answer, before I even bring up that in addition to my FAVORITE ACTRESS in her signature role, it features Dakota (massive fan), Ashley Green, Nikki Reed, Anna Kendrick, and Bryce Dallas Howard. And it’s widescreen with grainy cinematography and action and wolves and violence and mustaches and a cute virginal girl in a hooded sweatjacket.

    Toy Story 3 probably has no elements.

    But I’ll give my word right now, if they ever get Kristen Stewart to do a voice for a Pixar movie, I will absolutely go to see it out of completism.

  22. That there are actual scenes of Edward driving Bella out in the middle of nowhere, just to hand off to Jacob? Several times.

  23. I have been alerted on Poland’s blog and Twitter than Kristen Stewart appears BAREFOOT on tonight’s George Lopez Tonight on TBS.

    As I type this I am rummaging through my VHS bin to find a suitable tape to immortalize this appearance forever. But NO ONE sells VHS tapes anymore, and all my tapes are filled to the brim with old movies and oddities.

    Clearly something has to go. I am weighing the option of Barefoot K-Stew vs. my taped off of Showtime copy of Tony Danza in Goin’ Ape, or my taped off HBO Family copy of In God We Tru$t.

    Or The Gong Show Movie. Or Michael Mann’s TVM Jericho Mile. Something has to go to make room for this K-Stew appearance. Decisions, decisions.

  24. DVD-rw/r has been around for several years now Lex. A spool of 50 recordable DVDs costs about $14.99.

  25. I’m sure we’ll all remember where we were, the day Kristen Stewart appeared barefoot on national television.

  26. Watching LOPEZ now. I’m not sure even the barefoot K-Stew payoff is gonna be worth sitting through all this godawful, unfunny Lopez comedy.

  27. Not The Gong Show Movie… very hard to come by. You probably got a few Andy Sidaris things taped that are on dvd now… lose those.

  28. Malibu Express and Hard Ticket to Hawaii on SLP!!!

    Don’t worry, Gong Show Movie is safe.

    Taped over Bikini Frankenstein. Figured it’s on Cinemax every three days anyway.

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