A Contradiction Finessed

Dinner for Schmucks “is not a great movie, or even a coherent one, but in nearly every scene it draws laughter from an impressively eclectic array of sources, both obvious and new. People fall down, things break, funny accents are used, crazy misunderstandings occur, and an impressively high number of witty, bizarre and outrageous lines are uttered. It is less a full-scale comic feast than a buffet of amusing snacks, and while it does not necessarily exalt or flatter your intelligence, it doesn’t treat you like an idiot, either.” — from A.O. Scott‘s N.Y. Times review.

23 thoughts on “A Contradiction Finessed

  1. George Prager on said:

    Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “Whadaya wanna see Friday, Marty?” Scattered Lame-o: “I dunno. What do you wanna see, Beano?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “I dunno. Seen Inception, gotta see Salt, I guess. Nothing else around. Scattered Lame-o: “Annie comin’?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “Aahh, she’s going with her girlfriends on Saturday. I’m stag tonight.” Scattered Lame-o: “This isn’t some kinda spy relationship chick flick thing, is it?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy-Brain: “I dunno. Don’t think so.” (Throws down half a can of Diet Coke, belches.)Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “They’re sold out. Fuck!” Scattered Lame-o: “So what do you wanna see, instead, Beano?” Distracted iPhone-Obsessed Lazy Brain: “I dunno. Dinner for Schmucks?. Scattered Lame-o: Nah…looks gay. Jonah Hex is playin; at the dollar theater. Nothing else around. Angie runnin’ around barefoot, little pedicured piggy feet.” (Throws down half a can of Diet Red Bull, belches.)

  2. Rudd could be the next Tom Hanks if he wants to be. He just needs to stop doing these forgettable comedies. I enjoy them for what they are but they feel like they’re a waste of his ability.

  3. Francis Veber deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. By my count, at least 8 – 10 of his French scripts have been re-written (and rarely improved) by Hollywood writers. He’s not exactly the French Woody Allen but he is prolific.

    That said, this is a Netflix for me, even though Zach G. may be the funniest person in America right now.

  4. Is there any director that does less for comedy that Jay Roach. His hits were the Austin Powers movies and Meet the Parents, movies that leaned HEAVILY on their stars to try be funny (i.e. trying rather than being or if you prefer Mike Meyers vs. Bill Murray). The only non-comedy star vehicle he had was Mystery, Alaska, and that is a steaming pile.

    It saddens me even more when he admits he cast this movie because he wanted people who were capable of a lot of improv. This just tells me that he has no confidence in his script or his own ability to do anything other than try to pull something out of the actors on the day.

    I don’t want to call him a hack (I would like to save that for the Dennis Dugan’s of the world), but he certainly does not inspire confidence in me that he can create anything interesting.

  5. “Is there any director that does less for comedy that Jay Roach.”

    Bob_Roberts: Yes. Shawn Levy. Adam Shankman, and Dennis Dugan, who you name yet somehow still think Roach does less for comedy.

  6. Roach seems to be perceived to have the vaneer of a real director vs. Dugan, who is obviously Sandler’s boy… But he does feel right on par with Levy and Shankman.

  7. You couldn’t give me a free ticket or a dvd of this crap. But, speaking of dvd’s, Alien blu-ray box set is out on10/26.

  8. Dinner for Schmucks as you say is not a good movie, however we have to accept that leave a interesting moral for us.

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