Yeesterday Cinematical‘s Eric Snider posted a hilarious review of the trailer for Ben Affleck‘s The Town, which will debut on this continent at the Toronto Film Festival. Snider should do a separate trailer-reviewing column. Here’s a portion:

“‘From the acclaimed director of Gone Baby Gone…’ The acclaimed director of Gone Baby Gone happens to be a fellow named Ben Affleck, who also happens to be the star of The Town. You think, ‘Why wouldn’t they just say, ‘From acclaimed director Ben Affleck’?’ Then you realize you’ve answered your own question.

“‘… and the studio that brought you The Departed.’ Obviously, we’re supposed to notice that The Town, like The Departed, is set among criminal types in Boston; therefore The Town must be as good as The Departed. The fact that they came from the same studio confirms it! But think about it. The studio. Not the director, the writer, or even the producer. Just the studio. Saying that The Town is from the studio that brought you The Departed is like saying ice cream is from the species that brought you corduroy.”

  • crazynine

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who noticed that Affleck’s name wasn’t listed as the director… you know, weeks ago when this trailer first came out.

  • Daviddb

    That made my day…very funny or as they used to say in a skit on MP Flying Circus…

    “Very witty, Wilde. Very witty.”

  • Mr Hooper

    “These hypothetical phantom gigglers are idiots with the mentalities of twelve-year-olds, which is probably an insult to pre-teens. Affleck the director did a bang-up job with Gone Baby Gone, capturing the dreggy undertow of druggy squalor better than almost anything outside of Breaking Bad, and it’s time to quick snickering about Affleck the actor–he was moving and convincing in Hollywoodland. “It’s gotta be a bad sign”–maybe they didn’t want to repeat his name since he’s also costarring in The Town, maybe they were simply avoiding a redundant use.

    “Since some of us [i.e., ME] consider The Departed an overpraised load of glazed ham, I assume or at least wouldn’t be surprised if The Town is better than The Departed, but “Saying that The Town is from the studio that brought you The Departed is like saying ice cream is from the species that brought you corduroy” is one of the most nonsensical analogies ever concocted.

    “The writer complains that the trailer gives away too much of the plot, but that’s a common complaint with so many movie trailers, the ones for comedies divulging most of not all of the good jokes, so let’s skip ahead to the more concessionary end…

    “We’re not “opposed” to Rebecca Hall? What, like she’s some piece of pending legislation? As if there are other, better, unnamed candidates but, oh, what the hell, she’ll do? And you’re “fond” of those three actors, as if their careers and talents have earned them a head-pat for jobs well done? I’m not sure what’s worse, when Cinematical is handwringingly hedging its bets or patronizingly putting directors and actors in their place.

    “In fairness, most of the commenters at Cinematical seem, um, unpersuaded by this preemptive wet-noodle lashing of the trailer, so maybe I’m just being mean, or to use the spelling so many people favor these days, meen. If so, too bad, walk it off.”

  • matt cousens

    I was starting to think that i was the only one who felt this way…

  • actionman

    this movie looks fucking AWESOME

    looks like heat set in boston

    i’m already in the theater

  • DeeZee

    What can go wrong?

    Oliver stops acting stoned.

    Get out your hankies

    I love conflicts of interest, especially from a guy who thought Bush would be a better pick than Kerry.

    Carrell joins the pack.

    He doesn’t sound like a horrible boss.

    It’s like Kill Bill, except with Brett Ratner.

    She doesn’t look like a W.A.S.P., either. Yeah, I know, lame joke.

    Timberlake does that Logan’s Run knock-off.

    Evans goes through a dress rehearsal as Cap.

    Green Hornet 2?

    Fincher isn’t going to try on the tattoo more than once right now.

    Robocop reboot unplugged, and Lebowski 2 put to pasture.

    Noyce ready to frolick in the dirt with Crowe.

    Sex and the City franchise gets neutered.

    More pics here.

    Also via Dark Horizons:

    It’s like Crazy Heart, except w/ Paltrowe.

    Joshua Jackin’ it.

    Anyone want a low-budget, R-rated Gears of War?

    The Rum Diary put on ice until POTC 4 is in the can.

    Quixote faces production delay windmills.

    Bolting from another superhero parody.

    Some vampire flick from the Pet Sematary director.

    Efron Cloud Q+A.

    Del Toro talks about the nuts and bolts of his next gig.

    Wartime clips.

    Princess Brand?

    Alien reboot finds Lost writer.

    Coogan an idiot brother.

    Murphy goes on a retreat.

    Sly Q+A day 2 and 2.

    Less than super, man.

    Wanna have a slammin’ good time with the Blues Bros.?

    A Schmuck who replies to all.

    Barking up the wrong tree.

  • 4th grade army

    The script was really good. Lives up to the trailer.

    D.Z – -Please just stop doing that. People don’t need you to inform them on film related matters. They can go to the websites themselves. I just don’t get you, dude.

  • matt cousens


  • MattyC


    Exactly. Me and my Dad said the same thing, “East Coast Heat!”

  • Josh Massey

    The spam is sticking up for DeeZee. AWESOME.

  • John M

    Neither funny nor incisive nor elegant.

    Wells, why do you only pass on the writing of amateurish chumps? Don’t you read any true professionals?

  • SelfParody

    meanwhile, in the “How soon they forget” category…

    Ben Affleck is an Academy Award winner. i didn’t like “The Town” that much, but how many of these snide whiners has even held an Oscar?

  • CharlieDontSurf
  • DiscoNap

    Did you really just delete spam from this thread but not Dee?

  • DeeZee

    Via Roland Kelts, The Cove actually big in Japan.

  • DeeZee

    Hercules the Legendary Journeys, I mean Hulk, er, Thor, footage.

  • Noah Cross

    “I like your style so much, I am your honest reader.”

    Was spammer Linlan talking about Jeff or DeeZee?

  • Arduga

    “Heat” anyone?

  • Cunty swipes at Affleck and Warners. Is this what passes for cleverness and hilarity?

    Has this guy never paid attention to trailer conventions before? Christopher Nolan himself gets the same nameless recognition in several versions of the Inception trailer.

    That’s from Trailer 2, for those who’ve never seen such a rare formulation, and it’s all Nolan got in that trailer. Because they’re too embarrassed to mention his name, right?

    I like “From the Studio that Brought You The Departed”. Harks back to the time when Warners Bros owned the town with a remarkable era of classic noir. It’s old school pride in production. Warners has an enviable recent track record with this kind of film so they have plenty to be proud of. Unlike the sad situation in some stumbling studios — studios that don’t need to be named because I don’t have a grudge against them.

    Affleck has proven himself a talented director, Prince of Thieves is a terrific novel, and the script for The Town is a great read. Get your giggles in now, girls, because The Town looks likely to be a knockout this fall, and I won’t be surprised to see some of these names in play for awards this season.

  • Floyd Thursby

    DeeZee: When can we expect a new movie with Dorothy Gish?

  • leilei095

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  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    Eric Snider is, and always has been,a terrible film writer.

    His observations on this trailer are neither perceptive nor amusing. Also, he can’t see the forest for the trees when evaluating Affleck’s talent — at least this far — as a director.

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    In other words, what RyanAdams (the dreamy singer-songwriter?) already said better before me.

  • DiscoNap

    Wells cut half of the real comments in here in an attempt to deal with the spam, left some real spam, and of course, not it’s mostly DeeZee links. Priceless. We can at least confirm he builds some of his stories off of what Dee posts here, but why not just have him email stories?

  • JulesWinnfield

    I thought the trailer was good. I would like to see it!

  • Bandito X

    Ironically, it was produced by Graham King, who *did* produce The Departed. Anyway I think the trailer looks amazing. Love bank robberies in movies.

  • hollywoodtease

    Affleck was the Bomb in Phantoms! Seriously though, I for one am looking foward to this. Agree with Bandiot, love a great bank robbery in the movies!

  • jtwashere

    The reason they do that “same as The Departed” bs is because it probably works…

  • Chrystle

    CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts Wrote “Eric Snider is, and always has been,a terrible film writer.

    His observations on this trailer are neither perceptive nor amusing. Also, he can’t see the forest for the trees when evaluating Affleck’s talent — at least this far — as a director.”

    Au contraire, mon ami.

    He had an awful lot of good things to say about Affleck’s directing talent in this review. As for humour, I think that the correct view is that you don’t get his humour, not that he isn’t funny. Humour is subjective, after all, and what one person doesn’t find funny, another person would find hilarious.

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