11 thoughts on “Incidents

  1. A Facebook User on said:

    In 1999, a medical student entered a movie theater during the last Fight Club showing of the day and shot the audience numerous times. He killed three people.

    That happened in Brazil.

  2. I’m 100% OK with stabbing somebody in the neck for talking on a cell phone in a theater. Should be legal.

  3. May I say that I fucking HATE how every other movie article online these days is a top 10 or top 5 list. Especially one like this where I have to click to the next page to see the entire list.

  4. “I recall there being drive-by shootings at screenings of certain ‘hood’ movies like Set It Off.”

    Why do you think they all open on Wednesday now? (I’m shocked nobody has lobbed a racism charge at studios for this practice.)

  5. So, of course, everything on the list is from the last, what? 5 years? Because nothing happened before 2005?

  6. Don Murphy’s movies have violently attacked my sensibility in theaters, how come they’re not on the list?

    We’re talking PTSD. Trauma, man.

  7. Bill Maher tells a funny story about four black guys beating him up at a matinee showing of PRESUMED INNOCENT.

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