‘I Can’t Stress Enough…”

What does this kid know? Okay, he knows what he likes. He’s seen a lot of Stallone films (even Paradise Alley!) but has he seen The Dogs of War? “Taste is a result of a thousand distastes” — Francois Truffaut.

15 thoughts on “‘I Can’t Stress Enough…”

  1. dinovelvet on said:

    We’re certainly getting an interesting insight into Jeff’s youtube viewing habits this week!

  2. Who are these parents who just allow their children unlimited access to the internet without any supervision whatsoever? Christ, a whole generation is going to grow up haunted by videos posted when they were 13, talking about Justin Bieber or Last Airbender.

  3. The testosterone levels generated by this film are inspiring kids to make You Tube videos rated R for language.

  4. Oh man, this kid’s childhood has been wasted if he’s been waiting to see this film for a year and it’s the most incredible thing he’s scene in a long time.

  5. Better than Cobra???? In my dreams…

    Expendables is the same catnip to 13 year old boys that Twilight is for 13 year old girls.

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