Leo Bailing on Mel?

MTV.com is reporting that Radar Online has posted a non-attributable quote from a source close to Leonardo DiCaprio saying there’s “not a chance” that Leo will star in Mel Gibson‘s untitled Viking movie, for obvious reasons.

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    Okay, I hate, hate, HATE hijacking threads, but are you going to put up an item about Guillermo del Toro adapting Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness for producer James Cameron at Universal?

    I was skeptical when he walked away from the Hobbit prequels, but if this Deadline story is indeed to be believed, I think this is the film that everyone with a semblance of taste has been waiting for GDT to direct (probably didn’t hurt having that Avatar guy pushing it forward, either).


  • ZayTonday

    I’ve got the hypocrisy accusations locked and loaded if he ever does a flick with Polanski.

  • Josh Massey

    Devastating. That could have been an all-timer.

  • googs

    Leo is very careful about his image these days so obviously anything controversial he’s not going to touch.

    Speaking of Leo and controversy, I hope his teaming with Ridley for Wolf of Wall Street shows a skeevy, dirty side of the actor. He was up for Patrick Bateman in American Psycho but he was too young at the time and Bale hit it out of the park anyway. But now that he’s older I could definitely buy him in that world.

  • DeeZee

    Kane: I’m a little more worried about JC being involved that we won’t get something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP-33XI4frs

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    Let’s be honest here. Leo may no longer be the prototypical “pretty boy,” but I’d still be pretty fucking hard-pressed to buy him as some sort of brutal, savage, raping-pillaging Viking.

    Oftentimes the best casting idea — at least from a creative standpoint — is actually the one that terrifies studios the most. By that rationale, Mel should cast himself as the lead.

  • googs

    @ Citizen

    honestly does anyone take it seriously when Del Toro attatches himself to a project anymore? I’ll bet you that if you go through the slashfilm/aintitcool/etc archives you’ll see that theres been at least 15 projects that he’s rumored/attatched himself to over the past 3 years. Don’t hold your breath.

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    Point taken, googs, but I have a strong feeling this one’s gonna stick. Maybe it’s simply a function of me wanting to see it really bad, but I still don’t see Guillermo backing out of what is more or less his professed “dream project.” GDT’s a pretty enthusiastic guy, so it can be hard to read between the lines and gauge his true interest levels, but I think this is legit. Also, what’s the last James Cameron-affiliated project that stalled in any stage of development? Just askin’.

    If anyone clicks on the D.Z. YouTube link, please report back to me immediately and rate it on a scale of stupid from -1 to -10.

  • Strolzy

    Why throw stones? Mel should go for broke with this film. Unpopular as this may be, I’ll take the grit over the shine any day. No name attached? Apocalypto meets Valhalla Rising? 120 (or so) minutes of distilled cinematic fury? On it. There are a lot of angry people these days who would like nothing more than to swing an ax or perhaps lay some money down for a modicum of release. So guess what, this will rake.

  • LexG

    It is a 10+ stupid.

    I knew– JUST KNEW– it was gonna be some fucking anime bullshit. Just like any and every time he’s all comparing shit and accusing someone of ripping something off, you best believe it’s some SHINZO/ESCAFLOUNE-looking ten-cent kiddie dogshit with pointy haired kids and glowing cats that no one over age seven has ever watched, ever, but it’s TOTALLY where Cameron and Nolan are going for ideas.

  • Lex,

    To be totally fair, that’s a PARODY of anime, likely made by pissed-off Lovecraft fans. Also, Cameron DID spend most of his non-submarine “downtime” buying anime properties to film…

  • DeeZee

    Lex: Well, I know Del Toro totally cribbed from Princess Mononoke for Hellboy 2 and VHD: Bloodlust for Blade 2. And he was gonna adapt Domu.

  • reverent and free

    I hope Gibson will make the film someday. Who else could make a shit kicking Viking movie?

  • The InSneider

    I don’t get the link to MTV. Why not just link to the Radar Online story? What’s with the so-and-so is reporting that so-and-so is reporting X, Y and Z. Cut out the middle man, Gruver. And then go see Middle Men, because it’s pretty good and Luke Wilson gives his best performance since The Royal Tenenbaums…

  • LexG

    Hey, now that it’s been two or three weeks, have we all stopped being faux-outraged at Gibson’s voicemails and all come around to the fact that they actually RULE? Shit, I’ve listened to them a half-dozen times each, and they get funnier and more hypnotically, transcendently entertaining each time.

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    I listen to them every morning before I go off to work (especially the one where he demands that she “SMILE and BLOW him…because he FUCKING DESERVES IT”).

    Yeah, he’s fucking out of his gourd — and possibly even dangerous — but I don’t ever think I’ve listened to someone so ENTERTAININGLY crazy before (hint, hint, DeeZee…less YouTube and film linkage and more crazy rants!).

  • moviechick44

    Leo should stick with the project making movies and someone’s personal life are two different things. Plus, in the past he gushed over the idea and working with Mel.

  • I’m with Citizen. Much as I like DiCaprio, I really can’t see him as a viking. Gibson would be better off picking an unknown regardless. I really hope this comes to fruition. Gibson and vikings is a match made in Valhalla.

  • LexG

    If I were a famous actor, I wouldn’t just be making a beeline to work with Mad Mel, I’d be wanting to hang out with him 24/7. GIBSON POWER. We could go hunting for chicks together then I’d be all, “Ladies, you know my man Mel here?” And Gibson just LAUNCHES into them, breaking out all his WHORE and GOLD DIGGER classics. Rules.

    They should do a new line of fetish videos where they get some hot porn chick and just have MAD MEL come in SCREAMING AND SHOUTING at them.

    Guarantee they’d sell a billion copies of that.

    FUCK that’s a great idea, for real.

  • LexG



  • Eloi Wrath

    “And then go see Middle Men, because it’s pretty good and Luke Wilson gives his best performance since The Royal Tenenbaums…”

    That’s not exactly high praise. What has done that’s at all good in that time? Old School, I guess, but that’s about it.

    Middle Men is pissing me off already because of their absurd 30-second ads on PornHub. If I want some alone time, I don’t want Luke Wilson’s gurning mug interrupting a stellar Alexis Texas/Penny Flame/Bree Olson playlist.

    “Hey, now that it’s been two or three weeks, have we all stopped being faux-outraged at Gibson’s voicemails and all come around to the fact that they actually RULE? Shit, I’ve listened to them a half-dozen times each, and they get funnier and more hypnotically, transcendently entertaining each time.”

    Yes, they are hilarious. Just the way he delivers the lines like the entertaining, over-the-top leading man that he is. I’m sure a random business guy or sportsman or something wouldn’t have unleashed such comedy. The one where he said she should crawl back, blow him and apologize “IN THAT ORDER” was brilliant.

    DiCaprio’s probably having his best ever year in terms of critical and commercial smash hits. It absolutely makes sense not to fuck with that momentum by working with toxic Gibson right now. I don’t even think there was a finished script, so it’s not as if it was ready to shoot anytime soon anyway. If the project is good enough, maybe they can revisit it in ten years or so when the dust has fully settled. It’s a shame, because it’d probably be very entertaining, but DiCaprio has plenty on his plate anyway and won’t be short of projects.

  • DiscoNap

    Lex you’re absolutely right, especially the first three. Arguably his best performance. WHat?! WHat?!

  • Gabriel

    Why does anyone give a fuck about “Apocalypto” meet “Valhalla Rising” when we already have “Valhalla Rising” by itself and it’s fucking amazing?

  • austin111

    Geez, what with Eastwood, Clooney and Mel (among others, I’m supposing) knocking on your door and wanting to work with you — which one would you be most likely to dump at this moment in time? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! No brainer, si?

  • googs

    Can we stop the “hey that director ripped off some obscure anime” bullshit? Look we get it. Maybe they were influenced by it maybe it’s a coincidence. No one fucking cares.

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    That “make me want to smoke” line is fucking hysterical (and I almost referenced it earlier). It’s almost better than the smile and blow me line — but not quite — because it shows at least a semi-consciousness about his own health while simultaneously threatening his chick with a bat upside the head, or putting her in a “rose garden.”

    Is it possible to get a Grammy for an illegally wiretapped phone call?

    MY SOUL IS SCREAMING to make this happen.

  • CitizenKanedForPostingThoughts

    “but DiCaprio has plenty on his plate anyway and won’t be short of projects.”

    No shit. I realize this site frequently deals in rumors and speculation, but has everyone checked out his IMDb lately? Dude has enough listings to keep him busy until his 45th birthday, and I’m not even exaggerating!

  • Thunderballs

    Good, DiCaprio is the worst and it was disappointing that Mel wanted him. Now maybe we can get a good Viking movie with some real actors, and not some kid actor posing as an adult.

    Apocalypto was a genius film, seriously felt like someone went back in time with an HD camera and filmed the actual events.

  • Absinth Quell Pro

    I’m just wondering, has Robert Downey Jr. spoken out in support of Mel yet?

    Wasn’t Mel one of the few (perhaps only?) people in Hollywood to support Downey and get him back into being a working actor again?

  • googs

    @ DiscoNap

    Seriously. The whole thing sounded like it was a recitation of a Frank Booth-esque villian monologue.

  • LexG

    Downey shouldn’t necessarily have to return the favor to Mel, nor I guess should any of his frequent co-stars or showbiz friends…

    But just as a point of reference, Michael Richards REPEATEDLY used the N-word TO A GROUP OF BLACK GUYS, full-out calling them the word, and his pal Seinfeld went on Letterman within days to stand up for his friend. With Dave giving Richards a platform to apologize.

    Does seem a little odd NO ONE is saying word one in defense of Gibson. Shit, even Chris Brown had Terrence Howard pulling for him.

  • dinovelvet

    Well Whoopi Goldberg did defend Mel a little…if she counts. But yeah, Downey should definitely take a moment off from rolling in his paychecks and say something. The Gib produced and gave him the lead role in The Singing Detective when Downey was persona non grata.

  • reverent and free

    LexG, Whoopi defended Gibson. I imagine most of Gibson’s friends aren’t speaking out in his defense for the same reason he isn’t.

  • Absinth Quell Pro

    I’m not saying Downey should… but if anyone owes Mel a favor in a dark time like this, it’s probably RDJr. Although I seem to remember Downey sticking up for Gibson around the time of “The Passion,” so maybe he has already paid those dues.

    I just think there had to have been a moment where Gibson put the call out to Downey for that Godfather-esque moment where it was time to repay an old favor.

  • Jugdish

    “Go look after my child you cunt whore. I hope she doesn’t turn out like you!”

    “why don’t you fuck off to that cunt bitch Alyssia? She WAS making fucking eyes at me, she’d have sucked me in seconds!”

    Bahahahahha Mamet on his best day could only dream of this dialogue. It’s fuckin’ poetry. It flows. There’s a logic to it. He needs to write an R-rated relationship drama immediately and cast himself and Nicholson as old-timers competing for Meryl Streep. Imagine her saying some of these gems. Turn the tables and make it a woman saying some of this hateful awesomeness to a man.

  • DeeZee

    Absinth: “Downey’s defense, were he to make one, would be a CHARACTER defense. ”

    That’s exactly my point. How’s anyone gonna get a former junkie to vouch for an alcholic?

  • Absinth Quell Pro

    This is Hollywood. That junkie is making a lot of people a shit-ton of money. To the people that matter in this town, he’s no longer a junkie, he’s a fucking hero.

  • Noah Cross

    Would Leo work for O. Stone right now?

  • Alboone

    Not surprised. Its the smart thing to do. Look for all of the Mel apologists out there just seriously look at yourselves in the mirror . Even if she was shaking him down for money there’s no excuse for a man to hit another woman or an infant for that matter unless that said man’s life is in mortal danger. Period. This guy is done. Deal with it.

  • Krillian

    No one wants to speak up for Mel yet becuz odds are, Radaronline has more tapes to release since Mel didn’t go for the extortion plot, and they’re waiting to release the next one riiight after an A-lister says “Other than that, he’s talented.”

    Some time needs to pass. Then people will reach out to him again. People still line up for R.Polanksi and W.Allen.

  • hcat

    You guys realize the “Get Ready to Root for the Bad Guy” was just a tagline, right? Not actual instructions.

    The guy is toxic, no one with real options is going to line up to work with him unless this whole abuse thing turns out to be a complete sham. He might have to lower his sights for his next self financed project. Perhaps a nice romance. He can use the new Eminem song as the love theme.

  • Bukowski20


    Woody Allen

    Roman Polanski

    Mel Gibson after his drunk driving episode

    Mike Tyson

    Robert Downey Jr.

    Gibson will be back if he chooses to come back. Maybe not as a 20 million dollar man, but in some other form.

    Deal with it.

  • jtwashere

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Bar Rafeaili wouldn’t be too pleased if Leo worked with Mel…

  • TimDG
  • moviechick44

    Whoopi has came to Mel’s defense and said he is a true and TRUSTED friend who has watched her kids. Mel’s ex wife of 30 years says he is a great father, dotes on his children. Isn’t Danny Glover godfather to one of Mel’s kids ?

    Some others have came out and said some positive things, I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I read some other people saying he needs help with drinking and anger issues but is a good friend.

    Not that this is right but she baited the shit out of him and consciously knew it. The investigation is ongoing to whether he actually hit her ( DNA evidence ) and tape doctoring. A guy who has shown no spousal abuse in his entire 30 year marriage and a great father to many children, all of the sudden is going to hit a woman holding a baby ? He might be crazy but he isn’t stupid. This chick wants some money. That is what all this is about and she orchestrated it perfectly. Even if Mel gets off and isn’t charged, he’s going to be shelling out a ton of dough. Money she can send back to her parents and family in Russia.

    We need to lay low and not be quick to make false judgements and let the investigation play itself out and then make our minds up.

    I’m a chick and I have pushed some of my boyfriends to near madness ( my own fault and I knew what I was doing ) I smell something fishy from her end of the story.

    And piss on Leo, just a few months agoi he was all over Gibson’s junk about how great a filmmaker Mel is. I’d pick another actor to be a viking anyway. How about two crazies Day-Lewis and Gibson ?!

  • DeeZee

    moviechick: You got some guts defending him. Anyway, even if he’s innocent of physical abuse, he’s still got some fucked up personal issues, and he still has to, at the least, compensate her for verbal abuse.

  • moviechick44

    He can’t say anything at this moment because the case is under investigation, but I’m sure he will comment whe he can. I don’t think the guy is proud of himself.

    And yes he does have personal issues. I wouldn’t doubt if he’s undiagnosed manic depressive. He has admitted in the past he’s had suicidal thoughts.

    Plus the dude can’t handle his drink. But you aren’t hearing the whole story I guarantee you that. We are so quick to punish people as long as it isn’t us.

    I have said stuff I regretted later in anger. The more mad you are the deeper the cutting words are. But they are just words spoken from someone who has lost his temper.

    I’m sure the first thing on his plate after all of this dies down is anger management and back to AA.

  • vansmith

    Mel has been the most entertaining piece of news out of hollywood this year, they should just follow him around with a camera, shoot a reality show. at one point he calls her a ‘glum cunt’, i just think its 70% put on because sometimes he stops and sounds sane and then he goes back into it…