Morgan for King

As initially reported some 40 days ago by “Page Six,” Piers Morgan — a sharp and fairly aggressive British journalist and TV personality — is taking Larry King‘s CNN gig. I’ve never watched Morgan interview anyone of any substance (he always seems to be talking to women who are famous for being famous, who’ve never actually “done” anything) but he seems like he may be a bit nippier than King.

The 45 year-old is a former editor of News of the World (’94 to ’95) and the Daily Mirror (’95 to ’04). His Wiki bio says he “quickly gained notoriety [in the mid ’90s] for his invasive, thrusting style and lack of concern for celebrities’ right to privacy, claiming that they could not manipulate the media to further their own ends without accepting the consequences of a two-way deal.”

  • George Prager

    Way to go CNN:

    “Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.”

  • LexG

    Heh, I’ve only ever seen him on THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. He’s awesome, but I kind of had no idea he was ever any kind of real journalist; Thought he was just a Simon Cowell-type entertainment industry guy who hit it big in England for his Cowell-esque shtick and thus came here to make fun of delusional people on reality shows.

  • Eloi Wrath

    Piers Morgan is a twat. A twat with a slippery moon face, with the shape and texture of a lemon meringue pie. He oozes toxic smug from every one of his pores. He is a smarmy, vapid, self-aggrandizing thundercunt.

    I hate him.

  • Wells, Piers Morgan interviewed our previous British Prime-minister – Gordon Brown – in the run up to the last UK election. And there wasn’t much invasive, thrusting style to be seen.

    (He can be quite good as a panelist on the BBC show “Question Time” however.)

    Champagne Socialist…

  • Eloi Wrath
  • actionman

    does this mean that piers morgan will love absolutely every movie that he sees?

  • bfm

    His diaries are worth the read, especially the first volume when he was the editor of the Daily Mail.

  • Josh Massey

    “If you’re going to see one movie this year with ‘Revenge of Kitty Galore’ in the title, make sure it’s Salt.”

  • corey3rd

    he’s 45? He looks 55 on TV.

  • sean