Warner Bros. refuses to issue The Devils on DVD stateside or on iTunes, but for some reason they’ve released a DVD of Ken Russell‘s film in Spain. Which I don’t get. If it’s bad for the U.S. market, why is it good for the Spaniards?

  • DeeZee

    The Spaniards are ok with gay marriage now, so I guess it won’t offend ’em much. Plus, for them, it’ll be nostalgic.

  • DeeZee

    BTW, surprised you didn’t comment on Neeson dropping Lincoln, Jeff.

  • moviemaniac2002

    Personally, when it comes to Ken Russel madness..I’ve always favored “Billion Dollar Brain” , his loony sendoff of the Michael Caine/Harry Palmer spy series…and readily

    available on DVD here in the states….I mean, come one..what a crazy view of future events…a deluded Texan

    invading a foreign country….and sinking, a la the “Alexander Nevsky” Tuetonic Knights, through cracking thin ice. Even when seemingly still straight-jacketed by a

    standard genre film, Ken could still bring the crazy….but

    current events eventually out-do him.

  • DeeZee

    They’re playing ‘Brain with You Only Live Twice @ the New Beverly.

  • Rich S.

    While I don’t agree with piracy, this is one of the times I certainly understand it. The studios need to realize that the artificial bottleneck just won’t work any more. They’ll release The Devils in Spain, and anyone that wants it badly enough will get it, by hook or by crook.

  • C is for cookie

    Exactly, Rich S — I had a bootleg dvd of Lost Highway for years until Universal finally released it properly and I went out and bought it. Same thing with El Topo. And when Anchor Bay released their Jodorowsky set, I bought it as well.

    If Warners wants my money, then they should go ahead and release the film on dvd. Until then, I’ll hang on to my pirated copy (sadly, sans “rape of Christ” sequence). But don’t sit on it and then go out and do the same old song and dance about how “piracy takes money out of the pockets of the artists that created the work”. What takes money out of the artists’ pockets are mealy-mouthed distribution companies who decide to sit on the work of said artist.

    Of course, Warners isn’t really interested in compensating artists — just ask any of the musical acts that appeared in Urgh! A Music War — they released that film through their Warner Archive label and didn’t pay any of them a dime.

    (Of course, let’s see how lax they are about royalty payments if some documentary filmmaker uses a song owned by Warner-Chappel publishing.)

  • DeeZee

    “Of course, Warners isn’t really interested in compensating artists — just ask any of the musical acts that appeared in Urgh! A Music War –”

    Or anyone who worked on the 60s Batman, for that matter.

  • dixiedugan66

    There’s a thread at the Home Theatre Forum worth checking out about this very topic, seems to be a quite a few releases in Spain we’ve not seen stateside. Isn’t that the norm by now though?

  • El Ingles

    I have it on good authority that Spain went ahead and did this without WHV knowing in the US.

    There is a closet campaign within WHV to get this released – but the content is just too much for certain high-level managment types to swallow, even nearly 40 years after the original movie.

  • sean

    The Devils on DVD? Cool.


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  • This is not at all a good thing done from iTunes’ end. I think they should open the ways.

  • nik sharma

    This is not at all a good thing done from iTunes’ end. I think they should open the ways. This will be a good approach then.stop ringing in ears

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