The Maverick

Aaron Aradillas and Matt Zoller Seitz have posted the fifth chapter in a six-part series called “Razzle Dazzle.” The focus is “a disreputable offshoot of the traditional hero: an eloquent, exuberant, often impolite figure who serves as a town crier or truth-teller figure (or seems to).” A very wise and well-cut piece, but who’s the female narrator?

I love the vaguely implied analogy between Lonesome Rhodes and Glenn Beck.

“Unlike the traditional hero, the maverick seems to take a more active role in shaping his image and connecting with the public,” the copy reads. “He’s an outsider who uses mass media to articulate the audience’s fears and yearnings, and whose charisma spurs them to action.”

What does Richard Donner‘s Maverick have to do with any of this? Nothing, but here’s the best review I ever heard of it: “A $75 million dollar Elvis Presley film.”

  • DeeZee

    I guess Cruz is supposed to play a pimp in POTC4?

    Remember them?

    Seth McFarlane interview.

    The guys who ruined Transformers talk about ruining Hawaii Five-O.

    DWA hopes for big things from Megamind.

    Yeah, I totally think a dark picture is a sign of quality.

    Bond’s toughest job yet.

    Redford goes to TIFF.

    Gathegi gets a Darwin award.

    Bay is out of this world.

    Efron plays with guns.

    From Tron to oblivion.

    Avengers panel clip.

    “A Prophet” star joins the resistance.

    Shue is a mother who likes to fear.

    The Crow reboot gets a re-writer.

    I guess Will Eisner will go for another roll in that grave.

    Levy deals with a bad day.

    Leth gets a jump on Worthington drama.

    Rihanna boards Battleship.

    Grumpy Old Men meets Navy Seals?

    Various posters.

    Also from DH:

    Daft Punk Tron audio clips.

    Venice encounters a Tempest.

    Line-up of post-Avengers properties.

    Eckhart ready to put his game face on for more Batman.

    Rodriguez takes a dip in the Deadpool.

    Anyone want a Maniac remake?

    Beckinsale confirmed for Underworld 4.

    Stone seems to want to offend everyone.

    Die Hard 5 to be decided soon.

    Cruise no longer a top gun.

    Legion 2?

    Stiffler to be a goon?

    Silent Spring gets a director.

    Zach Braff joins a Swingles club.

    Michael Parks now a red stater.

    What, no Ichi the Killer or Fist of the North Star?

    Anyone wanna ask Eat, Pray, Love stars any questions?

    Murray Q+A?

  • heybub1

    It REALLY bothers me when the year of a movie is incorrect and this got two wrong: “Private Parts” & “Good Morning Vietnam” (which they missed by a whole decade.

    Two things that all real movie lovers should have ingrained into their memory of every decent movie since the advent of cinema: its director and release year.

    No exceptions.

    No excuses.

    So while it’s a nice piece it was also extremely distracting when wrong info was flashed on the screen.

  • JackBurton2

    When did DZ start selling shoes?

  • DiscoNap

    heybub, I’m willing to forgive something partially put together by a man who properly understands that Sharkey’s Machine is one of the greatest films of all time.

  • Travis Crabtree

    JackBurton2 wtw!

    By the way….. while perusing the letters to HuffPo I’ve seen that there is a new one…. get this….

    “FAUX Snooze”!

    Isn’t that awesome?! They took the traditional “FAUX” in place of “Fox”, tired but still good…. but here’s the great part – instead of “Noise” they replaced that with “Snooze”!…. because it rhymes!

    We still need some people working on the “Channel” part, though. (“chunnel”?…. help me out here)

  • Helms Deep

    Kathleen O’Grady, or did you mean, who is Kathleen O’Grady? I could tell but you should really do your homework for once instead of analyzing Hannah Montana’s lips.

  • Thunderballs

    Talk Radio is such a great film. Very underrated. Perfect encapsulation of the late 80’s.

  • Terry McCarty

    “A $75 million dollar Elvis Presley film.”

    That description could be applied to GHOST RIDER–which has the produced-by-Sam-Katzman feel even with its large, CGI-enhanced budget. Certainly Cage and Eva Mendes’ performances in GR remind one of an Elvis film.

  • Wiggumx

    Good Fucking God look into a spam filter! At least then I’ll only have to scroll past DZ and the idiots who only post here to jump on Jeff’s ass over every little thing.

  • craiged

    Jeff please sort out the spam!!! please i beg you!

  • reverent and free

    Yes, Thunderballs. Other than horribly dating haircuts, it’s one of the best “limited space” movies. Brilliantly shot. If only Oliver Stone could always be so taut and focused in his directing. It’s also the first of Alec Baldwin’s trademark fast-talking manic characters.

  • lazarus

    Crabtree: how about “Faux Snooze Chattle”?

  • lazarus

    So Wells deletes a spammer and leaves D.Z.’s flaming bag of shit on his doorstep?

    My god Jeff, you’re a hypocrite.

  • Krazy Eyes

    A sneak peek of the sixth chapter in the series:

    Sorry for the lame joke but I’ve got a 3 year old and he’s made me watch this clip about 15 times in the past couple of weeks.

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