Venice Blahs?

The only officially announced Venice Film Festival selections that seem even vaguely pulse-quickening are Juian Schnabel‘s Miral, Vincent Gallo‘s Promises Written in Water (nice title), Tom Tykwer‘s Three, Ben Affleck‘s The Town (out of competition), Casey Affleck‘s I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix (ditto), Martin Scorsese and Kent JonesA Letter to Elia (ditto), and John Turturro‘s Passione (ditto).

  • lazarus

    No love for Alex de la Iglesia?


    No love for Kelly Reichardt?

  • kingofnails

    No love for Sofia?

    No? You know what? Don’t totally blame ya.

  • LexG


  • Matthew Starr

    Jeff has something against Aronofsky? The guy is one of the best in the biz today.

  • DeeZee

    Will the real Dragon Tattoo remake girl please stand up?

    Total Recall to be remade by Wiseman?

    Cage and Kidman to steal the show?

    It’s like “Hand that Rocks the Cradle”, but with a different title.

    So it’s basically American Dad meets XXX2?

    Schneider breaks the ice in polar bear toon.

    Source Code update.

    Insert gang-bang joke here.

    Richard Lewis ready to try his hand at horror comedy.

    Giamatti is l’homme Nikita.

    This is madness.

    Eat, Pray, Love clip.

    Redbox does Blu-Ray.

    Vaughn and O Russell to meet in St. Louis?

    Tangled featurette.

    Beauty and the 3D cash-in trailer.

  • matt cousens

    Did you not cover Leo dropping outta Mel’s Viking epic?

  • matt cousens

    But there’s an Eat, Pray, Love clip, thanks!

  • matt cousens
  • Of course, it’s just a coincidence that six of the seven films you deem “pulse-quickening” are from American directors, right?

    Hey, not every festival can get a new Doug Liman. Go easy on them.

  • MilkMan

    Gallo. All day, every day.

  • LanceMc

    Yeah, and new films from Monte Hellman, Tsui Hark and Darren Aronofsky are a total snooze, amirite?

    Cut me a break.

  • DeeZee

    matt: Thanks.

  • Gabriel

    Gallo’s new film being confirmed for a public screening (regardless of where) is the best film news of the year in my book.

  • lazarus

    Shut the fuck up, D.Z.

    And shut the fuck up Matt, for engaging him.

  • lazarus

    Lance: We both forgot Takashi Miike.

  • 701

    I always thought Tran Anh Hung’s CYCLO was one of the best films of the ’90s. (He won the Golden Lion back in ’95.)

    He never got the traction I think he deserved.

    Really hoping NORWEGIAN WOOD finds him a bigger audience.

  • Princess of Peace

    Some of the films sound very interesting (Black Swan, Miral, etc.). But Sofia Coppola just doesn’t excite me.

  • LexG

    How do you dudes see all this foreign bullshit?

    And why? Isn’t always in Foreignmovievision, where it’s all green and dusty and boring? Why do ALL FOREIGN MOVIES have that green opium sheen? It’s like you’re not even watching a real movie.


  • LanceMc

    I’m actually not a big Miike fan, Laz. But he’s still at least always a reason for some attention.

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