“Crispin Glover Weird”

Diablo Cody‘s 8.29 Red Band Trailer interview is with Megan Fox. It gets pretty good when they talk about how shallow and predatory many journalists have become. (A brief transcript follows the video.) I love Cody’s observation that Fox has a skewed sensibility and that press people don’t know how to handle beauty mixed with perversity. Fox’s handicap, I feel, is her thin and reedy voice. It doesn’t suggest rivers of soul or passion. Beep-beep-beepity-beep-beep-beepity-beep.

Cody: “Do you feel like you’ve been mistreated, misquoted? Do you feel like you’ve had a crappy experience in the limelight, or do you feel positive about it overall?”

Fox: “I would never call it crappy experience. I think…those are such different things. Not so much ‘misquoted’ as the things I’ve said being taken completely out of context or sensationalized into something scandalous when they weren’t. They’re waiting for anything they can take as a sound byte, to sell. And it doesn’t matter what your intention behind your words are never communicated by ‘journalists,’ any more. So it’s hard to be sarcastic. Do you find this happens to, you?

Cody: “I have this theory that it must have been incredibly fun to be a celebrity in, like, the ’70s. Because there wasn’t the sound byte culture. There wasn’t the tabloid culture. You would see these interviews that were like these 17-page interviews in Rolling Stone in which you really got to know a person, and now it comes down to, like, oh, we have to keep 8 million websites rolling so what does one person say today that we can get a clip [from]? It makes it impossible to speak like an individual.

Fox: “I don’t even want to express myself during interviews especialy during print interviews, because I know that everyone is constantly searching for an angle and they’re reaching for those four words that they can piece together for some sort of explosive sound byte.”

46 thoughts on ““Crispin Glover Weird”

  1. crazynine on said:

    Megan Fox = Sasha Grey without the replay factor.

  2. Not buying it.

    Fox’s handicap is she’s a bad actress. Pretty girl, seems nice, not an actress.

    “Perversity” sells just fine for actresses and female entertainment pros in general. “Mark II” serious Angelina Jolie is here now because “Mark I” omnisexual/fetishist/hard-living/possibly-incestuous Angelina Jolie became a megastar. Madonna. Lady Gaga. List goes on. The key is, you’ve gotta have TALENT to pay off the initial interest.

  3. That’s not the Voice of Reason.

    That’s the Voice of Insanity.

    I can’t believe I even just read that. Somebody needs some Leykis 101.

  4. “incredibly fun to be a celebrity in, like, the ’70s. Because there wasn’t the sound byte culture. There wasn’t the tabloid culture.”

    quite obvious that Diablo Cody has no memories of a Supermarket check out in 1975. Why doesn’t she call up Liz Taylor and ask her how she didn’t spend any time in the 70s as part of a “tabloid culture.” Maybe it wasn’t on TV to that degree – outside of Rona Barrett. But it was still there. And not every Hollywood star interview was a 20 page exact quote love-athon.

    At no point was Hollywood free of tabloid culture. Call up Kenneth Anger.

  5. .20 seconds in and I want to throw a brick at my computer.

    She was perfectly cast in Jennifer’s Body. Hottest chick in school that every guy wanted to screw, but after that there’s not much there.

  6. Fox had the “misfortune” of being immortalized by the scene of her leaning into the car in the first Transformers, which I think is the naughts’ equivalent of Bo Derek running down the beach in 10. And, like Derek, there doesn’t seem to be much more to her, acting-wise (though she is a breath of fresh air in interviews). Hopefully she can find her niche, because she does seem to be a nice enough, grounded person.

  7. I think people are just thrown off that she seems somewhat sharp and certainly cynical, which is not what we want from our beauties. So they write her off as a bitch.

  8. I have a new found respect for Megan Fox. She’s absolutely right. And she could evolve into a decent actress if given half the chance. Our culture has become so consumer oriented it’s impossible to get a clear perspective of anything because we’re too busy devouring our own tails.

  9. Fox is a decent actress and on par with January Jones from Mad Men. If she plays her cards right and has good representation, she will be around for awhile because of her stunning good looks.

    I mean most movie stars need to merely be “good enough” and likable to last 10 years and I see no reason why that isn’t possible based on her work in Jennifer’s Body and the first Transformers. She really doesn’t get enough credit for avoiding the tabloids, I mean she is married to a fairly stable working tv actor and has no outrageous drug incidents or onset meltdown. Her one knock other than not being an Oscar level performer is that she had a very public falling out with a director who is widely acknowledged to be a douchebag.

  10. Out of all the young actresses currently working in the legit film/tv biz, Sasha Grey is hands down the biggest badass (not to mention the prettiest and hottest) of them all. She has unlimited and untapped potential. I would buy her as an action hero any day because she’s not afraid of anything, or any man.

    And Megan Fox is awesome. She’s a really solid actress. No one wants to see it because if they did their dicks would go limp. Her problem, if you consider it a problem, is that she doesn’t give a shit. I mean, she didn’t just piss off Michael Bay with her loose lips, she pissed of Spielberg, too. And no one pisses off The Wonderboy. If any actress of the last 40 years reminds me of Marilyn Monroe it’s Megan Fox. She’s a punk in the body of a sexbomb, just like MM.

  11. If this country didn’t have its weird puritanical streak in the foreground, they’d cast Sasha Grey as Lara Croft and make serious bank.

  12. Once again, I try to “get” Diablo Cody, and once again, she fails. Her schtick is about as entertaining as “It’s Pat: The Movie,” and the quicker she and Ms. Fox get relegated to made-for-Starz shows, the better the industry will be.

  13. I love those THUMBS. SO SEXY.

    The only thing that would make this video better is if she showed her f–t… And good call above for pointing out THE FOX’S INHERENT AWESOMENESS at working in both a 69 and a 420 joke.

    THE B.A.G. is one of the luckiest men in the world, along with Robert Pattinson and Cash Warren and Russell Brand and whoever’s dating Swifty-Swift this week. I will not go into broken record territory, but fuck it, yes, I will:

    Can you even CONCEIVE that there is a MAN on this planet, a MAN like YOU OR ME, and his GIRLFRIEND/WIFE is Megan Fox? Or Katy Perry, or Kristen Stewart, or Jessica Alba?

    What could that even POSSIBLY be like to wake up in bed and there’s a FAMOUS CELEBRITY ONE OF THE HOTTEST WOMEN IN THE HISTORY OF EARTH lying next to you?????

    I CANNOT ACCEPT that I will never know this feeling.

    I literally have ZERO interest in dating ANY WOMAN who is NOT FAMOUS. ZERO, other than for sex, which I never get anyway. But what is the point of dating or marrying someone NOT FAMOUS? Because at any given moment you could have a good audition or write something that sells, and then suddenly YOU CAN date famous women. So why SETTLE for anything less than an actress or model?

    I don’t care how much it annoys anyone that I repeat this rant, this is important, damn it. How do you live, how do you accept, not dating famous and beautiful women?

    ANSWERS, NOW. And I better like what I hear.

  14. And yes, Katy Perry has SKYROCKETED into the Lex 5 thanks to the cover of the Teenage Dream CD that just came out, to say nothing of the CALIFORNIA GURLS video which I FINALLY thought to watch on YT (since no one shows videos anymore.) I practically needed Thorazine to get through it, as it touches on so many of my fetishes I started having seizures.

  15. You know, I was never a big torch-bearer in the “burn the Diablo Cody (even though it IS such an overhip name it pains me to even type it) mob — I think she does have talent at writing, even if it’s largely masturbatory — but I have to confess that I didn’t even make it through the opening theme song of this little “webisode,” or whatever the fuck kitschy name they go by now.

    Pretty awful shit, and the idea of DC actually getting to direct something of her own suddenly terrifies me. I mean, there is something that reeks of being too preciously indie, and then there is this. Yikes.

  16. Lex may relate: Cody’s interview with Chelsea Handler is recommended. She was asked when she knew she wanted to be a stand-up, and she said she didn’t care she just knew she always wanted to be famous. So much respect.

  17. “And good call above for pointing out THE FOX’S INHERENT AWESOMENESS at working in both a 69 and a 420 joke.”

    They’re jokes, really? Try a lot of this “slam-dunk” humor back at open mic night? I know you have a vendetta against ’90s irony — fair enough, I say — but I cannot believe you are actually endorsing “stoner schtick,” which I’d easily rank ahead of it in terms of being tired, irritating, and just plain embarrassing.

    Not to mention the fact that in joke terms, it’s the equivalent of a black and white flick (and not even the good Kurosawa ones!) what with Up in Smoke being released before I was even BORN.

    Hell, Megan Fox should have gone for the reefer trifecta, dusting off the crusty “Dave’s not here, man” routine to really make your night.

  18. I dropped a vlog in my toilet bowl after that chili tonight.

    Maybe I’ll just try to fast-foward to the actual interview. 30 years behind me, I just find I have zero tolerance or patience for “cutesy” — esp. set to really predictably lame indie tunes — anymore. Intolerable.

  19. “Because at any given moment you could have a good audition or write something that sells, and then suddenly YOU CAN date famous women.”

    So how much longer till your “any given moment,” so we can all stop reading this tired, whining rantage?

  20. Kaned:

    a) I do not like stoner humor, I just like Megan. If you didn’t watch the interview, you don’t get to criticize her delivery or her material. I don’t like weed though.

    b) You need to stop being combative with me and sing my praises like you usually do.

    c) I love Megan Fox, even if I’m STILL in the mourning phase since she’s now MARRIED, which along with kids is usually the end of the line for any celebrity crush of mine, unless they are SUPERNATURALLY awesome: See, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie… Megan will surely survive this downer period to reclaim her throne but in the meantime she’s bounced out of The Lex 5.

    d) Kristen Stewart is still firmly established as the world’s most beautiful and sexy woman. BOW.

  21. a) Just watched the interview. Permission to say her delivery (flat, unengaging, and droney — Wells nailed it) and material (Luke Perry on a farm?) sucks now, Dad?

    She is more attractive than Diablo Cody, though. Jesus, I know she’s preggers and all, but how was she ever a stripper?

    b) Keed because I love. You know this.

    c) Yeah, Alba was on Letterman tonight. Unfathomable to me that she’s already had a kid. She looks almost exactly the same as she did five years ago.

    d) No comment.

  22. My first instincts were right, btw, I should have NEVER watched that thing. My reaction to watching the Tiki Bar segment was damn near as repulsive as Lex’s to viewing SPvs.TW.

    Two things:

    1) It is not “hard to be an individual” when you’re being cast in and/or writing movies in Hollywood. Try working a retail in Ohio or a factory job in Pennsylvania (or better yet — not working at all).

    2) The classification of Fox as “Crispin Glover weird” — at least based on the interviews that I’ve seen, including this one — is either the most inaccurate thing I’ve heard all week, or is actually legitimately true, but Fox is just so inarticulate about her weirdness for a public person that it might as well be inaccurate.

    It’s like those smokin’ hot chicks that go on Attack of the Show and claim to be “real geeks at heart.” Suuure, y’are, honey. Then why did your eyes glaze over when I asked you about Metal Gear Solid or the new Mark Millar comic?

    Not that they should know about these things, granted, but pleeeeeease stop kidding yourselves for the affections of the (very limited) target audience. They’re really so not worth kowtowing to, anyway.

  23. Thanks for the ALBA POWER heads-up, though I’m already cringing imaging Dave at his most dorky and obnoxious.

    I WANT TO BE FAMOUS WITH EVERY SINGLE FIBER OF MY BEING… I will do AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYTHING to be famous (except like blow a dude or something like that.)

  24. I have NO IDEA what METAL GEAR SOLID is. I’ve heard of it, don’t know what it is. Mark Milar is the WANTED guy?

    Who would want to be a geek, anyway?

    I’ve never read a comic book, haven’t played a video game since 1989 and Mario Brothers.

    Geeks suck.

  25. This is one of those nights where I wish I did have my own blog so I could spin 30,000 words about how defeated, depressed, writer’s-blocked and social-anxiety-blocked and self-loathing I am to actually PURSUE ANYTHING.

    While I FULLY REFUSE TO EVER, EVER, EVER accept that I am not going to date an actress or be famous, even I am aware that the first step would be ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING instead of whining on the Internet. But I just cannot write anything– fuck, I’ve had Final Draft for three years and have never gotten past page 3 on the 17 scripts I attempted. I can’t do standup anymore because of my agoraphobia, claustrophobia, OCD, social anxiety disorder, and ever-persistent laziness and drinking.

    I acted in some short movie a while back, but I was so goddamn fat (have since lost 30 pounds) I could NEVER use it on a “reel” because I look like a fucking water balloon in it… I don’t have an agent, a manager, I would write a short novel but YOU CAN’T GET FAMOUS FROM WRITING, I want to be A FAMOUS ACTOR.



    So why can’t I do it????? Why is it when I DO tag along to my friends’ acting class, all the young good looking motherfuckers all pair up for “scenes,” and I’m stuck running likes with some OLD ASS CHICK who’s like 40 or something? Like, BACK THE FUCK UP GRANDMA, I’m COOL, I want to do the scenes with THE YOUNG STUFF. I’m not running a scene with some COUGAR.

    I never make friends when I go to ACTING CLASS, and I NEVER GET FAMOUS FROM IT, and I can’t really take a head shot until I get a hair transplant, and it’s all one big catch 22 and all I end up doing is a JOB THAT IS BORING that I have been doing for FIFTEEN YEARS and I drive a TWENTY YEAR OLD AMERICAN CAR in a city where every 12-year-old Eastern Bloc immigrant has a 2014 Lexus with rims.



  26. I’m kind of with you on this one.

    There was this one episode of Family Matters (I know, I know…but it was TGIF and I wasn’t old enough to drive anywhere) where the social dynamic got flipped upside down and it was the geeks that ruled the roost, and the jocks became the outcasts.

    That’s kinda what Hollywood (or at least the films portrayed by Hollywood) feels like circa 2010.

    I’ve always been more of a loner, and I liked (still do like) both movies/gaming and sports/chicks about equally. But good Lord, when I hear some hipster douche drone on and on about how some filmmaker “raped art” by changing a syllable from page 143 of such-and-such graphic novel (who was only read by a grand total of 10 people, ever), sometimes I long for the days of 1989 when that guy would get his head drilled into a locker and no one would even bat an eyelash.

    Hell, they might even chuckle a little bit to themselves. Even the GIRLS.

  27. it’s not too hard to be a stripper in America. If you can maintain balance on five inch heels after three tequila shots, you’ll never go hungry.

  28. Congrats! LexG and CitizenKaned account for 20 of the 43 comments here. Good work.

    (and that’s not even counting the ensuing responses)

  29. Does anyone give a rip about DiaBLOW Cody? She’s an overrated, untalented attention whore who would run naked in circles around a pre-school if she thought somebody would care.

    Her “career” is clearly winding down as people start to tire of her and her obsession with teenagers and sex (maybe she should write the next Twlight film. Call it “Hipsters in High School Getting Pregnant White Killing Satanic Bodies”) has run it’s course.

    Jeff you can get an early start writing the obit for Cody’s “career” now if you’d like.

    And as for Megan Fox? The BEST thing she can point to in her career is her role in a Michael Bay movie.

    That pretty much says it all.

  30. Who gives a fuck if she can act. Megan Fox is nuclear meltdown hot. She’s lead smelter hot.

    She’s smokin’, searin’, flesh bubblin’, hair singein’, corpse crackin’, skull bustin’, liver boilin’, gizzard fryin’, eyeball meltin’, brain eatin’, blood cookin’, rigor loosenin’, pancreas puddlin’, sweatmeat snackin’, iron meltin’, brimstone lickin’ HOT.

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