Grass Returns

Late last March Tim Blake Nelson‘s Leaves of Grass was set to open at Manhattan’s Angelika — a bad place to see a film. But then it was yanked at the last minute. Telepathic Studios had bought distrib rights from First Look’s Avi Lerner, allowing for a much wider opening than Lerner had planned.

Several critics had already posted reviews, of course (including one by the New Yorker‘s David Denby) and they stayed up. I myself had taken a quick dump on Leaves of Grass during last year’s Toronto Film Festival.

And now this broad and mangy shit-kicker stoner comedy has announced a new New York opening, this time at the Village East — a less problematic place to see a film but nothing to crow about — on September 17th. And then it’ll come out on DVD/Bluray a little more than three weeks later. But at least it’ll play in more theatres across the country than it would have with Lerner at the stern.

23 thoughts on “Grass Returns

  1. Deathtongue_Groupie on said:

    After getting duped into seeing SMILEY FACE, not rushing out to see any stoner comedies. It’s strange, considering just how prevalent weed has become in society, that no one has turned out a really good one. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS almost got it right, but it really makes you appreciate just how effortless C & C made it seem.

  2. Having seen Leaves of Grass I can say that it’s definitely not a stoner comedy. It’s clever in certain parts but it feels like a Cohen brothers film minus the nihilistic wit. A slightly above average flick to catch ondemand if you’re stuck in on a Saturday night and have nothing else to do.

  3. I think this film tries to accomplish a lot, and it succeeds 95% of the time, which is pretty incredible considering how many balls are in the air. Until recently, it was my favorite movie of 2010, and I’m really pissed that such a lively, chaotic film would get such shit treatment. I hope as many people as possible catch it during this shitty theatrical run because I don’t think there are many films quite like it being released anytime soon. Norton, for what it’s worth, is lighter and funnier than he’s been in years.

  4. I didn’t love it as much as Gabe did, but he’s on the money here. Admirable for all the things it tries to accomplish at once and the screenplay is no fucking joke.

  5. “I myself had taken a quick dump on Leaves of Grass during last year’s Toronto Film Festival.”

    Oh my. There’s a mental image that, as Martin Scorsese would say, stays with you.

  6. I liked the film. I saw it at SiFF. But I really liked Edward Norton’s performance better than the film as a whole. Especially as the redneck stoner twin brother. Now that’s acting. Somebody close to Jennifer Aniston and tell her to see this film. Maybe it might spark a wild hair in her to maybe try something new. This is what acting is all about. Becoming other people. Not the same freaking character every movie. Hence- the word ” acting ”

    Bravo to Ed Norton for his work in this film.

  7. I saw this a few months ago and didn’t like it. I’m from Oklahoma, and it just didn’t seem to have “Oklahoma authenticity” to me. To borrow from Palin: “I can see that part of southeastern Oklahoma from my house.” I liked Norton’s ability to portray the two wildly different twins, but I felt Susan Sarandon was not used enough.

  8. “I liked Norton’s ability to portray the two wildly different twins”

    Not to be snarky about it — because that certainly isn’t my intention here — but haven’t we seen about enough of his “duality” showcased in his roles by now?

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