Joe Popcorn Wants Beaver

It’s being widely reported/repeated that a CBS News/Vanity Fair poll has found that three out of four Americans haven’t been turned off by Mel Gibson‘s ugliness, and would probably pay to see him in Jodie Foster‘s The Beaver.

If, that is, Summit had the smarts and chutzpah to release it, which of course they don’t. Because they’re worried about industry consensus and all that. On 7.10 I explained the reasons for ignoring the Gibson scandal and releasing The Beaver anyway.

The exact wording of the Gibson question was, “Are you now less likely to go see a Mel Gibson movie as a result of the recent scandal?” 76% of 847 respondents said Gibson’s comments (“blow me,” etc.) would have no effect on their willingness to pay to see him in a film. (Men were 80% on this point; women were at 72%). Plus I’m betting that a certain portion of the 20 percent who said they’d be “less likely” to view his films are just saying that, and that they’d go if The Beaver came to their local bijou.

What else do you need, Summit? A note of permission from Ari Emanuel?

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  1. Mel Gibson is white, male, arch-Catholic (i.e., fundamentalist), anti-semitic, alcoholic, and he likes to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse women. What would make anyone think that Joe Public wouldn’t like him? Most Americans probably identify with him.

  2. With Milkman’s cynicism out of the way, I’m not sure there’s a more perfect film for Gibson to star in, post melt down. Watching Gibson *be* crazy is quite popular at the moment and this film, with it’s story and character more than qualify. Especially considering the fact he walks around with a stuffed beaver on his hand. Of all the ironies. I imagine bloggers are oozing with anticipation as to what symbolic and metaphoric gems await a mentally unstable Mel Gibson character attached, literally, to a beaver. Of all things.

  3. I’d bet a good chunk of those people who said they weren’t less likely to see one of his movies were people who already wouldn’t have gone to see one; statistics are tricky that way.

    Not that it makes me want to see The Beaver any less, or think that Summit shouldn’t release it now, while the Crazy Mel iron is hot. Separating art from artist, and all that…

  4. The Beaver probably wouldn’t have crested $30 million anyway, so those turned off will be balanced by those who become more curious. This thing is going to get 20x the press it would have gotten pre-meltdown.

  5. Hell, one of the cable movie channels was showing Conspiracy Theory the other night, and I found myself watching that terrible movie for at least a half hour simply because Gibson was playing someone paranoid, babbling and unhinged. It made me grin, imagining that he wasn’t really acting at all.

  6. @Absinth,

    I re-watched “Lethal Weapon” last week. It is significantly more interesting (and fascinating) nowadays.

  7. Summit are idiots if they don’t release “The Beaver” now! The wife and I recently watched, “Edge of Darkness,” Mel Gibson rocks in this. Does anyone do crazy-ass, obsessed as well?

  8. Even “Lethal Weapon 2″ is uncanny at this point. He spends twenty minutes with Patsy Kensit in the market, then fucks her for a while and that’s enough to get him so stinkin’ angry, once she’s killed, to literally bring the house down? I hate to have the seen narrative arc that had Kensit cheating on Riggs. Christ, can you imagine?

  9. Well, in fairness Barnes, didn’t he also find out that these South African diplomats also had some ridiculous, tangential connection to the death of Riggs’ wife?

    Come to think of it, didn’t every single bad guy in those movies (save the first one) have some sort of connection to her death?

    Market The Beaver as Lethal Weapon 5: I’m Too Crazy for This Shit and you’ll be printing money.

  10. Wait, I thought “Ransom” was “Lethal Weapon 5″ or maybe it was “Payback”. Fuck. No no, I remember now. The unofficial title of “Signs” was “Lethal Weapon 5″. Or am I still not right?

  11. The Beaver, as far as I’m concerned, is Jodie Foster’s new movie. Gibson’s presence in it is just coincidental. It’s not as if it’s “The Passion of the Christ 2: The Revenge of Jesus” or something.

    I think that “The Beaver” can only make 8 to 12 million or so.

    I feel sorry for the talented Foster for being this unfortunate to have this lunatic staring in her project.

    First he fucks-up Apocalipto’s marketing for Disny, now he stinks it up for Foster.

  12. If Americans still cared about Mel, then Edge of Darkness would’ve been a hit. And I have a feeling the only reason they’re willing to say yes about The Beaver is they don’t know shit about it like the netizens do. But if Summit were to actually put out ads for it, you can bet it would turn off the public faster than the Cage Wickerman.

  13. How did he fuck up the marketing for Apocalypto? If he had stayed out of the way, a starless, Mayan-language adventure with a 2:20+ runtime would have grossed more than $50 million?

  14. I don’t understand why people are shunning Gibson. Was his language harsh, perhaps, but lets not all assume puritan facisades. The woman used this for her own monetary gain, so she’s not entirely innocent in the matter; we never heard the full conversation, only the edited portions featuring Gibson’s responses. EDGE OF DARKNESS wasn’t a complete failure but it likely didnt succeed because it wasn’t properly marketed or likely because of the murky script which didnt deserve repeat viewings. Out of all the direct to video shit Summit releases regularly that no one will ever see I cant believe they’re truly worried about Gibsons reputation ruining any returns. Trying to rationalize the delay is difficult because every repsonse leads back to comparisons of Summits film library. Long live Mel “Sugar-Tits” Gibson !

  15. Gibson’s rant was the most thoroughly entertaining thing of 2010 thus far. Someone here previously pointed out that Mamet couldn’t have scripted a better rant. The domestic abuse part of course inexcusable but how does Gibson being a total f-ing loon not lend to a prolific career as a screen villain???

    Tarantino (who’s obviously resurrected careers before) needs to write a bad guy for Gibson immediately.

  16. Milkman, you haven’t made your point because most people that frequent this site aren’t actually any of the things you’ve listed (except maybe alcoholic). I think we can all appreciate his rant on just a “holy shit he’s a total melodramatic psycho” level. You wouldn’t want to see him bring some of that insanity on film? There have been tons of wife-beaters and anti semites throughout the course of Hollywood history that still retain their “legend” status only because they didn’t live in the age of TMZ. Frank Sinatra still has a general public image of being a classy guy. If recording devices and the internet existed when he was around we’d all think he was the scum of the Earth too. Gibson’s already got a billion dollars in the bank so it’s not like boycotting him is going to hurt. We might as well just make use of his crazy public image because like I said it’s pretty damn entertaining and it gives it an extra level of scary knowing that this guy really is that nutty.

  17. OMG!

    Quick everybody, grab the pitchforks and light up the torches, a celebrity got drunk off his ass and said some hurtful stuff!

    Run him out of town!

    Stone him!

    Burn every copy of Mad Max ever!

    You self satisfied fundamentalist types need to get a grip. He’s no worse and in some cases a heck of a lot better then loads of other celebs, some of whom get loads of adoration here and elsewhere. You know, like the ones who:

    While high, broke into a neighbors house and passed out in their bed.

    Ass raped a minor.

    Shot a girl in the head.

    Shot his wife in the head.

    While drunk or high, assaulted his girlfriend with and without weapons at various times.

    Beat his singer girlfriend bloody.

    The several celebrities who, while drunk, high, or just self important, killed a pedestrian or motorist.

    Beat up Don Murphy.

    He’s a fruit loop and he got drunk and said some nasty shit. Get over it.

    Looking forward to The Beaver, and hopefully, The Vikings.

  18. I have mentioned this before…we don’t know the full story. Neither party can talk about it. I just know there are things we don’t know yet. Real truths. All you people that have jumped to the conclusion that Mel is a wife beater, you may one day have to retract your statements. You are only hearing from her side. Do we know Mel has anger issues. Yes. That he should probably stay away from alcohol yes.

    But that doesn’t sway me in seeing him act on screen. From what Jodie Foster has admitted is Mel’s career best performance. I think they should release it because even people that say they hate Mel or whatever, will go see it out of morbid curiosity because that’s how we are. Heck if people can watch garbage like so many reality tv shows that pollute stations, I’ll choose to see a good actor act.

  19. I remember back when Edge of Darkness opened I proposed that Gibson was actually a better director/actor than Eastwood and most of you commenters agreed with me. Does his rant actually change anything? We haven’t seen any directorial efforts from either since then so I don’t know how it could.

  20. googs: Sinatra at least did positive things in his life, like desegrating Nevada. Mel wouldn’t even pray with a bum.

    Homie: True, Mel’s not the worst offender, especially when you consider that Oliver Stone was able to get a pass while sober. But it’s how he crashed and burned which stands out. He’s making Cruise look normal by comparison.

  21. Homie Cat, I think I more or less agree with your point at large, but your final example:

    “Beat up Don Murphy.”

    Really? Is this any reason to hold this as a strike against anyone? Honestly?

  22. “I feel sorry for the talented Foster for being this unfortunate to have this lunatic staring in her project.”

    If a liberal advocate of LGBT rights chooses to give Gibson work, she deserves everything she gets.

  23. Sinatra at least did positive things in his life, like desegrating Nevada. Mel wouldn’t even pray with a bum.

    yes truly Sinatra did that single-handedly, those dumb black people who had been trying to do it for decades had nothing to do with it

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