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The first thing I noticed about the new Movie City News redesign, which looks relatively decent (or at least better than before, being more balanced), is a preponderance of robin’s egg blue. The typeface, the MCN Tweety-bird, the MCN Twitter box, the bars…light blue all around. Plus some light violet. It reminds me of the colors and the vibe in a little boy’s bedroom.

The idea is to convey a certain spirituality or placidity or something. It’s all right or isn’t a “problem,” per se, but it doesn’t feel like a sale. It needs to man up on some level. A little red or orange, maybe.

The second thing I noticed is that Hollywood Elsewhere’s status has been upgraded. After being linked and referred to by MCN for several years as a “gossip,” I’m now included on the “Mainstream Blogger” list (along with Anne Thompson, Deadline, LA Observed, Patrick Goldstein, Roger Ebert’s Journal, The Real Shawn Levy, etc.). Thank you, David. I’ve noticed, by the way, that Deadline and HitFix are listed on the Mainstream Blogger and Gossip rosters. Split personalities?

The other Gossips are /Film, Ain’t It Cool News, Defamer, Huffington Post (really?), Jezebel, Mark Malkin, Movieline, NY Daily News, People Magazine, Star, The Superficial, The Wrap (really?) and Yahoo! Movies.

The third thing I noticed is that the new design disappeared about 11 am Eastern, and that the old design was back in action. Obviously a temporary gears-and-levers adjustment.

Incidentally: I understand about capturing a page image (control – shift – 4) and that if I add control to this combo the image is supposed to appear on Clipboard. Except it doesn’t, and the usual paste function (control V) doesn’t paste it either. So the hell with it.

34 thoughts on “The New MCN

  1. I’ve learned to never criticize redesigns until a few weeks go by, at least. I initiallly hated HE’s last major overhaul (cutting off the longer posts, and finishing them on their own pages), but now can’t imagine it any other way.

  2. I like it. It’s about time he upgraded — the site was way out of date. But I think the hot blog should be front and center.

  3. The Never Let Me Go ad increases the amount of blue. If it was an ad for The American, that’d stand out more.

    Agree on the shitty font selection.

  4. He should have included two huge flashing banner ads down both sides of the screen to help convey spirituality and placidity.

  5. Maybe I’m the exception but while I check out The Hot Blog once a day or so I only go to MCN once or twice a year.

    That said, the new redesign isn’t going to be improving my traffic. Way too busy and cluttered.

  6. “A little ornage is okay as an accent color, especially against blue.”

    if you don’t mind feeling like you’re sitting in a howard johnsons….

  7. Does he have some sort of deal with Twitter or something? It’s all over the page; and now it looks like the Twitter bird is the MCN logo.

    And using the Twitter blue can’t be a coincidence either, can it?

  8. Command-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it as a file on the desktop. Defaults as a png file, but you can convert it to anything you like in Preview. If that doesn’t work, then “the hell with it”.

  9. “Maybe I’m the exception but while I check out The Hot Blog once a day or so I only go to MCN once or twice a year.”


  10. The new design is cluttered and looks like shit. The old layout was familiar and easy to navigate. The headlines popped and you instantly knew which ones you were interested in. I don’t even know where to look first now. Way too busy. Just a mess.

  11. In the Jeff vs Dave saga, Jeff certainly now has the better site visually. Christ on a Cracker, is that an eyesore. Terrible, terrible choice – way too busy indeed. And the font’s too freaking small.

    They should have at least given folks the option of seeing things in “classic” view.

  12. Okay, seems they tweaked it last night since I saw it and it’s a little less busy. Still, the “Curated Headlines” are too crowded and small.

  13. Went to MCN on Sunday mainly to read latest updates on Hot Blog. Got frustrated simply trying to find it. Like most everyone hated the busyness and small print. I eagerly await the re-design of the redesigned website. I hope people don’t feel the need to suck up and tell Poland it’s all great when it obviously needs a lot of work. Bare minimum it needs a clearly defined link to the Hot Blog on the homepage-like the old version.

  14. Honestly I can’t make heads or tails of it yet…

    One of my favorite Poland Hot Blog features was always that “last comment by…” sidebar, so you’d always know if Jeff McDouche dropped some idiocy, or if IO just downed a bag of Skittles and went into hyperdrive, or if leahnz just penned a psychotic 100,000-word love letter to James Cameron in all lowercase.

    Now that feature’s gone, you can’t find the Hot Blog from the main site, it doesn’t have its own distinct web address, some people seem to have avatars, some don’t. and instead of Movable Type, it looks like it’s gonna use that format that Glenn Kenny’s blog (and many others) use where it keeps you logged in AT ALL TIMES unless you delete your cookies… so if you share a computer if anyone pulls up that site, you’re permanently remembered with your handle and address.

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