David Koepp‘s Premium Rush, a bicycle-messenger movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon and Dania Ramirez, was shooting earlier today near the corner of Sixth Avenue and 28th Street. JGL, of course, is the main two-wheeled protagonist. The plot is driven by an envelope he picks up from Columbia University, which a dirty cop (Shannon) is anxious get his hands on.

Premium Rush star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (right, red T-shirt) about to film a scene. Director-writer David Koepp (olive shirt, red baseball hat) at extreme left. That may be Dania Ramirez in light aquamarine top. Shannon (light blue shirt, tie) stands in middle.

Gordon-Levitt, Koepp, Ramirez, Shannon.

The Wiki page says Columbia will release Premium Rush on 1.13.12. Wait…16 and 1/2 months from now? Thanks to HE reader Eran Evron for sending the pics.

8 thoughts on “Traffic

  1. This sounds like a certain French film I saw some years ago about a guy who accidentally has an envelope put on his moped and is being chased down by a dirty cop and his cohorts. There’s a lot more to it than that and it was a lot more charming than it sounds. The name is DIVA.

  2. I dunno; I think it could be alright. If the bike scenes are done well it could be fun. Bicycle messengers are mental in NYC. If they find some way of filming these scenes dynamically it could be quite fun. Some sort of POV of bikes racing through Manhattan.

    Glad it’s shooting in the real Manhattan and not a fake version, i.e. Lex’s nightmare city of Pittsburgh.

    Plus Gordon-Levitt and Shannon are always entertaining to watch. Koepp’s not exactly set the world on fire with his directorial stuff, but he can do popcorn flicks in his sleep. Looks like it could be a diverting B-movie with a decent cast.

  3. Dania Ramirez is CHARMING on the current season of Entourage, where my man Turtle is giving it to her. TURTLE POWER. Though it drove me insane two weeks back when she came into Turtle’s house and sat on his kitchen counter, Indian style, with her flip flops on, after walking around L.A. all day. Shoes on a kitchen counter like it’s no big deal? Sometimes hot chicks don’t think things through from the germ angle. Much as I like feet, women will put their shoes and feet any- and everywhere, especially on pillows. Pet peeve.

  4. I can’t tell… Turtle seems to run his limo and tequila businesses out of some mansion that’s NOT Vince’s, but there’s no earthly way it’s Turtle’s own, since he’s always presented as not having the money to pay his limo chicks…

    NON SEQUITUR TIME: Has there EVER been a MORE AWESOME YOUNG GIRL CHARACTER in a movie than Dakota Power in PUSH? Man, Chris Evans at the end of this movie should’ve given Camilla Belle the brush off and told Dakota to look him up in three or four years. Man is she awesome… just TOTAL charisma. Makes me wish I had an awesome adopted daughter or something like her to hang out with and teach her how to be awesome.

  5. I just realized Camilla Belle is the little girl who gets eaten by those mini-dinosaurs at the start of The Lost World. Knew I recognized her from something.

    I wonder what became of Jeff Goldblum’s daughter in that one. Never seen or heard from again. Interesting that little Joseph Mazzello from the first one is making his comeback, with The Pacific and The Social Network.

    Bringing it right back on topic, David Koepp is the guy the T-Rex eats in San Diego, after trying to run into a video store or something.

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