Ashley’s Scam

In a 9.28 DP30 interview, Client 9 director Alex Gibney explains, as his film does, that former call girl and current N.Y. Post advice columnist Ashley Dupre “did” former N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer exactly once. She was not his girl of choice — that role was filled by another prostitute called “Angelina.”

“You think Ashley is ‘the one‘, [but] Ashley is kind of like the woman who happened to be on call that night, or that afternoon,” Gibney says. “She’s like a sub who came off the bench, probably because Angela wasn’t available. She happened to be the one who’s on the wiretap. She’s not the one but she’s always played it like she’s the one, always deflecting, ‘it’s a legal issue, I cannot answer’ but always engaging people that she was Spitzer’s girl She was not Spitzer’s girl.

“She’s very interested in advancing her career as a celebrity and as a singer. Fox News and the N.Y. Post are very interested in using that desire for celebrity to use it to advance their agenda, which is to discredit Eliot Spitzer. It’s funny how celebrity gets used. Celebrity is a bizarre form.

“Ashley tried to play me,” Gibney recalls. “We had many email and text conversations with Ashley, and [I] negotiated wth many managers — she went through a lot of them — and we almost had a deal, but then her lawyer insisted on editorial control. I was not wiling to give Ashley Dupre editorial control.”

23 thoughts on “Ashley’s Scam

  1. Yours is an entertainment news and awards blog, Jeff, so most of us are gay. But even though the nipple defies logic, many of us had not considered this a NSFW site until today. Thanks for risking my job.

  2. Wells to By cropping the photo right at the midpoint of Ashley Dupre’s left nipple, I’m putting you at risk in terms of job security, etc.? Why did you take the time to even write this?


    What I don’t get about Ashley Dupre is how she seemed SO HOT in all that tabloid pics and when the scandal was breaking, and now, yeah, she’s some Minnie and Moskowitz-acting Jersey Yenta all palling around with Geraldo on Fox and not acting sexy at all anymore. Sell that shit, lady.

    The thing that drove me crazy about the Spitzer scandal, or any STUFFED SHIRT POLITICAL SQUARE BANGS ESCORTS scandal, is these dudes are all married with kids, and it’s like a 100000000% guarantee you’ll at LEAST catch herpes from any pro in America. So with that fear on the table, how the HELL do these guys have the balls to order a hooker knowing they’re gonna possibly/probably bring an STD into the household? That’s some cold shit… Damn, I think of ordering a hooker EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, and the main thing that keeps me from doing so is the disease factor.

    And trust me, NOBODY could need sex worse than I do, and I have no wife and live alone and wouldn’t care at all about any “shame” about ordering a pro… I just don’t want the disease.

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