Calm Down

“If the over-60 Academy members fail to note that The Social Network is a brilliant, whippersnapper Citizen Kane-level movie about the Realm of the Now (and the Very Recent) that addresses CLASSIC THEMES, what am I supposed to do about it? Send them a complimentary month’s supply of Depends?

“I’ll tell you what SHOULD be done about it. All past-it, over-the-hill geezers should be COMPASSIONATELY EXPELLED FROM THE ACADEMY. This is not a put-down or a putsch or a purge. It’s just that when a genuinely good movie comes along and people are too thick to at least show respect and acknowledge that it’s doing several things right, then there’s only one thing to do and that’s to cut them off. Because all they’re doing is STANDING IN THE WAY.

“What did George S. Patton (George C. Scott) do when he found a mule obstructing his troops in Italy? He shot the mule and had him thrown over the side of a bridge.” — my response to a question from Gold Derby/Envelope guy Tom O’Neil about how Academy members may react to The Social Network‘s first big membership screening on Saturday, 10.2.

Other know-it-alls — Sasha Stone, Anthony Breznican, Stecve Pond, Dave Karger, Eric Davis — are also heard from in O’Neil’s piece.

39 thoughts on “Calm Down

  1. Barnes78 on said:

    Wow. I wish people were this passionate about the idea of term limits in Congress.

  2. Citizen Kane? Really? Fandango at 11AM announced yesterday that TSN accounted for just 32% of online ticke sales for this coming weekend’s movies. It would’ve been nice to have this passion displayed when Avatar and The Dark Knight were being f’d over by the Academy in favor of the least-viewed best picture winner of all time, and the movie version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. :)

  3. I am that enthusiastic for term limits. They’re called elections. That’s what’s provided.

    We’ve had “term limits” in for awhile in many places and they’ve proven to be a total farce. The newbies we get are as asinine and moronic and corrupt as the people they replaced, except they have no idea which room in which they’re supposed to take a shit. New faces, same old tools. Elections are a perfectly good solution – you’ve misidentified the problem.

    Now, if you said you wanted to have the throats all paid lobbyists slit, then have their their barely-surviving bodies sewn into bags with hungry wolves?

    Then we can talk, because that’s the source of 90% of this country’s political problems. That’s the dark seat of power, my friend.

  4. “Citizen Kane? Really? Fandango at 11AM announced yesterday that TSN accounted for just 32% of online ticke sales for this coming weekend’s movies.”

    What box-office have to do with Citizen Kane? It’s not like that was a huge hit.

  5. The problem is two sides of a coin. I think you meant the corruption of the practice of being a lobbyist. It isn’t that lobbying, per se, is evil. It’s the fact that corporations have more freedom of who, when, how (and how often) they financially contribute to lobbyists (with virtually no rules or oversight). With that cleaned up, term limits serve a more than adequate purpose. No representative should be serving a 16th term, regardless of their party affiliation.

  6. Ponderer, you can thank Scalia for making corporations the equivalent of living, breathing human beings (some of which don’t get the same rights as a fucking Forbes 100 business).

  7. How about they depend on the quality of the story, like Kane, to sell the film. No, they hijack facebook’s popularity and defame someone to market a movie. It’s not art. It’s a hitjob. And an opportunistic one. I expected more integrity from Jeff here.

  8. Look, I will see TSN tomorrow and am expecting nothing short of an immortal classic, but you ALL owe it to yourselves to ENTER THE VOID. One of the greatest, most MIND BLOWING CINEMATIC EXPERIENCES you will EVER have.

    I’m sure TSN is a a great story excellently told and acted.

    THE VOID is a WORK OF GENIUS that just might change your life. It’s not just the best movie of 2010 so far, IT IS LIKE GOD COMING DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS.


  9. Maybe we can quell the comparisons between Citizen Kane and The Social Network because TSN could still win the Best Picture Oscar and CK did not.

  10. I think this is quaint. Jeffrey berating the Academy for being old-fashioned, while still clinging to the extremely old-fashioned idea that the Oscars still mean anything, especially to anyone under 40.

  11. I saw THE SOCIAL NETWORK, liked it, but this hype it’s getting is a little bit out of control. To the point, where I think it’s wildly overrated. People need to get off David Fincher’s dick.

  12. I’d be more convinced that this movie was the new Citizen Kane you’re screaming it is if the company who made it weren’t your major advertiser.

  13. I love your blog, Jeff. But I don’t think you or Tom O’Neill have earned the right to “compassionately expel” Olivia DeHavilland or Kim Novak or Elizabeth Taylor.

    I don’t think you have to be an old fogey to not instantly declare TSN a Citizen Kane-level film. I don’t even think it’s a Zodiac-level film.

    It is a very good film,. But I’m sitting here with popcorn waiting for the blowback against the hype.

  14. Surely there are some academy members that are out of touch, not “with it”, but shouldn’t that demographic have their say too? As long as they actually see all of the big, “potentially” nominated movies (including this one), they are allowed to not get it, or even to hate it, IMO. But nobody (even the young energetic members) actually see ALL of the films each year, right? Not even close, from what I hear. There are plenty of movies that people “know” they aren’t going to like and don’t bother to see. Even if it turns out they would have loved a particular supporting performance, at least.

    Would you ban all movie critics that don’t love a popular AND critical hit that winds up winning a slew of Oscars – like, say, “Return of the King”? You would have to be hopelessly, unredeemably out of touch to have hated that film, no?

  15. Yeah, OK, I get it, “calm down”. But you must see all potentially awarded films! And you must not go into them looking for confirmation of why you hated them before you saw a single frame! So says me.

  16. Clint Eastwood will sneakily release “The Citizen Kane Social Network” at year’s end to qualify for Academy Award consideration, and steal the Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay Oscars from Fincher and Sorkin.

  17. Since this is the only recent thread I can find here relating to the Oscars, I need to point out, Jeff, that in your Oscar Balloon, you have Bill Murray in Get Low listed twice in the supporting actor group. And you still haven’t added to the supporting actress one. You need to add Helena Bonham Carter and Kristen Scott Thomas. Please?

  18. Anyone know what exactly is the process to stay in the Academy once you’re in? A matter of simply paying dues every year or do you have to take a role in a movie every so often?

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