Bluewater Productions has announced a forthcoming “Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook” comic book Written by Jerome Maida, penciled by Sal Field and cover designed by Michal Szyksznian, the 48-pager will be out in December.

“Who is the real Mark Zuckerberg?,” the press release asks. “The young billionaire and creator and CEO of Facebook who announced recently that he is generously donating $100 million to public schools in Newark? Or the cold-blooded businessman who walks over people to get what he wants — the way he’s portrayed in The Social Network?

The road to success, Maida says, was not preordained nor was it always a smooth ride.

“Mark was offered loads of money at a young age and turned all his suitors down because deep down he knew he had higher goals than to work for someone else,” says Maida. “Bill Gates offered Mark a million dollars while Mark was still in high school to work for him and Mark turned it down. I mean, how many high school kids will ever be made an offer like that?

“Rightly or wrongly, Mark dealt harshly with some people on his way to where he is today”, says Maida. “As we see, he left many people feeling betrayed. I try my best to be fair here. No one is totally innocent in this story. I try to represent each of the major players’ point of view.”

28 thoughts on “Legend

  1. The oversaturation of Social Network coverage has now surpassed Harry Knowles’ Kick-Ass felating levels.

    How come the only place I can escape these damn Social Network ads is, ironically, Facebook?

  2. Joking aside…. this could really muck up Hollywood Elsewhere for the next several months. Every new film that gets great reviews and critical acclaim from other outlets will be seen, by Jeffrey, as a threat to the coronation of “The Social Network” as THE GREATEST FILM OF THE YEAR.

    So when, for example, the Coens’ “True Grit” starts screening, the entire gist here will be all about “could it possibly edge out ‘Blah blah Network’ for the Best Pic nod?”

  3. Is this anything new? Unless I’m mistaken, the last movie Jeffrey fell this head-over-heels for was Fincher’s Zodiac. Social Network sounds more Eloi-accessible than that, but it could still turn out to be too smart for the room. Thankfully, neither Eddie Murphy nor Steven Spielberg has anything coming out to slow the juggernaut.

  4. Yeah, but I came here every day, refreshing and clicking all day waiting for Jeff to start the MY SOUL TO TAKE hype, and every time I come away disappointed.

  5. By adding more and more stories that have to do with “The Social Network”, you’re only adding more fuel to the potential backlash you’ve been fearing.

  6. Actually I think I opined elsewhere that NEVER LET ME GO– featuring Wells’s 2009 golden girl Carey Mulligan in a performance that’s INFINITELY better than her work in AN EDUCATION– is the first casualty of the Social Network mania here.

  7. From the “Mark Zuckerberg Guide Book to Counter Negative SOCIAL NETWORK Publicity”:

    GOOD IDEA – Donate $100 million to New Jersey public schools.

    STUPID IDEA – Agree to a “Mark Zuckerberg” comic book retelling of your life.

    Should have read the guide book, Mark… should have read the guide book.

  8. All of you backlash-threateners are tedious beyond description. TSN is what it is, and it’s the happening thing right now so what do you want me to do? Put on a nightgown and go hide in a cave with a yellow notepad and 3 felt-tip pens and write scores of secret pages about Samuel Taylor Coleridge? I’m trying to spread my interests around as best I can. If you’re seen TSN and don’t like it, fine. If you haven’t seen it then you’re just wanking off. Go blow yourselves.

  9. Before we go blow ourselves based on observations we’ve made: Didn’t YOU even say yesterday that these TSN posts were growing “tiresome”?

  10. On one hand, I think Jeff just told me to go blow myself for committing the heinous crime… of not having seen a movie that hasn’t opened yet.

    On the other, that nightgown/Coleridge rant is pretty awesome, so it’s hard to feign offense.

    Still, I might call up my Uncle Lou at the OTB in Virginia to see if The Social Network is truly “the happening thing right now.”

    Shit, there’s a half-dozen 40ish “aspiring screenwriters” at one of my posthouse gigs who probably haven’t even heard of it, and if I brought it up all they’d do is make fun of me for wanting to see a movie with Justin Timberlake.

  11. It’s your site. You can do what you want. And you will. I’m just already sick of it and haven’t even seen it yet. Really reminds me of the Slumdog over appreciation a couple of years ago. Every critic and their mother said it was the next best thing, yet it didn’t even crack my top ten. I thought some of the acting in the was pretty bad and it won the Oscar for best pic.

  12. “Who is the real Mark Zuckerberg?”

    Who the fuck cares? That’s the most stupid question since “Who is John Galt?”

    I’m sure the movie is brilliant, once it finally gets around to opening. But no one gives a flying fart who the hell is the real Mark Zuckerberg.

    “Put on a nightgown and go hide in a cave with a yellow notepad and 3 felt-tip pens and write scores of secret pages about Samuel Taylor Coleridge?”

    That’s sounds great! We’re anxiously awaiting your Coleridge postings!

  13. Did you seriously respond to my observation that the multitude of posts about Social Network, which golden boy LexG lovingly pointed out hasn’t been released yet), by telling me to blow myself?

    And even if I could blow myself, do you really think I’d spend my time frequenting a movie website that talks about ONLY ONE MOVIE when I could be doing that all day long instead?

    Stay Classy!

  14. I don’t mean to sound coarse or belligerent, but I’m sick of this “stop quoting others saying how first-rate this film is or you’ll trigger a backlash” bullshit. If there’s going to be a backlash, it has to be a second wave of viewers agreeing on a consensus that it’s nowhere near as good as the first wave claimed.

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