Lurid Tag Lines!

The idea is for HE readers to come up with overly emphatic 1950s-era tag lines — shock! shame! defiance! never before in Hollywood history! — for present-tense films like Let Me In, The Social Network, Wall Street 2, The Town, Easy A, Case 39, Due Date, Nowhere Boy, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, etc. If you don’t know the shot with these films then please don’t submit. (Original idea inspired by this Film Experience riff about tag lines for 1950s Susan Hayward films.)

26 thoughts on “Lurid Tag Lines!

  1. ‘”This story was filmed on location… inside a woman’s soul!”

    also from I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955)”‘

    This brought me so much joy, just now. Classic!

  2. The Social Network: He built his empire on the bodies of his friends!

    Black Swan: Watch as the beautiful ballet dancer is consumed by desire, love and greed!

  3. Capatilist…Criminal…Vsionary…Thief…Hero…Vllian…

    He’s called many names…

    Will she call him…Daddy?

    “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”

  4. I’ve already beaten all of you to it. My actual tagline for THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN:

    “So terrifying you’ll wish it were only a movie!”

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