I was searching this morning for my March 2000 Tony Curtis interview, which was written during my Reel.com period (’99 to ’02). Not only has the Curtis piece disappeared, but the whole Reel.com archive (when the column was called Hollywood Confidential) has vanished along with it. A Site Called Fred had archived my 300-or-so columns, but now they’ve apparently dumped them. Three years of work down the toilet…great.

20 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Webster on said:


    Try the site below and search for http://reel.com. I don’t have time right now to find your Curtis interview, but lots of your Hollywood Confidential columns are archived there.


  2. It looks like the Web Archive’s got your back. That site is a pain in the ass, and the links don’t always go to the right place, but it looks like a lot of the content is in there somewhere.

    Here’s the Tony Curtis interview:


    And here’s the Hollywood Confidential archive:


  3. I apologize if this comes off as a prick question, but you didn’t back up your blogging? I know it wasn’t your site back then, but still, it *was* your writing.

    Back in my blogging days, I made sure to keep every damn thing I ever wrote, just dumped that stuff right out of Typepad into a file. I’ll probably never even look at any of it again, but it was four years of my life that I’d like to hang on to.

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