• Andrea

    Yeah what a hero. Real class act.

    It is precisely at THAT TIME, AT A FUNERAL OF A HERO, that you show the grace, the humility and appreciativeness that polite society demands.

    So what if a few people said “Pat is now with God”. Is that so abhorrent to you that you have to go on a profanity filled harangue AT HIS FUNERAL?!!!

    Now, he repeats his vile dialogue for one of TV’s most abhorrent creatures, Bill Maher, and reduces his brother’s life into clapping and cheering from Maher’s inhumane and idiotic fan base in that studio.

    Exploiting someone’s deep anguish, understandable anger and grief to prop up your own beliefs , applause applause.

  • Andrea

    Oh yeah forgot to add…it takes REAL courage…and a REAL hero…REAL guts…to attack religion and Christianity in front of Bill Maher and his audience.

    What a hero.

  • Mr. F.

    Yes, Richard Tillman should have absolutely let the GOP continue to use his brother as a puppet. They should have agreed that Pat is in Heaven now, living it up with the angels. Even though neither the family, nor Pat himself, is Christian (or even religious). America’s war effort deserved that much!

    And can you believe the NERVE of Richard Tillman, to be overcome with emotion at the death of the brother he loved? What an ASS! Show some class, hippie!

  • Alan Cerny

    When it comes to santimonious Christians, there just aren’t enough lions. Or fire, really.

  • Andrea

    Yeah real santimonious Christian that Maria Shriver.

  • Andrea

    Yeah, The military lied about his death because it sounded better that he died heroically than died from friendly fire. His family is now using his death to further their political agenda and to get attention from the media. They even claim Tillman’s death was used a propaganda boost when he was probably more of an asset alive and even if he turned against the war, he wasn’t much of a propaganda tool anyway. According to his family he must have been Captain America and at the center of the war.

    Tillman seems like he came from a screwed up family. He took a path in life his family disagreed with and when he died, they freaked out and then tried to get revenge on the evil right wingers they thought brainwashed their son. Now they use their sons death to get attention from the media and spread conspiracy theories.

  • CharlieDontSurf

    Most of those celebrities, politicians, officials weren’t at Pat’s funeral to remember the good friend, family member, brother in arms they lost. They were there because it was great PR for their careers and the military and administration wanted to use Tillman’s death to futher their agenda.

    When Mel Gibson dies you don’t show up at his memorial and tell everyone that he’s going to the promised land to be with Allah. That is essentially what they did given Tillman was an atheist. I highly doubt Christopher Hitchens wants people showing up and telling everyone not to worry and that he will be comforted by God in heaven.

  • phantasmata

    this is directed towards this andrea individual:

    you are a fucking CUNT rag.

  • Alan Cerny

    Just to be clear, Andrea, there aren’t enough lions for YOU. Not in the whole wide world.

  • phantasmata

    actually, i know what the doctor said the day this andrea thing was born:

    “i just saw a cunt come out of a cunt’s cunt.”

  • Andrea

    phantasmata- Yawn

    Alan Cerny- I’ll anxiously await your next post on Lions almost as much as I’ll await your next blog about the subject. Should be a must read. LOL

  • Absinth Quell Pro

    I think the use of “LOL” alone warrants a banning, no?

  • hunterd

    Well, that was…unorthodox.

  • Andrea

    Poor Absinth Quell Pro. Can’t tolerate an opposing view without begging for it to be silenced. That behavior is…Nazi like.

    I just hope brother Richard doesn’t criticize dear leader O. Former darling anti War slain solider family member Cindy Sheehan did that and we haven’t heard from her since!

  • phantasmata

    “Should be a must read. LOL”

    LOL amirite? isn’t that just SO funny? i’ve never read anything as humorous as this comeback. you really dissed him, andrea. fucking A, you’re clever. you totally went after that guy–said negative things about his blog. really hit him where it hurts. look the fuck out everyone, andrea is straight up fucking GANGSTA up in here. jesus fucking christ with his head on a stick, what shark-infested pool did i wade into, trying to go toe-to-toe with you?

    and, yeah–“yawn.” wow, another humdinger. if you were really bored and indifferent, you wouldn’t have said anything. but you did. trying real hard to act like you don’t care, but you should’ve tried harder. cunt.

  • Andrea

    LOL Yawn.

  • phantasmata

    oh wow, now it’s trotting out “nazi.” what other original retorts can we expect next? but yeah, you know what? i DO have an inner fucking nazi and if i was running this show, things like this andrea creature would be first on my list.

    that’s the real tragedy with pat tillman. he went over and got killed so that idiots like this can shit all over him and his family. my grandfather was in WWII and what did he get when he got back? PTSD and to spend the remainder of his days living in a paranoid fever dream. and he was a black man, fighting for a country that treated him like a second class citizen. ain’t that a bitch? and so it goes. you have pat tillman who died so that CRETINS like andrea can shit all over his family.

    isn’t democracy fucking awesome?

  • phantasmata

    i know you think i’m funny, but no, you can’t blow me. i’m not into animal necrophilia, you dead-behind-the-eyes cow.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Wells to Phantasmata: i don’t agree with Andrea either, but show a little respect. You don’t have to be cruel or vulgar.

    Wells to Andrea: Apologies for the vulgarity and the ugliness. I don;t know how you can piss on this movie after considering what happened, but for my money this movie is honesty and serious hurt through and through.

  • Craptastic

    “Andrea” do you watch Fox News much? Sounds like you do. A LOT.

  • thevisceral

    I’m beginning to think some of the people who post on here have a problem with women.

  • JackBurton2

    I’m not going to go on the C-word rampage here, though I find Andrea’s original comments as symbolic of everything I detest about certain segments of the population, just as she finds Maher/Tillman/Phantasmata symbolic of the things she detests. But I’m going to try and respond with the logical part of my brain, not the reptilian.

    “Yeah what a hero. Real class act.

    It is precisely at THAT TIME, AT A FUNERAL OF A HERO, that you show the grace, the humility and appreciativeness that polite society demands.

    So what if a few people said “Pat is now with God”. Is that so abhorrent to you that you have to go on a profanity filled harangue AT HIS FUNERAL?!!!”

    Yes, that’s exactly the time. Exactly the time. You denounce those who are using the death of your brother to promote their own agenda. Have you ever had the death of a loved one exploited for an idea diametrically opposed to the one they were raised with? If not, then you need to pipe the hell down as to what he was feeling and whether it was the time/place for him to speak his mind. I’m sure friends and family, you know, the ones who had a RIGHT to be there celebrating his life, have heard Richard swear before and were thrilled and THANKFUL for his words. As an atheist myself, I can’t tell you how depraved the idea is of Shriver and McCain claiming him in the name of God after his death. I’ve heard that the Mormons used to pull a similar trick: bless the dead to raise their numbers in the afterlife. I could be wrong, I’m not trying to start a Holy War here, but how is this any different? It’s not, that’s how. It’s no different. It steals the right of human freedom from someone after their death. It’s a horrific offense and can’t be denounced strongly enough.

    As for your hatred of Maher and his audience? That’s just bias talking. I think the same of O’Reilly or Beck or Hannity or Limbaugh or Savage. I’d be just as mad watching one of them have a guest on who spoke things I thought were disgusting and then watch the audience eat it up. Different strokes for different folks.

  • http://moviebob.blogspot.com/ THE MovieBob

    Only vaugely related, but can I assume everyone has seen THIS by now?


  • Homie Cat

    Man what a terrible thread. Andrea needs to understand that as the man’s brother, and in the moment of his grief, he had the RIGHT to express that grief and outrage, and phantasmata needs to be less of a savage, women hating twat.

  • Chauncey

    Anyone want some pie?

  • Homie Cat

    What kind?

  • Mark

    I will agree with Andrea on one point; Maher’s audience is highly unlikable.

  • Chauncey

    I’d like the pie heated and I don’t want the ice cream on top, I want it on the side. And I’d like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it. If not then no ice cream just whipped cream but only if it’s real. If it’s out of the can then nothing.

  • Homie Cat

    Maher himself is highly unlikable. His points are usually on the money, and he’s very funny, but he’s so insufferable about it you get somewhat uncomfortable that he’s on your side.

  • Mark

    Just finished the clip. Glad Bill actually got around to asking a good question, that the Bush administration didn’t invent wartime propaganda, but in the past it’s been accepted for the greater good.

    Richard’s response didn’t do much for me. Their anger at the gung-ho mentality of the soldiers involved somehow got redirected at some vast governmental conspiracy. As if his mom discovered that it was fratricide. Rather, the government told her and everyone else that it was, after they concluded their investigation. (And there are still soldiers today that dispute parts of that investigation. They believe that foreign fighters had opened fire on them.)

  • Travis Crabtree

    “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it!…… Unless you’re Andrea. Then I’ll drop a bunch of C-bombs all over the place and and act like a general ass-wipe.”

  • moviechick44

    First off, I like Bill Maher. I thinik he’s genuinely funny. But I’m not a Republican either, so…

    And for this story, yes, it does sound like someone watches and believes every word someone on FOX news tells them.

    I think The Tillman Story is one of the most important films of 2010.

    There is a lot you can take away from it. The main thing is, at it’s very core, is Pat wasn’t a grandstander, he didn’t quit the NFL and the money for publicity, he genuinely felt trounced on after the 9-11 attacks and wanted to help his fellow soldiers that were sent to fight against terrorism. It had nothing to do with religion.

  • Kakihara

    Andrea: I dunno. Is fatalism by friendly fire really something a fundy would like to promote? Anyway, for me, it’s suitable pay-back, after the parents of one of those Columbine victims cashed in with “She Said Yes”.

    “So what if a few people said “Pat is now with God”.”

    What about when they say “God Hates Fags”?

    “His family is now using his death to further their political agenda and to get attention from the media.”

    So making sure our troops are fucking safe from gun-nuts in their ranks is political now? And how is that somehow worse than lying about his death to promote the war?

    “Can’t tolerate an opposing view without begging for it to be silenced. That behavior is…Nazi like.”

    Paging Mr. Godwin…

    “I just hope brother Richard doesn’t criticize dear leader O. Former darling anti War slain solider family member Cindy Sheehan did that and we haven’t heard from her since!”

    She has her own blog, actually. Anyway, I’m not really sure why being against war is wrong. Didn’t Republicans have a problem with it when FDR was engaging in one? Or was that just because he was FDR?

    Jack: “I’m not going to go on the C-word rampage here, ”

    Why not? It gives her a good excuse to argue liberals are more sexist than Republicans and then bring up Palin and then really not get taken seriously.

  • Chauncey

    That’s pretty vacant, you know.

  • hunterd

    Nice one Chauncey.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Geez, Deez…. that’s pretty limp, even by your standards.

    Moviechick… how does Fox enter into this? They were hood-winked, too…. just like the rest of the MSM…. it’s not like they were in on the ruse….

    Sure, they amped the shit out if when it appeared true, more than others, because that’s their audience, (just like, if in fact the govt’s story WAS true about Tillman, “Democracy Now!” would’ve called him a meat-head dumb jock baby killer), but that doesn’t mean they made shit up….

    The military botched this but good… they should be ashamed.

  • Bukowski20

    Phantasmata went too far but Andrea is truly one of the sickest, nastiest, most unlikable, truly abhorrent (to use her favorite word) and misguided people I’ve come across in a long time.

    My answer for her hatred and idiocy?


    And Bill Maher’s audience isn’t any more annoying than the people that follow Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, etc…

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    Gotta love the elephant in the room that NO ONE is discussing…

  • Sams

    Richard Tillman had every right to say what was in his heart. He wasn’t the one trying to score media points. He was being honest and truthful –precisely what the top brass and the gov’t failed to be.

  • AH

    A clear and transparent investigation by the military would have avoided many of these conspiracies. Also, consider the recent news of soldiers collecting skulls etc., our soldiers are being placed under a tremendous amount of stress and something needs to be done.

  • LexG

    I watched RT last night, and apologies, but something about Richard Tillman rubbed me the wrong way in this interview.

    I know it’s Maher and it’s cable and HBO etc etc, but something seemed brusque, unprofessional, and, sorry, toolish about the way he cruised out there and started lobbing F-bombs. Totally understand his anger, I’m not putting down his message and it’s touching that he worshipped his brother– I’m not even arguing with the content of what he was saying, either with Bill or in the funeral footage… But something about him was akin to how Peter Facinelli comes off when he shows up at some movie awards show hogging the spotlight and dropping profanities just for shock value and he comes off as trying WAY too hard.

    Also the fact that he’s billed officially as an “actor” seems a little strange… Guess he has a good number of credits by now, in movies and on TV… He is clearly 100% sincere in his passion and message, but when you conflate the “actor” label and his general showboating on Maher last night… I don’t even know what my beef is, he just didn’t seem very likable.

  • Rev. Slappy

    I have a feeling “Andrea” is really Sean Hannity’s drag persona.

  • HoopersX

    I would normally respect Wells but this bitch is an unmittigated cunt. Her suggestion that the Tillman family is somehow politicizing this is reprehensible. How about the scumbags who never served who pretended Tillman was killed by enemy fire to further their bs agenda? Ur defense of them is reprehensible u cunt. Burn in hell Andrea, u morally bankrupt piece of shit.

  • Travis Crabtree

    “Hey look at me! Pay attention to me! I can use bad words, too! Cunt cunt cunt! See?!”

  • Sam

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  • Robert Cashill

    In one of the few light moments in THE TILLMAN STORY, the mother rolls her eyes at how profane her husband and son can be.

  • Caged Horse

    Fuck Andrea for being a cunt.

  • Chauncey

    If there’s a mental health organization that raises money for people like you, be sure to let me know.

  • Homie Cat

    I don’t know about Andrea, but you definitely sound like a throbbing cunt. Change the bitchy, confrontational, screechy internet asswipe style or fuck off.

  • Travis Crabtree

    No sexism here, folks!

  • Chauncey

    He was makin’ a move, I had to get it on!

  • Mr. F.

    Travis: well, so what? What’s wrong with being sexy?

  • jcekimi