23 thoughts on “Reznor Vision

  1. LicentiousMaximus on said:

    The man is on a roll. Just got the Social Media score on Amazon….pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see this movie. I don’t know anyone who isn’t up for seeing it. I think this will gross higher than you estimated on the podcast, NIN fanbase guarantees and extra million ticket buyers.. I wonder if Trent can get Fincher to direct an episode or two? I remember the secret website and alternate reality games around this record when it came out and all the other outside the box things Reznor did to promote it….pretty genius.

  2. Fincher direct a few episodes? Sounds good. David Lynch direct a few episodes? Get Brad Dourif and the rest of his menagerie of awesome psychos involved? I would frigging die of happiness.

  3. David Lynch…..that would be really awesome. Trent Reznor was music consultant for Tony Scott on Man on Fire. Could be a murderer’s row of directors. Mark Romanek and Mark Pellington have Reznor connections too.

  4. Margaret Atwood already covered this territory pretty well, I think, but I’ll still definitely watch this, if/when it hits.

  5. God, I cannot stop thinking about how awesome this series would be with Lynch at the reins. It would be like the bastard child of Dune and Twin Peaks. I wish I was dictator of the world.

  6. Oh lordy.

    Nice comparison. A communist take-over, like the one Webb talked about, would mean mass-murders, purges, torture, executions and a general crushing of the human spirit.

    A takeover by the religious right would mean shitty music, movies and TV shows, forced church attendance on Sundays, (i.e. every Sunday when I’m visiting my girlfriend’s mom) and less hot-chick nakedness.

    Sure, it would suck, but not quite so much as the former.

  7. Along these lines of thought, I recommend Chris Hedges excellent expose, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.

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