Still Water

In Matt ReevesLet Me In, 13 year-old Chloe Moretz gives a deeply affecting award-calibre performance as an emotionally conflicted 300 year-old vampire named Abby, and she does it almost entirely with her eyes. She’s Jodie Foster in 1975 only more so, and has really earned consideration as a Best Actress nominee. Catching this emotional puppy-love vampire pic for the second time convinced me. As did Moretz’s appearance this evening at the School of Visual Arts Theatre — she’s got poise, smarts, the whole package.

Let Me In star Chloe Moretz following post-screening q & a — Thursday, 9.30, 9:55 pm.
  • Absinth Quell Pro

    Unless they’ve tonally changed the whole movie, the original was NOT ABOUT LOVE. Especially “puppy love.”

    She’s 300 years old, and she’s not looking for a boyfriend. She’s looking for a replacement for the old man who used to get her blood. She’s looking for someone malleable, someone weak but strong enough to fight FOR her.

    That scene at the end of LtROI, with her in the suitcase, is supposed to be creepy and ominous, not happy.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    I don’t care what you say. They’re kids and they’re in love and it’s not a sexual thing, and yet the feeling is very strong and soothing and trusting. The ending has that creepy-ominous vibe, yes, but more as an undercurrent. Because it’s not as strong as the emotionally affirmative, we-can-be-together current.

  • Matthew Starr

    Chloe is going to be a good actress but this is not an awards caliber performance.

    Especially not this year when the field for best actress is as deep as it is.

  • LexG

    Oh, boy…

    If I’m too effusive, I’ll have DTG on my case in the creepiest way possible, so I’ll leave it at:

    Next K-Stew?

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Wells to Matthew Starr: Due respect, but you’re wrong.

  • Matthew Starr

    Well I have not seen Black Swan, Another Year, Blue Valentine, Made in Dagenham or Rabbit Hole so I can’t say much right now about the best actress race. I just was not as impressed as you. It was commendable but not excellent.

    How come at Q and A’s the director always does like 90% of the talking?

  • Matthew Starr

    One more thing, Michael Giacchino really went overboard with his score on this one. Either that or Matt Reeves couldn’t figure out how to apply the music but it became quite annoying at certain points.

  • Marty Melville

    The ending is creepy, ominous and very funny, in the best Hitchcock/De Palma tradition. And it’s touching, too, because there is a definite amount of empathy and affection between the two.

  • Colin

    I wonder why Abby simply doesn’t turn her partner when they turn a suitable age.

  • Terry McCarty

    Begging Ms. Moretz and her stage parents to not go down the Kirsten Dunst career path as Ms. Moretz ages into later teens/young adult roles.

  • Terry McCarty

    Actually, I meant the Dakota Fanning path. A 13-year-old actress wearing a strapless dress to a screening is an ominous portent, though.

  • LexG

    Nothing wrong AT ALL with Fanning’s career path, or personal style.

    In fact, the Fannings should invite Moretzy over for a party and they could be LITTLE FRIENDS.

  • clancy

    There will never, I repeat NEVER be a performance at the level of Jodie Foster’s in TAXI DRIVER by a child. Indeed, it may be one of the great performances in the history of cinema.

  • LexG

    Um, she’s the STAR OF THE MOVIE. She rules. She was clearly the main even both at the movie and the screening. What’s the big deal?

    Would you rather look at Elias Koteas?

    And not that anyone has or WOULD say anything out of bounds about a cute, talented kid, but in case you haven’t noticed, every frustrated middle-aged housefrau in America has carte blance to droll over that idiot Justin Bieber. And did the same with Taylor Lautner. Middle-aged fatties CLEARLY smitten with those two. And EVERY WOMAN IN THE WORLD, it’s expected that they’re gonna coo over kids and say INNOCUOUS things to young dudes like “Look me up when you’re older,” all kind of shit like that. Always has been that way, always will.

    When women say a kid is cute, it’s being MOTHERLY. If a guy says, WOW, Chloe Moretz is gonna be a KNOCKOUT in a couple years– which is SO painfully obvious and GENTEEL and good-natured and innocuous– it’s made out to be so much skeevier than it is.

    She’s a cute kid. Big deal. She’s also a great actress and seems to genuinely be AWESOME. She’s clearly the next Dakota Fanning or Kristen Stewart.


  • scooterzz

    lex…i don’t hate you…oh, wait…yes i do….i forgot…

  • LexG

    Bah, let’s not go through that again, for real. Too exhausting. Whether you want to be or not, you’re always alright in my book. No beef from me WHATSOEVER, ever. You’re a good dude and a funny poster and I always go out of my way to hold off on coming back hard at you. Seriously. I’m a much nicer dude than you think and about as good-natured a chap as you’ll ever find.

  • Noah Cross

    Unless she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress because with the Academy, Age comes before Screen Time (see Tatum O’Neal.)

  • LexG

    Speaking of Tatum O’Neal, let me again put forth my idea of REMAKING PAPER MOON starring me and Moretz, or me and one of the Fannings.

    Or AnnaSophia Robb. Or that chick from LOVELY BONES and ATONEMENT. GOOD IDEAS.

  • Ray DeRousse

    I cringed when I saw this post go up. The first thought through my head was oh boy, here comes another panting multiple Lex post about the cuteness/future hotness of Moretz.

    Yeah, I get your point about the boy double standard, but it still doesn’t make it any less creepy that every time there’s a post about a cute underaged girl you show up and start talking about her cuteness. She’s thirteen, Lex. Don’t you have anything to say about her besides her looks. I mean, since she’s a child and all?

  • LexG


  • LexG

    When I was 13 (in 1986), I was trying to sneak-tape NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST on the VCR in the GAME ROOM in between trying to make cigarettes by rolling COFFEE GRINDS into aluminum foil, then that shit would LIGHT THE FUCK UP all hot and shit and burn your lips. And probably gave me brain damage.

    I also wore Adidas three-stripe shorts with my tube socks HIKED UP and I was in rural Ohio getting my ass kicked every day ever.

    Must be nice to have INSANE STAGE PARENTS.

    That said, can’t begrudge THE MORETZ because she RULES and should be in line for TWO OSCARS this year.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Wells to Kenny: Huh?

  • actionman

    Elias Koteas is the man. Check out his interview on the newly releaed Thin Red Line Criterion — so intense.

  • Caged Horse

    “And probably gave me brain damage.”


  • LexG

    Wait a minute, what the hell happened?

    Thanks a million to the COMPLETE JERKS with minds in the gutter who just got this innocuous thread and gallery compromised and needlessly truncated. I wish it hadn’t been second-guessed, but I guess I can understand…. Still disappointing.

  • Movie Watcher

    Reminds me of the book The Passage. The girl is one hundred years old and is not a vampire in the classic sense.

  • raaj21

    yes stillwater is real. they still play once in a while around warner robins and macon Ga. 1st album…. stillwater 2nd album… I reserve the right 3rd album running free… these are no longer widely available I had to pull strings to get my copies . the songs you heard were probably mindbender and i reserve the right both of which received air play in the mid to late 70s.

    Proprietary Trading

  • raygo

    Tiresome HE comments … people harping on Lex for his love of starlets. Nothing new here, move along.

    Kenny dropping his customary stink bombs. Sorry I missed whatever he posted, but as it was deleted, must of been particularly acidic. At some point in the future, he’ll post anther “thanks, Jeff, for the kind words … blah blah” and then NOT return the favor. Shtick is tiresome.

    Also tiresome, stupid sarcasm over Jeff’s passion re: The Social Network.

  • jesse

    I actually really disliked Moretz’s performances in 500 Days of Summer… and even Kick Ass, though the character of Hit Girl was so weird and funny that I enjoyed it well enough without her being particularly good in it. But in those movies she comes off as extremely child-starry and actor-y, like she’s self-consciously ACTING a certain way.

    In Let Me In, though, she really is pretty strong: those affectations (which also, in a more sophisticated way, soured some of Dakota Fanning’s earlier performances) have dropped away (as they did with Fanning in The Runaways). I enjoyed her performance far more than I expected to based on her earlier, next-child-star stuff.

    Maybe it’s better if kid actors start out a little affected (although that lifetime-in-showbiz vibe still creeps me out a little) and then learn to drop it as they get older. Haley Joel Osment and Abigail Breslin were both terrifically natural in some of their earliest work, but Osment sort of dropped out of sight and Breslin became sort of toxically cute as the go-to girl in everything. I liked their work in A.I./Sixth Sense/Signs far more than Moretz’s or Fanning’s earlier performances, yet those two now seem better poised for a Jodie Foster-ish maturation into better work, rather than peaking at ten or eleven or whatever.

    The kid from The Road really bugged me in that movie, too, and he’s also a lot better in Let Me In (which is beautifully made, but a tiny bit redundant if you’ve seen the first one — still enjoyable, though).

  • Homie Cat

    “Kenny dropping his customary stink bombs. Sorry I missed whatever he posted, but as it was deleted, must of been particularly acidic. At some point in the future, he’ll post anther “thanks, Jeff, for the kind words … blah blah” and then NOT return the favor. Shtick is tiresome.”

    What the deal with that? Did Jeff swipe his parking space in Brooklyn, or does get more screener’s then he does?

    I like his site, but If he devoted more of the time and energy that he spends sniping at Jeff here and poured it into his own blog, he might have more to post about there.

  • Homie Cat

    does he get more screener’s.


  • Eloi Wrath

    Has LexG really been banned?

  • Absinth Quell Pro

    What makes you think he’s been banned?

  • Josh Massey

    That’s what he’s claiming on Twitter.

  • Absinth Quell Pro

    Ah, you mean this (read in reverse order, please):

    “Ladies: If a middle-aged female blogger ever posts five queasy glamor shots of Justin Bieber, don’t say “I wish I were 15 again.”

    Pisses me off cuz I paid for that dude’s lunch.

    “Get the fuck away and stay the fuck away!”

    Me and Wells are fuckin’ done, professionally.

    Just to spite Wells for kicking me off HE, i’m gonna see CASE 39 like SIX TIMES this weekend, and Social Network ZERO.

    I am not welcome anymore. Lecture about drinking, posting lechery, etc. Highly profane emails condescending to me.

    Holy shit is Jeff Wells pissed at me…. Just woke up to a FURIOUS email with DAD WELLS lecturing me about drinking. No more HE for me!

  • Jeffrey Wells

    If LexG is saying I banned him from HE — I say “if” — then he is full of shit and blathering off at the mouth. I got angry at him for implying prurient feelings about a certain 13 year-old actress, and I said THIS PSEUDO-PERV SHIT STOPS HERE, NOW AND FOREVER. And I also said that’s IT with the woe-is-me drinking thing. But I didn’t ban him.

  • Caged Horse


  • Homie Cat

    Don’t know why you’d angry about it, Jeff. After all, Polanski would hit it.

  • cinefan

    I think, Jeff, Absinth Quell Pro (aka D.Z.) is referring to his own ban.

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