Stone‘s Curran

John Curran‘s Stone (Overture, 10.8) is some kind of mind-blower. It really and truly steps outside the box. It serves up moral/spiritual issues and past nightmares and demons and asks you, the viewer, to decide where the real morality and salvation lie.

I spoke to Curran a week or two ago. My audio digicorder was lost at the time so I used my Canon SD1400 camera. In the above clip we talk about Ed Norton, the film’s sexuality, Robert DeNiro, Milla Jovovich, and the challenge facing the Stone marketing team.

There’s a point at which I tell Curran that I’ve turned the camera off, which I really did believe I’d done. I later decided after reviewing it that what Curran said about the selling of Stone was pretty mild stuff, and that we touched on issues that should be heard and discussed, so I left it in. The recording works better with it.

I said in my initial review that Norton’s character “starts out as some kind of scurvy opportunistic convict with a corn-row haircut, but he gradually goes somewhere else. De Niro’s prison counselor seems dull and compromised but half-sympathetic (or at least will eventually seem that way, you’re thinking, once you get to know him) but he, too, goes to an unexpected place. And Jovovich, whom Norton describes early on as a kind of ‘alien’, turns out to be less than that, but is definitely in her own realm.

“And she’s not the character who winds up leaving the planet, so to speak.”

14 thoughts on “Stone‘s Curran

  1. Mark on said:

    You, a true video/audio snob if there ever was one, should understand that this youtube is unacceptable.

    Please remove and give prudent consideration to a 30-40-minute podcast, one or two times a week. You may need a techie producer that can also provide you with the right audio equipment, but you have followers, and you could probably get the thing sponsored.

  2. York, i get the artistic point he was trying to make, about the parade of filters that not inhibit basic human interaction, all in the name technology advancement. But, Wells himself would never ever actually listen to this entire video. He would check out after 30 seconds, and blog that life’s too short for poor presentation.

  3. De Niro gives one of his best performances in years … no really, you have to go back to 1995 and Heat and Casino for this kind of De Niro

  4. Yeah JW — go the podcast route. Better yet you and Poland do a weekly review show where you can cut his balls off for giving a pass to such and such eloi movie of the week.

  5. Seems a little unfair to call this “John Curran’s Stone,” given that it’s based on an original screenplay by the very talented Angus MacLachlan. AM also wrote Junebug and, if anyone was the auteur behind that film, it was MacLachlan.

  6. Despite Wells enthusiasm Im still not sold on this film for obvious reasons; DeNiros cash n grab mentality, Overture Films are straight to DVD fodder. The look of the film from the trailer is cheap, like a late night film on Cinemax.

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