Election Day

A new short from Dylan Wells, who never fools around. Perfect timing.

20 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. DiscoNap on said:

    Dylan Wells never messes around, well okay he does mess around, but mostly he just makes interesting videos.

  2. No, I don’t believe any of those things. Yet I suspect I’m not voting the way Dylan (nor his dad) would like.

    Still, neat video. Such a shame, really. Wells has two very bright sons and neither has found it in them yet to rebel against their father’s political opinions. I mean, fighting with your Uncle Festus parents… isn’t that what kids are for?

    Must be their mother’s fault :-) .

  3. @crazynine

    It’s supposed to be a nonpartisan advertisement. The idea was merely to poke fun at the lunacy of our current political environment.

    And to vote Republican just to “rebel against daddy” would be an exercise in ludicrous cliche. Especially given that he never once shoved a political opinion down my throat.

    Never mind that if I did vote GOP in PA then I would be voting for a governor who insists on supporting a tax-free policy towards shale oil fat cats that are poisoning the soil. Well, that just sounds like a dumb idea to me. Every other state in the union taxes those assholes.

    I assure you that at the ripe age of 20 I have the capacity to form my own opinion.

  4. Loving the “plainview = dylan wells” revelation.

    Thought it was a nice video. I once made a similar think back in ’04 for some college class. Had a bunch of Dick Cheney shots mixed with frightening music.

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