Missed Best Part

I stood near the Sanity Rally stage with my leather computer bag slung over my shoulder for about five, five and a half hours. Standing, standing, standing. I just got hungry and tired and decided to shine it before Jon Stewart delivered his wrap-up speech. I finally listened to it this morning. Not bad.

25 thoughts on “Missed Best Part

  1. 4th grade army on said:

    I was way the hell out there, but when Stewart spoke his closing remarks, there was a sea of nodding heads. Everyone got it and there were a ton of posters and signs that reflected it.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in this message is just lost. Unfortunately, it’s mostly those on the right, but it’s also people like Jeff that are all or nothing liberals. The republicans will win the midterms and their legislative priority will be to take down Obama. Sad but true. Because they’re not being put into office because of their ideas (they have none) but because people are really scared and the republicans work best in that climate and the Democrats aren’t bringing them where they want to be.

  2. Perfect.

    Stewart definitely leans left, but he’s always seemed like someone who is fair to those with whom he disagrees. His opinions are not radical, they’re reasonable and more representative of the average American.

    I was complaining the other day about the lack of a third party. I wonder if Stewart could pull it off. If he does, the candidates in the other parties better run for the hills, because Stewart will carve them up on television.

  3. If Stewart is to the left than the left is normal. He is a normal human being. Funny, thoughtful and intellegent. Sharon Angle and Christine

    O’Donell are outright Batshit crazy. Anyone who could vote for these so obvious unqualified nut cases is insane. Putting these type of people in office would hurt our country’s crediblity. Could you imagine a President Palin. Martin Sheen’s Greg Stilson would have othing on her.

  4. I’d braved a lot of the rally, but we got there too late (Metro was a nightmare, had to head all the way out to head back in) and never got that close. By the time this happened we were watching it from Harry’s on E Street about 15 blocks away. I don’t regret it at all.

  5. I read in the morning paper yesterday that (1) for the past 3 qusrters, the economy has improved, (2) most or all of the money that the govt. lent to banks (TARP) will be paid back with a huge profit, and (3) income taxes have gone down for the middle classes. Obama/Democrats should be proud of their acheivements yet this bit of news is being drowned out by the likes of Beck, O’Hannity, Limbaugh, et al. What’s the point doing all these things if no one knows that you did them? That’s the #1 problem with the Democrats. There is no reason they should lose the majority in the mid-term elections. I have to give it to the “unified” Republicans for having bigger mouths than the disjointed Democrats.

  6. 400blows, the banks are still sitting on over a trillion dollars, so TARP hasn’t fully benefited our economy. But you make a very good point. I think people will get wise between now and 2012. I think more people already are wise than the Republicans realize, and they’re going to take all the wrong lessons from a low turnout midterm election.

  7. Listened to it on TV and read the full transcript which is being reproduced on many sites. Hopefully it will wake people up from their complacency and take the spotlight away from the few shrill voices who hog media coverage everyday.

  8. Watching this live almost 3000 miles away still brought tears to my eyes.

    Does anyone know where I can find a link to an audio file? It would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Seemed like an awful lot of white people at that rally. Stewart and Colbert and their followers are racist. No other conclusion can be reached.

  10. There was a sign saying “Hug A Muslim!” with an arrow pointing down to the smiling young man holding it. Many took him up on the offer, and there were a few other signs with similar sentiments. It was nice to see a reminder that the REAL real America isn’t as scary and xenophobic as cable news portrays it.

    Sorry that our Metro system sucks, I’m am pleased to see it didn’t kill anyone this weekend (though it maimed a few on an escalator-turned-roller coaster at L’Enfant Plaza).

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