Movable Type = Bad

The near-total shutdown of Hollywood Elsewhere’s comment-response capability over the last 24 to 36 hours has killed my willingness to stay with Movable Type, the software that I’ve been using to publish this column. I despise their tech support system with the same saliva-spitting fervor that Sessue Hayakawa expresses in The Bridge on The River Kwai when he says “I hate the British!” Write them about your problem and they’ll get back to you 36 or 48 hours later…or not at all. They don’t even have a live-chat option. As soon as I can afford to switch over to WordPress, I will. Dingbats.

  • Byrne Reese

    Before jumping ship, you should consider a closer look at Melody where a more helpful community of users awaits. Melody is a fork of Movable Type that is the logical continuation of MT4 – since MT4 and support for MT4 is currently being dismantled by SAY Media.

    You can also try this for help with Movable Type: That is where I work and we try to help everyone who comes in the door if we can.

  • Reelist

    Nah, Movable Type is so 2002. Everybody who is anybody uses WordPress these days. It’s simple and it’s free.

  • Byrne Reese

    @Reelist – Everyone who is anybody huh? Like Talking Points Memo? Huffington Post? Serious Eats? Chicago Tribune? Jason Kottke? John Gruber? BoingBoing? Do I really need to go on? The list of people who use Movable Type is as extensive as it is impressive.

  • citizenmilton


    Isn’t the key source of the problem not your CMS aspects of Movable Type, but the comments section?

    If that is true, you might want to retain Movable Type and switch to a different comment system.

    Try DisQus… it’s an excellent option, stable, and allows people to sign in via several online identity choices, such as twitter…

    I think you’ve got my email on file if you need assistance setting it up…. no charge….

  • Rashad

    Would switching over change the look? I think the style and format is the best asset, but yeah there is way too much trouble leaving comments

  • Rashad

    Yeah disqus is pretty good

  • HHH

    My post are showing up fine every time. Good for you folks.

  • Chauncey

    “If that is true, you might want to retain Movable Type and switch to a different comment system.”

    In that case, gentlemen, let’s edit.

  • Hi Jeffrey:

    I manage support for Movable Type at Six Apart. I tried to comment on this post last night. I know that my comment didn’t get published.

    I tried to contact you through Did you receive my message?

    We are certainly willing to help you if you need it.

    I honestly do not know what you did to try to contact us, because I don’t see a ticket from you in our support ticket system. I also checked Six Apart’s Get Satisfaction account, but you didn’t post to it either.

    Please let me know how I missed your attempt to reach us, because I’d like to address any communication gaps today if possible.

    Dave Aiello

    Six Apart

  • LicentiousMaximus

    “The problem was caused by a certain fellow’s attempt to create a new HE column called Woman on the Verge”


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