Not Fade Away

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  1. LOVE this picture. That’s the story of America right there!

    Throw away the history books, turn off the tv “analysts:” Just read this if you want to understand the US.

  2. ray: Because it’s totally fair to compare Bush’s rampage of eight years to two years of Obama. What were his ratings before 9/11, again?

  3. Travis, please don’t tell me that was a gay-man-as-sexual-deviant joke. Ugh. You’re better (and funnier) than that.

  4. How pathetic that the Republicans still defend this guy.

    “Truly an amazing man: he’s been out of office 22 months, yet he’s still the President!”

    Nah, he just fucked the country to such a great extent we’re still unable to walk normal.

    “Travis, please don’t tell me that was a gay-man-as-sexual-deviant joke. Ugh. You’re better (and funnier) than that.”

    No, sadly, he’s worse than that.

  5. I tuned in tonight’s World Series for a break in the storm… all I got was this arrogant dimwit throwing out the first ball.

    “What, me play baseball?”

  6. I have a T-shirt w/ a picture of Bush and Cheney. Below the phrase, “Meet the Fuckers.” I’ve worn it in public a couple of times and have never gotten crap and Salem, OR is pretty conservative.

    How easily the electorate forgets!

    You’re opinion does matter. Don’t forget to Vote on Tuesday.

  7. “What were his ratings before 9/11, again? ”

    When he inherited a post-bubble-bursting economy?

    When the economy was fine people still complained. DIdn’t Obama say no more no-bid contracts? Whoops. Didn’t he say transparency? Yeah forget that. How about lobbyists? Let’s not go there.

    He even still has Bush’s SOD.

  8. You went there, TVtears, not me…. (adding once again to the theory espoused by some that those on the left far more often practice in identity politics)

    I was referring to the root causes of the housing meltdown which, in turn, led to the economy’s trip to the crapper…

    By the way, don’t listen to any Rethuglikkkan who tries to tell you that the economy was humming along rather swimmingly until the Oct. of ’08 meltdown…. they’re just LIARS being fed lying lies by Faux Noise!

    And don’t forget to hate!

    The economy was awesome until several minutes after Bush was sworn in…. then it was 8 years of deep, deep depression.

  9. ….and for the record, I make fun of people who are mad at Obama because he won’t wave his magical Presidential Job Wand and instantly created millions of jobs.

  10. Bush throws out the first pitch and Rangers loser in a shut out.

    Bush oversaw the worst clubhouse in MLB with more major league juicers shooting up in the stalls than a Burger King next to the methadone clinic.

  11. okay, I’m REALLY getting tired of the scary Jacki Weaver pic glaring back at me….

    I guess Jeffrey doesn’t belittle someone’s non-edginess, low-class demeanor, poor wardrobe choices and overall puffiness if they’re paying to advertise on his site… “it’s like she’s never been to Manhattan!”

  12. It’s the economy. It’s terrible. Obama’s fault? Doesn’t matter either way. It’s weird that the RNC doesn’t seem to have any specific plans for how they will do it better (other than “lower taxes on the rich”, and “repeal the new health care bill”. A few bold ones are open about their wishes to cut Social Security. Oh, they’ll continue to say NO to everything Obama proposes, on principle. Is that what America wants? Well, maybe, maybe not – all they want is to express their rage the only way they know how – kick out the current party in power. Understandable on a basic level. If you already don’t like the President, you can jump up and down and pretend your views are popular again.

  13. Rashad:

    “When he inherited a post-bubble-bursting economy?”

    Wait, didn’t Enron and Worldcom fund Bush’s election? And last time I checked, Clinton’s not responsible for us having a surplus which turned into a huge trade deficit.

    “When the economy was fine people still complained.”

    Maybe because it was based on selling people’s manufacturing jobs to other countries?

    “DIdn’t Obama say no more no-bid contracts? Whoops.”

    Didn’t Bush say no to “nation-building”?

    “Didn’t he say transparency?”

    I don’t recall Bush upholding his promise of prosecuting anyone responsible for Plame being outed, either.

    “How about lobbyists? Let’s not go there.”

    That’s funny from an ex-Prez who’s against social services, but defends welfare for banks.

    Travis: “By the way, don’t listen to any Rethuglikkkan who tries to tell you that the economy was humming along rather swimmingly until the Oct. of ’08 meltdown…. they’re just LIARS being fed lying lies by Faux Noise!”

    Pretty much. Unless you wanna ignore the fact that people were making less money by ’08 then they were at the start of the decade.

  14. I wish Kakihara would commit harakiri. It’s almost enough to make you long for the old days of linking to meaningless internet stories.

  15. I wish Kakihara would commit harakiri. It’s almost enough to make you long for the old days of linking to meaningless internet stories.

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  18. Maybe I missed something, but I thought it was godawful. Norton obviously had a lot of fun making it, but every single one of the characters is a very broad caricature and the laughs are so obvious. Will watch again, though, in the future and see if my opinion changes.

    It is like a Gucci bags.

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