Hold On

I need to walk back last night’s “Low Renters” rant. A good portion of the people I saw on the streets on Washington, D.C. alarmed…okay, bothered me by way of their appearance, manner, etc. Some looked related to the hillbillies in Deliverance. Naturally I was saying to myself, “What is this?” But all the cool, educated, well-groomed, tastefully dressed people came out for today’s Restore Sanity rally. I guess they hide in their homes and apartments unless otherwise motivated.

I must have spoken with a good 30 or 35 people at the rally over the last six or seven hours, and each one was cool, agreeable, nice to chat with, witty, good-humored and creme de la creme-ish. Parents, couples, singles, GW students, nutters, septugenarians, etc. I was proud to participate alongside them. “I don’t know what this really actually amounts to, but it feels good to be here,” I told myself, “and that’s in large part due to the mood and the vibe of a very mellow and likable and relentlessly polite group of people.” Group! More like…what, 200,000?

So I guess I should’ve counted to ten before flying off the handle last night, but if you’d been with me roaming around Dupont Circle and up and down K Street you’d understand where I was coming from.

30 thoughts on “Hold On

  1. Glenn Kenny on said:

    Hey, man, I was just bustin’ your onions (more or less) in the prior post. Thought you’d grok that!

    You wouldn’t be you without the schlub allergy. Own it!

  2. But all the cool, educated, well-groomed, tastefully dressed people came out for today’s Restore Sanity rally.

    And you. You were there too, Jeff.

    I keed, I keed… but seriously… all that hate’s gonna burn you up.

    I’m just glad it was a pleasant day for everyone involved. Alas, from the TV coverage, it seemed like the lamest yearbook party ever. I’ve had funnier dentist visits (certainly more politically insightful than, “Wouldn’t politics be swell if it didn’t involve politics?”

  3. It’s a good thing you didn’t bring an iPod or something to distract yourself with, we need you out there judging total strangers and spewing hate about them on your widely read blog. You’re doing God’s work.

    I watched some of the rally on TV; what a disappointment. Stewart is often called one of the most influential men in America and has been making friends with A-list guests for over a decade, but the best he could find to go on stage to perform were Cat Stevens and Kid Rock? I guess the Mythbusters starting up “the wave” was a pretty big get, but couldn’t Stewart and Colbert get a favor from any of their, y’know, talented friends?

    I usually find both of those guys at least modestly funny, and I support their idealism, but none of their schtick worked either. It was clumsy and looked unrehearsed, plus none of the crowd seemed to even be able to hear what was going on. Even Stewart’s big sincere closing message was kind of lame and relied on a dusty, overused metaphor. Didn’t they have, like, two months and 50 writers on staff to help them come up with some material?

    Ugh, I wish I had something better to do today than bitch on the internet.

  4. I’ve had funnier dentist visits too. Especially when they gas me up and then put Bill Cosby routines on headphones for me. Nothing is funnier than when on nitrate.

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