Rally Time

Today is everyone’s Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Sanity/Fear Rally travel day. My Washington, D.C.-bound Megabus leaves midtown Manhattan at 1 pm. I’ll be arriving around 5:30 pm. And I’ve just downloaded the Sanity/Fear App on my iPhone.

I’ll have wifi on the bus, but I’ll probably spend a good part of this evening sitting in a cafe somewhere and posting. Okay, and maybe wandering around and taking pictures. I’m determined to relax and socialize for at least an hour or two later tonight, although I know not where as I speak.

All this time I’ve been assuming that the rally will take place on the National Mall in front of the picturesque Lincoln Memorial, which is where the Glen Beck rally happened. But no — the Sanity rally is happening on the eastern end of the National Mall near Seaton Park, which is next to the National Museum of the American Indian and not that far from the Capitol building.

Yesterday a film-critic friend told me he’d be going down with his wife. But today he said nope. “It looks like we’re not making the trek tomorrow after all. I have to spend the day unpacking the contents of a moving van full of stuff that arrived from my late mother-in-law’s house.”

“That sounds a very amiable and helpful and cooperative-husband thing to do,” I responded. “You have my respect and understanding. But it’s a capitulation to the mundane.

“What if someone offered that excuse not to attend Martin Luther King‘s 1963 ‘I Have A Dream’ speech on the National Mall in 1963?

Son: “Hey, dad, what was Martin Luther King’ s speech like? You went to that rally, right?” Dad: “I actually didn’t go to the rally, son. I stayed home and spent the day unpacking the contents of a moving van full of stuff that arrived from my late mother-in-law’s house.”

There are always boxes of stuff from your late mother-on-law’s house to unpack. There have always been boxes of stuff from your late mother-on-law’s house to unpack. There always will be boxes of stuff from your late mother-on-law’s house to unpack. But moments in history happen only once.

  • Don Murphy

    You think you can do NY to DC in 4 and a half hours? On a bus?

    Let’s see.

  • Eloi Wrath

    Get there early for the Megabus. It’s an absolute shitshow of disorganization. There’ll be about five lines of people with nobody having any idea which line they’re actually standing in. The staff are useless. I can see an epic Wells rant coming from the Megabus experience.

  • Mr Hooper

    You’re bagging on your critic pally for skipping the event when just last week you’d written off going yourself – and slammed the event in the process, if memory serves. Sure, you’ve had a change of heart for whatever reason, but it’s hypocritical to call out another journo, no?

  • Jensen Padma

    Ok, so the hubbie in question is certainly capitulating to the mundane but comparing this thing to the MLK anything is infantile, even the possibility this will be something to remember. You’re a buffoon.

  • 4th grade army

    I’m leaving at 7pm from Jersey and hope to get there before midnight. Hopefully the traffic will die down by then. If anyone is traveling directly after work, I would advise against that. I’m guessing the interstate will be backed up for miles. Rushhour + rally = hell.

  • DiscoNap

    yeah Murphy’s a former local, he knows what of he speaks. It’s not as bad as the reverse trip, but you’re getting in around 6 or 7. Which is fine, you’re on a Megabus.

  • the analog kid

    “I don’t want to drive down. The Acela is too expensive, and the Huffington Post buses are too crowded. And I don’t believe in the message.”

    Glass houses, Jeff. Glass houses.

  • bcarter3

    I’ve lived in DC for years, and I never knew that that part of the Mall was called Seaton Park. We’ve always just called it ‘the Mall, near the Air and Space Museum” or “the Mall, next to the National Gallery”.

    If you’re tempted to sample one of the Mall museums, avoid the National Museum of the American Indian. Beautiful building, but the dullest collection in DC.

  • davie

    I suggest you provide service at a food bank or something instead of wasting your time, but have fun at the clown show.

  • Edward

    I look foward to your posts. Love DC. I’d be at the National Gallery if I was there.

    Don’t forget to vote everyone!

  • Josh Massey

    MLK? I think Hands Across America would be a more apt comparison, at least in terms of vapidity.

  • Bukowski20

    It’s unfortunate to see so many pathetic teabaggers on HE lately.

  • George Prager
  • Thunderballs

    It’s unfortunate to see so many pathetic Left wing lapdogs on HE lately.

  • Thunderballs

    I don’t think we’ll ever again in our lives see a rally in FAVOR of the establishment, in FAVOR of “the man.” Absolutely fucking hilarious!

  • raygo

    Dunno about the MLK comparison, but Jon Stewart is the most influential man in America.

  • mrmystery

    Buk, I fear for your emotional stability on Tuesday. Your mental stability is already a lost cause. I think Jeff’s missives from the Support the Man! Rally will be hilarious.

  • plainview

    All of the Rally haters are pathetic. The prospect of a rally encouraging people to stop acting like lunatics is nothing but refreshing. What are you afraid of? That people might take this seriously?


    Glad to see your posting your uninformed dogshit opinion as usual. Perhaps you can enlighten us as to how shutting down the government in the middle of two wars and a recession will be anything but catastrophic? The last time this happened in 1995, it REALLY fucked people over. And that was when the economy was doing just peachy. If Republican voters had any intelligence what so ever they would acknowledge the consequences of their leader’s actions. It’s amazing that the right gets away with blaming the bank bailouts on Obama (WHICH OCCURRED UNDER BUSH), and simultaneously claim that he is racking up the deficit when he brought it down by $122 billion.

    The Democrats are a bunch of crooks themselves, but with the way the Republicans are acting these days, they are making them look more and more appealing by the hour. The Republicans lack so much honesty and common decency that they make the opposition look like fucking saints.

    Do you seriously believe that history is going to look kindly upon the actions of guys like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? Please. Once all the terrified geezer whities , die off in about thirty years, the world is going to be a far more glorious place. They are the ones holding this nation back from progress out of a cowardly and selfish desire to keep it familiar looking.

    If the Republicans really do take the house, and they don’t play ball with the Dems, they are going to get FACEFUCKED in 2012. I’m just worried how much damage they can do until then.

  • plainview

    There seriously needs to be an editing function for these posts.

  • raygo

    Plain speaking from plainview. amen.I certainly hope it doesn’t take 30 years for the geezer whities to die off … I hope more like 10-15.

  • 4th grade army

    Ouch! Plainview coming with the fire. Funny, I was just thinking on the way to work that the republican base is slowly dying off. I mean, who the hell is converting to being a republican? When the Palin, Beck geriatrics start dying, what are they going to do? I guess they’ll have to get some ideas, but that’ll take a huge effort on their part, because they’re crippled by their do nothing ideology. “Less government!” Brilliant.

    Why do the teabaggers on HE hate on a rally to restore sanity? Cause sanity is their kryptonite. Cause then they’ll have to have ideas, and ideas ain’t what they do.

  • mrmystery

    Yes we can!

    There’s a brilliant, intelligent rallying cry from the party of big ideas.

  • rayciscon

    Jeff, PLEASE don’t compare this rally to anything remotely related to Martin Luther King, it just immediately discredits any argument you might want to put forth.

    A better analogy would be to call it the “Million Moonbat March”.

  • 4th grade army

    You really put me in place, Mystery.

  • plainview


    Funny that you make fun of Democratic campaign slogans when the Republicans are so unimaginative that they simply plagiarize from them.

    Oh, and that’s a bumper sticker. Not an idea. Dipshit.

  • mrmystery

    Yes We Can was a rallying cry, you sad sack. Shouted at the rallies and from the podium by Obama himself. If the truth hurts, put some ice on it, Plainview.

  • plainview

    Really? You can remember that far back? Then perhaps you can remember the Pledge to America that contained pure rhetoric and zero fucking substance or planning?

    Whereas Democrats are quite clear on how they plan to clean this mess up. Regardless of how lacking those plans may be.

    And you’re right. It is a rallying cry, as I acknowledged in my response to your initial useless commentary. It’s not a plan or an idea to fix anything. Can you make that distinction? I suppose not.

    I could use some ice though, for my head. Seeing idiots like you who support policies that don’t help anyone except soulless CEO scumbags and yet somehow get the idea that the GOP gives two shits about American people is really starting to give me a migraine.

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