Table Manners

You can’t be rude and coarsely sexual with women. It’s vulgar and insensitive, and it never works. But I dearly loved — love — this moment. Lightning usually strikes only once, but filmmakers haven’t even tried to make this sort of guy — raunchy, paunchy, borderline infantile but civilized — into a cliche.

25 thoughts on “Table Manners

  1. nemo on said:

    When that movie came out in 1983, I remember thinking, man, I can’t believe how old Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine look.

    Now I look at that clip and I think, man, I can’t believe how young Nicholson and MacLaine look.

  2. “You can absolutely be rude and coursely sexual with women depending on your personality and looks and hers.”

    Yeah, Jeff. Women are positively filthy these days. So long as women do not perceive you as creepy, you can pretty much get away with anything.

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