There, There

Somewhere around the two-minute mark this starts to get hilarious.

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  1. Eloi Wrath on said:

    She is quite the ham.

    I’ve said it before, but I could barely stand her performance in A Single Man. So cringe-worthy and embarrassing to see her dancing and randomly shrieking with delight. It was abominable.

  2. Julian Moore ruins every movie every time she appears on screen even the PTA films. Second the FREEDOMLAND mention LOL

  3. >I’ve said it before, but I could barely stand her performance in A Single Man. So cringe-worthy and embarrassing to see her dancing and randomly shrieking with delight. It was abominable.

    I’ve said it before, but her performance in “A Single Man” was my favorite female supporting performance of last year. From the moment she applies makeup in the mirror she’s crackling with presence and nervous energy.

    The worm seems to have turned around these parts, but I’m sticking with the old narrative: she’s one of our best actresses.

  4. “Somewhere around the two-minute mark this starts to get hilarious.”

    The opposite is true of her work on “30 Rock.” Hell, it doesn’t even take two minutes of her before I turn off the TV…


    You guys are IN. SANE.

    Third best actress in the world. There are three BRILLIANT ACTRESSES who you will never hear the Lexman criticizing, outside of obvious ones like K-Stew or Dakota or that kind of chick. Take notes:




    Those are the THREE BEST. Not Streep, not that buttered ham Winslet.

    I will totally grant you FREEDOMLAND, in which Moore is PAINFULLY EMBARRASSING, and COOKIE’S FORTUNE, where she goes full retard.

    Other than that, you will BOW.

  6. I’m with you on this one, LexG. I find all of this Moore bashing very amusing. Certainly, her work in the Hours, Far from Heaven, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Big Lebowski, and Short Cuts doesn’t hold a candle to the “brilliant”, Oscar-calibre work turned in by such magnificent actresses as Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts.

  7. ALL of those, plus Safe, Blindness, The Kids Are All Right, Children of Men, Hannibal, End of the Affair… hell, I’d even throw in her minor but FETCHING little bit in The Fugitive AND her DELIGHTFUL romcomming in the otherwise forgettable LAWS OF ATTRACTION.

    HUGE Moore fan, one of the few female performers I’m in total awe of and regard as genuinely awesome and exciting to watch.

    Plus I don’t remotely believe in such thing as a MILF or cougar, but Julianne Moore I’d be down LIKE THAT.

  8. This video was funnier three weeks ago when it spent time hopping around other websites. She’s a good actress but an awful cry-er. For someone with a lot of texture and nuance with her craft, her crying is sadly two dimensional. She goes from considering to cry to ugly cry in five seconds or less. It’s distracting. Shame on the high name directors for not nudging her to ease in to things a bit.

  9. I think she’s a fine actress when she just stays in the middle register. I agree that some of the directors should take the blame for letting her natural penchant for histrionics get the better of her. But she should never do comedy, as 30 Rock proved, and she should never dance with Colin Firth ever again.

  10. I’m with Lex. Minus the Streep and Winslet non-appreciation. Not that he isn’t entitled to his opinion there. Otherwise, indeed: Bow.

  11. Nobody’s mentioned Boogie Nights, Magnolia, The End of the Affair, The Big Lebowski, Chloe or Blindness — truly one of the best working actors.

  12. She was shit in Magnolia, to be fair. The bit when she spazzed out in the pharmacy was another one of those “Dial it down a notch, love,” moments.

  13. My father DESPISES her, and always refers to her as the “pasty freckled chick that always looks like she’s about to cry.” It’s kind of true, and it took me a long time to get past that.

    Eloi, I don’t know if you were ever an Entertainment Weekly reader, but back in 1999 they had some article about role-switching for current movies, and they talked about how Denise Richards should have had Moore’s part in MAGNOLIA, and Moore should have taken her role in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. Kind of hauntingly true.

  14. She seems to certainly have a good eye for material. Yet I always find myself wishing she wasn’t there. At least recently; I remember liking her back when it was trendy. I think Magnolia was the beginning of the end.

    She acts with her teeth a lot. She has a big mouth and it’s often wide open.

    You can say that last sentence in the voice of Al Pacino and it sounds like Heat.

  15. I found this montage amusing, but seriously, how many actors have the guts to let it all hang out like this? There’s ‘actor” crying and real crying and she can do the latter.

    That said, she’s way over the top in the fucking drug store scene in Magnolia

  16. Good actress; she’s actually completely believable in about 90% of these weeping scenes, which is a pretty damn impressive ratio, when you stop and think about it.

    LOL@Disconap’s “pasty freckled chick” comment. Man, oh man…I always found her to be a fairly attractive “older woman,” but when I saw her in her gardening outfits in TKaA it was really kind of shocking how repulsed I was by her paleness. It’s odd, because I’m usually pretty into that look (natural skin color > fake tanning, all day, baby!), so I’m not sure whether to blame film’s wardrobe department, the person in charge of makeup, or the cinematographer, but I just thought she just looked wretched.

    Not to get too personal here, but you would think a lesbian director would be able to capture the throwback feminine beauty and natural elegance of Moore at least as well as Lasse fucking Hallstrom, but apparently not!

    I feel weird pointing this out, actually, but it obviously made an impression on me. I’m really surprised it didn’t bother you, Lex, especially in the scenes where she’s barefoot…not a pretty sight!

  17. Kaned… Good topic, and I’m not really a fan of freckled feet, or really Moore’s feet… I know what you mean about her overall frumpy earthiness in KIDS.

    But I do find her INCREDIBLY SEXY and that part where Ruffalo is banging her, I was STUNNED at how exciting and sexy I found that, since Moore is *30* years older than most of the women on my “list,” and I was still like YEP YEP, IN A HEARTBEAT, ABSOLUTELY.


    Moore, Mirren, Foster: The AWESOMEST “real” actresses ever, TONS of charisma and sex appeal and WORTH WATCHING IN ANYTHING. GOD I love those three.

  18. And now we know why Evolution bombed… no JM crying scene. At least the Academy has their reel ready to go for JM’s Lifetime Achievement Oscar.

  19. I found this montage hilarious myself, but yes, she has been pretty amazing in a whole variety of movies – I do not get all of the lingering hate for Magnolio. Well, I can see how the movie irritates some….it’s not a subtle movie, by any means.

    But she goes for broke in that scene with Michael Murphy – THAT’s what one of the premier crying scenes, right there. I bought it, what can I say?

    Have to say that I find it interesting how Helen Mirren’s “hotness” has now become assumed in these parts – it’s now ok to admit it from all ages, cool. I mean, wow, just a few years, she was still just that “British dame from Prime Suspect.” I have to think those bikini shots that went out to the press really turned quite a few heads.

    Lex, I like your trinity, but sorry – Winslet is the real deal! She’s awesome and very sexy – how can any one not dig her after Eternal Sunshine?


    Trust me, Geoff, the HOTNESS OF MIRREN has never been in question– check the HOLY TRILOGY of Mirrenial hotness that is Caligula, Excalibur and Long Good Friday from way back when.

    But if some BAD-ASS, take-no-prisoners, drop-dead-sexy, totally CHARMING and BRILLIANT salty old British broad like HELEN MIRREN has a *Lex-fucking-G* at rapt attention, you KNOW she’s doing something right. Yeah, Mr. K-Stew, Taylor Swift, Fanning Power, Emma Roberts MEGAFAN here just head over heels for this AWWWWWESOME old Dame, one of the coolest chicks the world has ever produced. Taylor Hackford hit the fucking jackpot to have the world’s COOLEST “old chick” EVER as his wife.

    All the shit I talk or whatever put-on sexist bluster I fake, I would MELT in the presence of MIRREN, just effortlessly hot and a GENIUS and pretty much the BEST ACTRESS THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, pitch-perfect in EVERYTHING EVER but then she does interviews and has this GREAT sense of humor, doesn’t do a DAMN THING to try to botox out of look fake, but still looks hotter than half the 40somethings out there who can’t EVEN compare. And you know she wouldn’t suffer any fools and would KICK FUCKING ASS on anyone. One of the sexiest women EVER,

  21. And much like my PERSONAL IDOL the MIGHTY MEL GIBSON, you will NEVER EVER hear the Lexmaster say a single cross word about JODIE FOSTER, who is one of my favorite movie stars ever, one of THREE (see above) actresses whose presence makes ANY movie an INSTANT must-see.

  22. Totally disagree with Eloi, minus her spotty accent in A Single Man, her performance was emotionally dead on (as always). The “shrieking” you describe was intentionlly over the top, those were cries of desperation really, a need to act insanely happy to cover the abyss.

  23. Yeah, but you can make excuses for any performances like that. I remember some guy on a messageboard defending Cary Elwes in Saw, saying it was the kind of vanity-free behaviour that a man in a desperate situation would exhibit. The rest of us just shit our lips with laughter when he sawed his leg off.

  24. I have a soft spot for any actress who got naked in a Robert Altman film, so Julianne makes the cut. Love her strawberry-patch scene with Matthew Modine in SHORT CUTS.

  25. She was great in PTA’s movies…. but on the whole, I’m not a huge fan. I predicted last year’s Single Man snub and allow me to predict this year’s snub for The Kids Are All Right. She had more screen time than Bening, yet it’s AB who deserves the nom, because her reaction shots alone blew Moore’s histrionics off the screen. No question who was better in that movie… This clip reel shows why she doesn’t deserve to win an Oscar… she’s the same in every movie! Not exactly a chameleon, that Julianne… and this Bostonian wants to kill himself every time he hears her on 30 Rock. Yikes!


    Julia Roberts Loves To Laugh

    Clive Owen Loves To Scowl

    Helen Hunt Cant Do Anything But Pout

    Al Pacino Loves To Hoo-Haw

    Hillary Swank Loves To Smile

    Jack Nicholson Loves To Sneer

    Tommy Lee Jones Loves To Stammer

    Rene Zellweger Almost Opens Her Eyes

  27. Good one, Glenn. I’m typing this from the floor as I bow to your supreme knowledge.

    *every movie except The Big Lebowski, apparently.

  28. I can’t believe they left out the uncontrolled sobbing at the premiere of Evolution.

    Love Moore but she does suffer from Micheal Douglas syndrome where somewhere in the movie she will entirely lose her shit. Watts seems to suffer from a similiar afflection.

  29. My vote for this guy’s next video is: toss Rene Zellweger a couple of bucks to film her eating Sour Patch Kids for five minutes.

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