Arousal vs. Warmth

All the MCN Gurus of Gold except for Sasha Stone and Emanuel Levy are now predicting that The Kings Speech will beat The Social Network for the Best Picture Oscar. Where, I ask, are the men of backbone on this panel? They know damn well which film is the more dazzling and audacious and still they bend over. Capitulators! Conventional wisdom followers! Zeligs!

I truly admire and respect The King’s Speech, I do…it’s a very well made film, and true to itself above all. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are close to perfect, and director Tom Hooper knew exactly how to get the most out of the material. But The King’s Speech has never made me feel aroused and dazzled and delighted like The Social Network has, and it never will. Be honest. It’s about comfort and tradition and respectablity and hugs. It’s the Best Picture of 1993.

12 thoughts on “Arousal vs. Warmth

  1. Rashad on said:

    Didn’t see it but it looks like old fashioned Oscar Bait

  2. I guess this will be this year’s Oscar movie that I can’t WAIT to hate. Everything about it seems reverse-engineered to be inoffensive middlebrow pablum for old white people. I will go in with an open mind, and I’ll probably like some of the things Geoffrey Rush says, but until the lights go down in the theater, fuck this thing with a rusty spoon.

    On another note, it’s so fucking telling when you can’t find someone willing to discuss the merits of a film, ANY film, without saying the word “Oscar.”

  3. This year, I don’t really have a horse in the race unless True Grit or The Fighter turn out to be awesome, but I do have a horse I want to stumble, break a leg, and get euthanized. And that would be The King’s Speech. I will be so fucking pissed if it wins, because the Academy Awards aren’t about the best movie if they ever were, but more and more, they’re a sense of the times. I’m sure The King’s Speech is “well-made” and inspiring, but how much does it actually say about the world in which we currently live?

  4. “how much does it actually say about the world in which we currently live?”

    Well, it does have a forced attempt at that, by discussing how radio addresses forced national leaders to become celebrity performers of sorts. Fairly facile, though.

  5. Social Network was a nice enough movie, but anyone who thinks the movie is saying ANYTHING, let alone saying something about “who we are today” or some such bullshit, is mental. The film didn’t say a fucking thing about Zuckerberg or about what social networking means to us now, or even what even the whole film added up to. It’s this years UP IN THE AIR. And by that, I mean, vapid and empty film but yearning to be something hip and cool and deep. It’s all posturing. Fincher’s great directing, Reznor’s amazing score and Sorkin’s speech on speed dialogue couldn’t cover that up. Actually, it did, because people think this movie is great. Christ.

  6. “Didn’t see it but it looks like old fashioned Oscar Bait.”

    It does smell like Oscar Bait, which is why I don’t think it’ll win. The Social Network is still the film to beat. Inception is the only other 2010 release that’s on it’s level and a Sci-Fi flick isn’t winning Best Picture, so it’s all about TSN.

  7. I like Social Network, but I am annoyed by the film being shoehorned into discussions about any other movies in 2010. Hey, Secretariat was one interesting horsey movie, but it was no THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Man, Megamind is the number one movie in America, but it’s not as clever as THE SOCIAL NETWORK. You know what bugs me about Taco Bell? They have that Five Buck Box, but nowhere on the menu is any mention of THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

  8. Why does a Best Film have to say something about our society today? Isn’t that a rarity rather than a norm?

    I do hope this is Colin’s year.

  9. I don’t think The King’s Speech can win. I think they are playing it safe, the Gurus, at a time when it is silly to do so. If you are predicting the Oscars in November why not go out on a limb? Why blend in with the crowd? Seems silly to me.

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