Life Is Unfair

I used to hate watching TV with my father when I was a kid (and particularly as a teenager) because he always kept the sound at whisper levels. We only had one TV — a little thing on a wooden stand in the upstairs den — and I remember saying to him every so often, “Does the sound really have to be this low? I can barely hear it!”

Your father can’t help it, my mother used to say. He has very sensitive ears. Great, I used to reply. He has sensitive ears and so I have to cup mine in order to hear what people are saying on TV shows.

I finally got to listen to TV with my own sound levels when I went out into the world, but first I had to endure a kind of hell for 17 or 18 years. Tortured by whispering Smiths. Leaning forward, “What?,” “I didn’t hear that,” “Can’t we turn it up just a little bit, please?” I would seethe at times. I’m a little pissed just thinking about it now.

Jett and I are sharing the Brooklyn apartment these days, and guess what? He always listens to the tube with the sound way down. “How can you listen to it this quietly?,” I’ll say every so often. “You can barely hear what people are saying.”

  • George Prager

    If I went into the den when my dad was watching TV alone and he heard me coming, he would switch to some boring nature show until I left and then switch back to whatever embarrassing piece of dreck he was watching previously.

  • michael

    Just flick him in the head and turn up the volume, Jeff. You’re the Father and it’s your house (apartment) so you can listen to it at whatever volume YOU decide. If he has sensetive ears, get him some ear plugs. I cannot STAND trying to hear what is being said on tv or in a theater. That pisses me off more than anything else in a theater. It’s more annoying than bad picture, scratches, dim bulbs, talking, pretty much anything else. Yikes, i’m all pissed off just writing this.

  • scooterzz

    after almost fifteen years of working in clubs and discos, i can’t hear for shit….i’m pretty sure my neighbors hate me……

  • BT64

    Either unfair, or goes full circle.

  • longrunner

    When was the last time you had your hearing checked?

  • Krillian

    You’re the dad. Tell Jett to get earplugs if he doesn’t like it. You worked HARD for this TV, and you’re going to have the danged volume where you danged well please!

    Kids these days…

  • Jensen Padma

    [Jensen Padma has left the room.]

  • nbxzero

    Other than the earplugs for your son, how about getting one of those devices always being advertised on TV that gives you “super hearing”?

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