Try Again

Is it that hard to create a movie poster that makes it seen as if the lead actors actually posed together in the same realm? Whoever did this King’s Speech one-sheet for the Weinstein Co. didn’t try hard enough. Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter “agree” to some extent, but the incongruent pasting of Geoffrey Rush reminds me of the quality of international action-flick posters that I’ve seen at the American Film Market.

And why didn’t these three pose together in costume during filming? It used to be a relatively common practice.

Incidentally: Movieline’s Stu Van Airsdale dislikes this poster even more than myself.

14 thoughts on “Try Again

  1. Terrible poster for sure. I buy the occasional poster off eBay, but this year’s crop of movie posters has been terrible. I think that Toy Story 3 & Inception have been the only ones that I’ve bought in the past 6 months. What happened to the artistry?

  2. Forget artistry. It’s done this way so the art will also work on retail packaging when the film makes its way to DVD, Blu-ray etc.

    The smaller form factor relies on having two or three large key images to get its message across.

  3. OMG Harvey! You approved this? It looks like Rush is the wacky Tom Postoneeque neighbor in a BBC sitcom! I’ve seen this movie. The poster needs to be Colin standing behind a huge microphone in front of a huge crowd looking at the mike with a scared shitless look. Get on it today. You’re welcome.

  4. Revolting.

    As for 2010 posters, the recent stuff coming from Disney for Tron Legacy has been hot. Best key art since Inception.

  5. Once in a blue moon, a good movie poster comes along (V FOR VENDETTA springs to mind)… but mostly we get Photoshopped head shots against candy-colored clouds for rom-coms or Photoshopped head shots against steel-grey landscapes for action pix.

    But this KING’S SPEECH poster is a new low… it makes an odds-on Oscar winner look like a straight-to-video loser.

  6. If i was doing the poster, I’d use that shot int he trailer of Firth stepping before the mike in front of a large crowd not looking comfortable at all.

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