Idiot with a Tripod

Jamie Stuart went out for two hours last night and shot this. Then he had to edit it, of course.

Frame capture from Idiot with a Tripod.


How my neighborhood looked when I arrived back from Connecticut around 5:40 pm.

6 thoughts on “Idiot with a Tripod

  1. Okay, yeah – IT SNOWED A LOT. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo. Can the navel-gazing people on the East Coast stop turning this snowfall into the new Katrina?? Jesus.

  2. one of my fondest memories is being ‘trapped’ in manhattan for five days during the blizzard of ’96…a suite at the regency, per diem and people literally skiing down the middle of park avenue…best snow days ever…no cars in or out made it the greatest party town imaginable…

  3. “New Katrina???” Overreact much, Ray?

    The fact of the matter is snow (and esp. ice) really does still impede one’s ability to accomplish simple, daily tasks. So naturally people want others to acknowledge this hardship by sharing photos and/or videos of the weather. It’s really no biggie.

    Besides, if L.A. ever got 4 inches of snow we’d NEVER hear the end of it.

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