Calling Dave Karger!

And Pete Hammond and Tom O’Neil and Sasha Stone and Kris Tapley all the other Oscar pulse-takers. Because the 2011 Best Actress race is all but settled as of this moment. Or at least, it has an obvious front-runner in the star of The Iron Lady. Look at her! And imagine her Margaret Thatcher accent….are you kidding? With Academy members being the suckers they are and always will be for lofty-realm British drama?

The only thing that can screw things up is if the film itself turns out badly, which is certainly possible given that Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia) is directing.

There’s also a slight complication from the Streep’s post-Iron Lady role, a sure-to-be-knockout performance as the chain-smoking Violet Weston in John Wells‘ film version of August: Osage County, which the great Harvey Weinstein is distributing. If Streep takes the Best Actress Oscar for playing Margaret, it’ll be just a bit tougher for Harvey to land her an Oscar nomination as Violet because people might be feeling a wee bit Streeped out. So it would suit Harvey’s game if The Iron Lady turns out to be not so hot. Just sayin’.

49 thoughts on “Calling Dave Karger!

  1. What an uncanny resemblance…NOT!

    But yeah, I have a really hard time believing she won’t at least get nominated for this. The flick would really have to suck pretty hard.

  2. Margaret Thatcher was awesome in For Your Eyes Only.

    Was she really married to Orville Redenbacher? When I was a kid, that’s who I thought the guy was in that scene at the end of FYEO

  3. “Margaret Thatcher was a cunt.”……”because my favorite pop stars of the time said so!”

    MilkMan, keepin’ it classy!

    (I’m sure you’ll respond as soon as you’re done quickly reading Wikipedia to find out who Neil Kinnock was)

  4. Jesus Christ. Looking at this picture I feel like a Polish cavalry officer staring down a Panzer. Powerless. This will be unstoppable.

  5. Is it expected to hit this year?

    Somewhere Glenn Close is sitting in the Albert Nobbs editing room looking skyward and yelling, “Streeeeeeeeeeep!”

  6. Q: how do you know you’re a closet case who wants to bone justin bieber?

    A: how the fuck should i know? ask lex, he’s the one who thinks ellen page is “hot.”

  7. Another knee-slapper from phantasmidiot.

    Anyone’s ever bored or has as little of a life as he does, do a search on his posts and see just how many of them make some latent-gay reference. Hint: All.

    Now go fetch Buckethead a three-piece.

  8. I guess Harvey Weinstein can’t lose no matter how the Thatcher film turns out. He has a project based on a very successful play with Streep as the family matriarch and Julia Roberts as the oldest daughter whose problems include a cheating husband and a pot-smoking 14-year-old daughter. I bet Harvey is already dreaming of future Oscar campaigns even if “August:Osage County” isn’t released until 2012.

  9. This movie is by the FEMALE director of Mamma Mia!

    FEMALE DIRECTOR ALARM = no Oscar nominations. Yeah, I just don’t trust some hen hack whose only movie was about a second-rate Ace of Base cover band to get an Oscar performance out of that blowsy Kabuki ham Streep.

    Also I’d rather watch Ellen Page in a LITTLE HAT jog in place for EIGHT HOURS than watch a frame of MERYL SHREW mugging like Kathy Bates.

  10. >Q: How do you know you’re gay?

    >A: You like Meryl Streep’s acting.

    Ha ha ha, very very witty.

    Seriously though, compare her performances in Prada, Julie & Julia, Silkwood, and One True Thing (I know, I know, only gay people watch those movies). She is an absolute powerhouse, and more of a chameleon than De Niro or Pacino ever were.

    Some day Lex you may step into a larger world where you notice things about women other than how much you want to bone them. (I know, only gay people say that.)

  11. Looking at this picture I feel like a Polish cavalry officer staring down a Panzer. Powerless. This will be unstoppable.

    Laughing here. Loved it. Comment of the day.

  12. (Third time’s gonna be a charmer, baby…)

    Q: How do you know you’re gay?

    A: You pretend that there’s actually a tangible difference between Ellen Page “jogging in place” and standing completely still.

    (Yeah, I like her, too…but you just set yourself up for that one, big boi).

  13. “Who was it that won last year, for Hurt something-or-other?”

    Bigelow, Sofia Coppola and (sometimes) Jane Campion are pretty obvious exceptions to the “no female directors” rule. And the chick who directed The Runaways.

    Kaned: I don’t get it. At all.

  14. I’m with you, and neither am I, but you’ve gotta have something down there…give me a nice B-cup. You a AAA man? Fuck, man, it’s not even spring training season yet!

  15. Thatcher was not royalty. Unless the film is a huge bash of Maggie, the vestigial liberal deep within every limousine Democrat who is going to deny “Inside Job” an Oscar for daring to criticize Obama may not be inclined to reward a Thatcherpic.

  16. you’d think that righties predisposed to believe in an active God would notice that before he took Reagan and Thatcher’s lives, he took their minds.


    Tell that to John Hawkes and Jennifer Lawrence who were directed by a woman, Debra Granik, and who by the way also got nominated for her script adaptation.

    If you only meant DIRECTING NOMINATIONS, then specify.

  18. I meant no nominations for this movie, and probably not for Streep, since the movie will probably blow. And obviously no female director could keep a self-curing HAM like Streep in check. No director since Michael Cimino or Robert Benton has been able to corral the most hysterical actress in modern film into giving a remotely human performance.

    Even throw Mike Nichols at me, and I MIGHT grant you Silkwood, but then you also have to consider her wretched, grating mugging in Heartburn.

  19. Am I crazy? She looks like she’s in a comedy sketch. Doesn’t she look like she could just fit in with the Queen in that Kids in The Hall sketch?

    Streep is the very definition of being overrated.

  20. “Doesn’t she look like she could just fit in with the Queen in that Kids in The Hall sketch?”

    My thought exactly– she looks weirdly like Scott Thompson.

  21. MilkMan is being far too kind in calling Thatcher a cunt. I can’t tell you how utterly depressed the idea of this film makes me, especially if it’s some kind of sympathetic look at a woman whom a great many people over here in the U.K. have nothing but the deepest loathing for.

    I haven’t seen, nor will i ever see The King’s Speech – simply because (from what i can gather) it is both dutiful and deferential to the British monarchy. Most galling is its warm portrayal of the late Queen Mother – who was little more than a snobby, parasitic, over-priveledged waste-of-space.

    There. I just had to get that off my chest.

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