Nice ’70s Bath

The most richly detailed and eye-candyish of the three is MGM Home Entertainment’s Last Tango in Paris. Warner Home Video’s Network Bluray reps a modest but noticable improvement over the most recent DVD, and their All The President’s Men Bluray has darker tones than the DVD with stronger, punchier colors, better detail and a pleasant filmy texture. They all street on 2.15.

Thursday, 2.11, 11:20 pm

Here are DVD Beaver reviews for Last Tango in Paris, Network and All The President’s Men. Oddly, Gary W. Tooze writes that the Tango Bluray has “a less conventional appearance with an extremely grainy and thick image via MGM’s new 1080p Bluray…less concerned with pristine visuals and more prone to textures and capturing stylish spontaneity…there is still some noise but not all films achieve their best presentation value via digital.” What? I loved the look of this disc. I’ve never seen Tango look better.

17 thoughts on “Nice ’70s Bath

  1. I actually am starting to dislike (more appropriately, question) most blu ray reviews. It’s like they don’t go on the best representation of the film, or how it was released theatrically. I know it’s impossible to see how all films are in a theater, but it seems more and more that the reviews are basically geared towards what makes your system visually pop, rather than the director’s vision of the film.

  2. My problem with many Blu-ray “critics” is how many of them to seem to measure everything against Avatar-type releases.

    For example, as long as the dialogue in, say, Cyrus is clean, crisp, and well-prioritized, and the music sounds good, why give it a less-than-perfect score for the audio presentation? “This certainly won’t test your system!” shouldn’t be a complaint, just an observation.

    And by doing this, they’re subtly continuing the notion Blu-ray is, at heart, a guy thing, a medium best utilized for big action and sci-fi movies…

  3. Damn shame that the TANGO BD is so bare bones. Such a chance for great extras, including the doc of the film that was shown last year in NYC at the BB retrospective.

  4. Rubbish – the funny thing about that is, I’ve noticed that CGI looks even more cartoony on Blu-ray, and I don’t really like it. The stuff I’ve bought on Blu-ray so far has been awesome looking older stuff like ‘Days of Heaven’.

    But, unfortunately, what you’re talking about seems to be all that the readers of Blu-ray reviews care about.

  5. Disco, the Howard Beale stuff is fun, but since almost everything they were satirizing in that bit has come to pass, it now comes across as cartoony. I also think Dunaway comes off as more of a caricature than a real character.

    Watch Network instead for William Holden, who is marvelous. His interactions with pre-breakdown Beale and, especially Beatrice Straight as his wife, still ring true.

  6. Faye Dunaway’s character in NETWORK is the only blight on the film. She’s an idea more than a real character.

    MICHAEL CLAYTON owes everything to this movie.

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