Haines Is Gone

In my head, Farley Granger has always been and always will be “Guy Haines,” the anxious, darting-eyed, pinch-mannered tennis player in Alfred Hitchcock‘s Strangers on a Train (’51). The 85 year-old actor, also known for his performance as an anxious, darting-eyed, pinch-mannered gay murder accomplice in Hitchcock’s Rope, passed on 3.27, but for some reason the news is only just breaking now.

Granger copped a long time ago to being openly bisexual or mostly gay or what-have-you.

Here’s an amusing portion from his Wiki bio: “In Rope, Granger and John Dall portrayed two highly intelligent friends who commit a thrill killing simply to prove they can get away with it. The two characters and their former professor, played by Jimmy Stewart, were supposed to be homosexual, and Granger and Dall discussed the subtext of their scenes, but because The Hays Office was keeping close tabs on the project, the final script was so discreet that screenwriter Arthur Laurents remained uncertain of whether Stewart ever realized that his own character was gay.”

Until this moment I myself have never even flirted with the notion that Stewart’s character was supposed to be (or might have been) gay. I don’t think Stewart had it in him to play “gay.” He was too aww-shucksy for that.

  • JLC

    It’s those “aww-shucksy” types you have to keep your eye on.

    Besides, after Vertigo I think Stewart had it in him to play just about anything. It’s truly one of the creepiest roles of all time.

  • moviemaniac2002

    Who else but Hitchcock could get away with all the gay subtext in “Strangers” and “Rope”….but I always thought Hitch’s crowning achievement in this area was Martin Landau’s creepy gay henchman in “North By Northwest” (‘Call it my…woman’s intuition…”)

  • Chase Kahn

    Nicolas Ray’s They Live By Night is a minor masterwork for me, a fantastic little love-on-the-run noir.

    And I have the Criterion Blu-ray of Senso sitting on my shelf…looking forward to cracking it open.

  • Chase Kahn

    Oh, hell, I screwed up the italics…

  • Mr Hooper

    What do you mean, he news is only just breaking now? I read about it two days ago and a quick google search turned up several obits the day after he died, including in Variety. Just because you didn’t know about it until now, don’t make it seem like the rest of the media was unaware.

  • MarkVH

    Nothing minor about it, Chase – They Live By Night is a great, great movie. Absolutely blew me away when I first caught it a few years back, and it actually may be my favorite Ray film now (probably tied with In a Lonely Place). Granger is wonderful in it as well, though Cathy O’Donnell is the real heartbreaker there.

  • George Prager

    SIDE STREET, which is paired up with THEY LIVE BY NIGHT on the DVD is pretty good too. My mother was a fan because of OUR VERY OWN.