Mormon Limit

Manhattan-visiting friend: “Just a reminder to call anyone you know who can help you score tickets to The Book of Mormon. I saw it last night, and it’s the real deal. It’s thrilling, and, yes, irreverent, blasphemous and an equal-opportunity offender. But would you expect anything less from Trey Parker and Matt Stone?

“But what’s amazing is their real love and understanding of musical theatre, and the fact that is has a huge palpitating heart at its center. I don’t remember sitting in a Broadway theatre surrounded by a more thrilled audience (which last night included Sting and Sandra Bullock.)

My response: “I called [a producer friend] and he offered to help me — but only with premium tickets at $260-something a pop. I can’t do that. It’s just a Broadway musical. It’s just two and half hours in a theatre. Plus the irksome and roly-poly Josh Gad, who all but singlehandedly destroyed Love and Other Drugs, is in it…so I’m not completely hearbroken.”

  • George Prager

    Sounds really good. But you are totally right about Josh Gad. What a pathetic character. Every time he appeared on screen I winced and turned away.

  • LarryGopnik

    You can buy tickets for normal prices (which these days are close to $140, though there are somewhat cheaper mezzanine seats), but you’d have to wait a bit.

    All performances (barring the aforementioned premium seats) are sold out till mid-May.

  • DiscoNap

    Josh Gad is the fatal flaw. I have never met an obese Morrmon.

  • MikeSchaeferSF

    Seeing it next month when I’m in NYC (bought $99 mezzaine seats last week) and cannot wait.

  • Geoff

    There has to be some kind of story behind Josh Gad’s HORRIBLE character in Love and Other Drugs.

    It’s as if Ed Zwick wrote the Jake Gyllenhaal character as a single guy who lives alone and doesn’t have any guy friends, instead, he just bangs a lot of women. But this made him seem like too much of a douche so he has to have a “buddy.” Enter Josh Gad.

  • actionman

    all this gad hating is totally insane. it’s a harmless chick-flick with lots of nudity from anne hathaway. that’s what everyone should be talking about from that film.

  • Robert Cashill

    After a schtick-filled first act in MORMON Gad comes into his own in the second, and is more than tolerable. Funny and charming, even. And I thought he ruined LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, too.

    I’m not sure anything is worth $260 a pop but MORMON is great fun, if not the reinvention of the wheel. Mileage will vary given the content, which aims at the rectum as much as the heart, but the show actually develops a compellling theme over time. The cast album is a must. It’ll be interesting to see what song they pick to perform on the Tonys.

  • Eloi Wrath

    I’ve read quite a few reviews expressing shock and surprise at the fact that Parker & Stone are so faithful to the musical format, but didn’t any of these people see South Park: The Movie?

  • Kakihara

    Eloi: Or Cannibal the Musical. 🙂 Plus, I found this great Fallon appearance link from one of the commenters on one of the related THR articles.

  • Manitoba

    I was just reading the rave by Lisa Schwarzbaum in the April 1 Entertainment Weekly. She gives it an A and concludes: “I’m sold, I believe in The Book of Mormon.” Somehow, you just do not expect such a volume of praise for the creators of “South Park.”

  • LexG

    One thing about MORMONS is all their chicks are usually SMOKING HOT WHITE BLONDE GIRLS. Plus Rick Schroeder is a Mormon, and he rules. Making it the awesomest religion in the world.

  • Glenn Kenny

    Here’s the extent to which I’ve permitted Jeffrey Wells to degrade my consciousness: I saw this earlier in the week, and it really was everything they say it is…so much so that it’s kind of difficult to describe WITHOUT indulging in the welter of cliches Wells’ friend spouts above. Only fifteen minutes or so after the final curtain came down, I said to my wife, “I’m glad Wells is out of town, because all he would have to say about it is something condescending and snotty about Josh Gad.”

    Which you here manage to do without even having seen the play. Save your money, pally. And stay in L.A. while you’re at it. You hurt people’s souls.

  • Robert Cashill

    While Gad (who is very much in the Dan Fogler mold) comes into his own over the course of the show, co-star Andrew Rannells is there and more from the get-go. Sensational performance (in the Jim Carrey mold).

  • Cadavra

    I’m going later this month and picked up a fairly decent orchestra seat (on Sunday night, no less) online for face value–about $130. Oddly, it’s ANYTHING GOES that’s all but impossible. I love Sutton Foster, but she surely can’t be the reason this umpteenth revival is playing to capacity.

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