“No, I Mean The Nature of You

A month ago MCN’s Kim Voynar wrote about the Girls on Film clips in which famous scenes from great films starring guys are recreated with women. I paid no mind, and for whatever reason Girls on Film‘s Ashleigh Harrison waited a whole damn month to say to herself, “Let’s see, is there anyone else we haven’t gotten some attention from? Oh, yeah, this Jeff Wells guy…okay, let’s write him.” The No Country For Old Men caught my fancy most of all.

  • Ray DeRousse

    What is he point of this exercise? To show how powerfully threatening scenes with men can be instantly neutralized when replaced with women? Or maybe it’s to show that these particular women cannot act.

  • Wrecktem

    Hot Chicks Who Cannot Act Recreate Famous Scenes in Movies.

    Possibly watchable if they were in bikinis.

  • C is for cookie

    Yeah, what is the point of these bits? Since they don’t carry the power or menace of the original scenes they’re redoing they seem to prove that these films wouldn’t have worked if women were given the lead roles. If the point is that there aren’t good roles written for women, wouldn’t one be better served by creating something original with juicy female roles?

    Also, if this is some kind of female-empowerment thing, why are the skits directed by a dude? What, they didn’t want to trust a woman behind the camera?

  • LexG

    SO embarrassing. God. I was actually CRINGING watching this. UGH. Looked like some godawful 2am Skinemax clip that should have Beverly Lynne and Christine Nguyen.

    I don’t know what point they’re trying to make– that NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN wouldn’t be as good with two feminist hens, or that NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN wouldn’t be as good shot in a 900-a-month Los Feliz apartment on a bad camcorder.

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