Quiet Seethe

I guess I’ll be signing up for the $35-a-month hit, dammit, so I can get all-device access to the N.Y. Times starting tomorrow. But I resent being asked to pay that much. I’d be much cooler with $20 or $25 a month. That I could handle without a hiccup.

11 thoughts on “Quiet Seethe

  1. Mr. Palmer on said:

    If history has taught us anything, Wells, this won’t last and they’ll go back to a free model. Just like the last time they tried it.

  2. I don’t know if it’s too late to do so, but the Times and Lincoln Mercury have a limited time offer of getting web privileges free for the year. I was contacted through e-mail, but there might be an ad you can click on to find out more about the offer.

  3. Don’t be too quick to assume, Mr. Palmer. It could be that the only folks who’ll pay the really big bucks to advertise on the NYT website are folks who only want to reach people who can afford $35 a month. Seriously.

  4. Jeff why would you pay for information “news” that’s going to end up being posted for free everywhere on the internnet. Information will always find it’s way free to the public. Plus this information is always what corporate america wants you to know any way. Don’t be a stooge and pay for the propaganda. I can’t even believe you’re thinking of doing this. Really what information do you think you’ll miss?

  5. It costs well under $35 a month just to get the Sunday paper–which brings the bearer all-access digital privileges. In other words, if you just go for the digital pass, they make you pay extra to not receive the Sunday paper.

    Unless you are completely itinerant, why not get the Sunday paper delivered and save money? Unless you are worried about wasting the trees.

  6. Todd, that was a clever pun you made there–”internnet.” And the intern-net is exactly what you are going to get when there is no more paid content and everything you read has been reported and published–or aggregated–at no cost to anyone. So enjoy your completely free journalism, which, if it exists at all, will be completely advertiser-driven… but, I’m sure, free of “what corporate america wants you to know.”


  7. If the Times isn’t worth it, nothing is. I’m a New Yorker who gets home delivery on the weekend and that gets me everything with no addition cost. I only pay $9. I think once people figure this disparity out, the Times will get a lot more home subscribers which, in the end, will be a very good thing for everyone.

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