TheWrap‘s Sharon Waxman has reported that there may have been “significant misinformation” about the shooting death of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen last November. Apparently she may have taken three in the arm and two in the back rather than five in the chest…whatever. The feeling here has always been that the official explanation is ridiculous. The late Harold Smith shot Chasen at a Sunset Blvd. stoplight after chasing her along that high-speed avenue on a friggin’ bicycle? It may have happened, but no self-respecting screenwriter would dream up such a scenario for fear of being laughed out of town.

3 thoughts on “Rewrite

  1. Joe Leydon on said:

    That’s one of many advantages real life has over fiction: It doesn’t have to be believable.

  2. Crimes like these, that creep people with money out, get “solved” quickly even if they don’t get the actually guilty party. We’ll never know who did this 100 percent.

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