Rum and Stoli?

FilmDistrict’s decision to open Bruce Robinson‘s The Rum Diary, an apparently troubled adaptation of the Hunter Thompson book with Johnny Depp in the lead role, on 10.28 is well and good. FilmDistrict co-founder Graham King has said he’s “extremely proud to bring this novel to film and to honor Hunter’s legacy”…hah!

But let’s not forget that the film may be opening tomorrow (3.31) in Moscow, according to a longstanding IMDB listing. And if it is, let’s hope someone is there to review it. I mentioned on 2.5 that I’d love to fly to Moscow for the occasion, but you have to live within certain limits.

6 thoughts on “Rum and Stoli?

  1. JLC on said:

    While I normally think you’re nuts with your “see it first” obsession, I have to admit “HE goes to Russia” would have been the greatest thing ever.

    Why not find a Russian tea room somewhere and watch Fear and Loathing on your iPhone and get in a fight with the waiter?

  2. If this was happening FOR SURE, and if you had VIP passes FOR SURE, it still wouldn’t be worth going. But fun to fantasize about!

    Hey, isn’t this what Twitter was made for? Isn’t there anyone within two degrees of separation of someone that reads this that lives in Moscow and can report on this opening? Or that can confirm that it’s not actually happening?

  3. Anything tangilble that you have to make the determination that this is an “apparently troubled film” other than a release date delay? Last time I checked that happens with a lot of films – even really good ones – even, dare I say, Oscar winners. This may be a pile of shit, but maybe we should watch it first.

  4. No one will find this interesting except maybe Glenn Kenny (maybe), but it’s pretty funny when in the Hunter S. Thompson doc, someone talks about Hunter liking the Jefferson Airplane and having a big crush on Grace Slick and they cut to a clip of the Jefferson Airplane with Signe Anderson singing lead.

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