Stone In Boss’s Shoe

Variety‘s Stuart Levine is reporting that Jeff Daniels is in negotiations to play an apparent mixture of Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz in Aaron Sorkin‘s cable-news HBO mini that’s been in the works for some time. Levine description of Daniels’ character, “the host of his own show who, from the network perspective, can be difficult to handle,” obviously echoes Olbermann and Schultz, and particularly their real-life dynamic with MSNBC’s Phil Griffin.

(l. to r.) Jeff Daniels, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz
  • actionlover

    Is Schultz a pain? I was always under the impression that despite his bombastic on-air persona he was actually an okay, regular guy who got along with his co-workers.

    Now Olbermann on the other hand…… yeeeesh.

  • CitizenKaned4Life

    And you know both of those guys personally so as to make a qualified judgment about how they compare “off-air?”


  • actionlover

    CK4L… Who are you referring to? Me or Jeff?

  • actionlover

    (assuming you’re referring to my comment….)

    What part of “under the impression” knotted you up? I’m just going by what I’ve heard. I’ve never heard people say negative things about Shultz. I’ve heard from PLENTY of people who have dealt personally with Olby who all agree he is unmitigated asshole. This isn’t breaking news. Ask around.

    And before you go all politics on me, this is not about political leanings. Some people, left or right, are cool, others are assholes.

  • CitizenKaned4Life

    While I certainly agree with your last statement, if I “ask around” it’s more than likely that I’ll get someone else spewing the exact same secondhand (more like eighth-hand) shit cobbled together from the same anonymous sources. Since you have heard from PLENTY of people that agree he is an unmitigated asshole, who are these people? Names, please.

    Unless the disparity between what someone does in the public eye and what they do out of it would be so great (like, say, Hitler!), you can’t reliably judge someone until you have known him/her personally. Not to mention the fact that taking someone else’s opinion on these matters makes you seem like a conformist sheep — you really think your moral compass is going to line up exactly with someone else’s (whose, let’s face it, was most likely based on the fact that Olby “brushed him off” than anything substantial jerkish behavior)?

    I dunno, man…I guess I just live in much greyer world than you do. Besides, if I judged strictly by a majority opinion of people on this site, most people would say that you’re a fucking asshole, too!

  • CitizenKaned4Life

    Ah, that was a clunky read in spots. The parentheses of last line in second paragraph should read:

    “whose opinion, let’s face it, was just as likely based on the fact that Olby “brushed him off” than any particularly jerkish behavior”

  • actionlover

    Jesus, Kaned…… what the fuck did I do to you….? And honestly I don’t think the majority of people on this site really have an opinion on me one way or another… what would they say about you?

    No need to go all dicky on me.

    A little touchy? Hey, I loved Olbermann on MSNBC… he was one of the few people who had the guts to tell it like it is… truth to power and all that…

    But shit, ask around….. what I’m saying isn’t exactly “inside information”

    You’re seeming a bit defensive on this. What gives?

  • actionlover

    “well, Keith Olbermann shot my brother in the face and then peed on his dying body….”

    CK4L: “oh yeah? Well, he didn’t shoot YOU, did he? I mean, that’s one guy…. what about all the people he didn’t shoot and pee on, huh?!”

  • Chauncey

    Yes, he was insensitive and nasty, but he was a strong, masculine presence on the radio.

  • CitizenKaned4Life

    Just stating my opinion on the matter. I don’t know the man personally, and neither do you so what’s the ultimate point of speculating on what he’s really like? You can’t just “ask around” and expect to get an reliably objective viewpoint on the matter. Yeah, you could say he is “professionally difficult” in the media eye or whatever, but who actually takes the time to actually know people these days?

    As for “touchy” and “defensive,” take another gander at my comment #5 and your comment #7, and try comparing the tones (see what I mean about this “objectivity thing” being unreliable?).

    P.S. I never said I thought you were an asshole; in fact, I don’t think that.

  • Terry McCarty

    Wpiuld be more interesting if Sorkin writes Daniels’ character as an icy, cutting, Peter Jennings-esque perfectionist.

  • JLC

    I was going to say that Sorkin apparently didn’t learn anything from his experiences on Sports Night and Studio 60, but then I realized he’s developing this for HBO, where a couple of book clubs getting together over a nice Malbec constitute decent ratings.

    I’m sure we’ll get plenty of clips of the Olbermann character venting that Jeffrey can link to and say, “See that? That’s EXACTLY what I think!”

  • MikeSchaeferSF

    Please tell me they’re getting Gerard Butler to play Glenn Beck. Or Giamatti.

  • Edward

    Sports Night was a great show. I don’t think Studio 60 was given a chance to become a good show.

  • Terry McCarty

    ReMikeSchaeferSF’s comment:

    I’d vote for Seth Rogen to play Beck.

  • alynch

    I don’t think Studio 60 was given a chance to become a good show.

    It was given a full season. How much more of a chance did it need?

  • SaveFarris

    Is Schultz a pain? I was always under the impression that despite his bombastic on-air persona he was actually an okay, regular guy who got along with his co-workers.

    Well, he did threaten to burn down Rockefeller Center because they didn’t include him in a station promo.


  • DuluozGray

    I used to work at NBC and have many friends who still do. Olbermann is guilty of everything you’ve heard and more. He’s a nightmare and a nasty person. Has anyone seen him in person? My LORD! The guy has the body of a pear shaped fat woman. His upper body is somewhat lean looking, but he is shaped like a pear and has a huge ass. He literally has a bigger ass than El Rushbo the dope.

    Schultz is a good guy, he’s just sensitive cause he knows no one really gives a crap about him at the network. He’s an also ran. But he’s not abusive to his workers.

    Matthews is a douchebag, straight up. He listens to no one and thinks his shit don’t stink.

    Maddow is another douchebag. He tries to make like he is nice but he never thanks his editors or producers for all their hard work. Typical Leftist who champions the little man in public but treats them like shit in private.

    Now Sue Simmons, there is a class act! Sweetest woman at NBC, by far. Just super nice and treats everyone in a lovely manner. As opposed to Meredith Vieira, who is an absolute wrinkly old cunt. Same with Ann Curry, total bitch, her producers hate her. Stone Phillips was a good guy, but a total airhead. Matt Lauer is pretty cool too, but you would not believe how skinny he looks in real life. It’s scary. And Al Roker is a good guy as well, very nice to workers.

    Who’d I leave out?

  • Chauncey

    Don Pardo.

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