I’m almost getting a supernatural, time-trippy Purple Rose of Cairo vibe from this Midnight in Paris trailer. Or maybe more like A Stop at Willoughby? That’s good, I think. Woody Allen hasn’t gone off the imaginative deep end in quite a while.

I know one thing for sure: I felt more than a little nauseous the second that Michael Sheen‘s character began talking about wine. So he plays (a) Tony Blair, (b) mad vampires kingpins with white hair and crazy glazed expressions, (c) soccer coaches and (d) assholes?

  • Wrecktem

    Is it possible for an American movie to be based in Paris without the use of accordions on the soundtrack?

    Nice shout-out to A Stop at Willoughby, an underrated Twilight Zone gem. Everytime I pass south over Willoughby on La Brea I holler, “Willoughby! Next stop, Willoughby!” I assume I’m the only one.

  • Steven K

    Quite right, Jeff. Well spotted, despite Sony’s commendable efforts to keep the plot a mystery. Also think “The Kugelmass Episode”.

  • Jim Peacock

    Kurt Fuller, bitches!!

  • LexG

    Yeah, KURT FULLER for sure… That’s like Zach Grenier showing up.

    I don’t know, Woody’s done the supernatural relatively recently (that can’t be correct grammatically) with Scoop and Jade Scorpion. I kind of which he’d avoid it, since those flights of fancy seem overly precious compared to his sour sensibility, but whatever.

  • Jim Peacock

    Yes, because I was sooooo serious, bonehead.

  • LexG

    Wow, I’m sure your audience of one (yourself) on Hollywood Elsewhere gives a shit. Considering no one here reads your posts or finds them amusing, starting at the top with Jeff’s complete indifference to your psychotically invested 300 posts about his alleged “manboobs” (gets funnier every time), you must have a bitchin’ fucking life to come here all day, every day, to rip on a MOVIE BLOGGER you don’t like.

    Fucking tool.

  • DiscoNap

    Fuller Power. Once Kevin Dunn showed up in VICKY CRISTINA I knew all bets were off.

  • Mitchell

    “So he plays (a) Tony Blair, (b) mad vampires kingpins with white hair and crazy glazed expressions, (c) soccer coaches and (d) assholes?”

    Not sure I get the point. That’s a lot more variety than most actors working today, I’d say.

  • cyanic

    Where’s the Bates?

    Where’s the Brody?

  • Jim Peacock

    Considering how many times I’ve been banned I don’t think indifference is the correct word.

  • Jim Peacock

    Should further add that a specific phrase I used was paraphrased in the podcast but you can keep on wanking to that sleaze that is Kristin Stuart and think you’re edgy.

  • patches23

    Lex: He makes her laugh? If his Wesley Snipes bit on 30 Rock is any indicator, he has quite a sense of humor. In the script I have floating around in my head about you, that’s what causes K Stew to fall for you. That and your foot massages. You gotta good mind and you’re funny. To a lot of women that makes up for a lot of the physical shit. Also, experience. Many of us 50 year olds know how to take our time and love a woman right.

  • BobbyLupo

    wow, I hadn’t noticed this guy before, but his poor attempt at sarcasm regarding Kurt Fuller coupled with the pride he takes from “a specific phrase I used was paraphrased in the podcast” means that Lex is right, this is a guy whose stupidity is worth paying attention to.

  • taikwan

    Feeling positive ions here…..I knew I wood(Y).

    Even this brief clip sparkles in more ways than one.

    Makes you realize you really are wasting time watching the bland stuff that’s out there.

  • Abbey Normal

    This trailer actually appeals to me, except it’s immediately apparent by his mannerisms that Owen Wilson is acting as the Woody stand-in, a ploy that never seems to pan out. If Kenneth Branagh couldn’t make it work, neither can Wilson. Old man though he may be, only Woody should play Woody.

  • Gaydos

    Since no one noticed that Woody made was arguably the best film of the year last year and certainly one of the best films of his career, I suspect that this could be quite wonderful and is likely to be quite overlooked, that is, at least until the judgement of film history, and not the Order of the Holy Contempo Consensi, has its say.

  • Floyd Thursby

    Some of us pull so hard for Woody that the flaws of his new films stand out more than their virtues. In 20-30 years his lesser films will probably look more impressive without the cloud of expectations. Film historians will be asking, “This guy put out a film a year for over 40 years and no one thought that was something special?”

  • JLC

    A Stop at Willoughby is one of the all-time greats. At first I was saddened by the ending, until I realized that, even if it is taken literally, the protagonist is probably still better off having escaped his asshole boss and grasping shrew wife.

  • Edward

    Sadly, I was only in Paris once for 16 hours in the winter of 1969. All I did was walk. If I hadn’t had a plane to catch in the morning, I could easily have disappeared there.

    This is my around about way of saying, how good this looks.

  • DukeSavoy

    Carla Bruni as in Nick Sarkozy’s wife? When’s Michelle Obama gonna’ land a film role. She’s gotta’ keep up.

  • DukeSavoy

    Oh, and love a blond Rachel McAdams.

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