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The cost of “Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made,” a serious film buff coffee-table book that started out costing many hundreds of dollars, is now down to $40.47 on Amazon. I think this might be the poor man’s abridged version and not the first-edition, velvet-bound 35-pound version. Still, the markdown indicates that it didn’t sell like Taschen was hoping it would.

28 thoughts on “Bargain Bin

  1. Apparently it’s 1112 pages, and 9.9 lbs for this Amazon sale. And on the Taschen site, the full book is 2874 pages.

  2. We discussed this at length the last time you posted about a Taschen film book, but I’ll say it again: FUCK TASCHEN and their overpriced product.

    $40 is at least reasonable.

  3. Wiggum the description says everything is included. Maybe they formatted the book differently, but I don’t know what they left out. (The description also said something about an internet database for pictures.)

  4. Might revise that post title to ‘For The People’; there’s no discounting going in here. The initial full sized limited edition run of 1,000 of these babies promptly sold out at a $1,500 cover tag and now fetches around $5K+ from resellers, so I’d say it did pretty well. Taschen catches a lot of shit for their prices, but the research and craftsmanship of the books are topnotch, and the fact their most expensive titles sell out only shows they are filling an existing niche market. And they often bring out smaller, affordable editions like this.

  5. I own it. It’s very thorough. And yes, you get access to an online database of roughly 17,000 photos. It’s the type of book you spend a year reading — pick it up, read a section, put it down, and again.

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  7. The first version was way too heavy at 23 lbs., too big, and too expensive. However, it was more manageable as a book because it actually contained 10 smaller books that one could easily pick up and read anywhere one wished. And without damaging the spines.

    This new version is a lot cheaper, lighter, and compact but difficult to read as the pages curl toward the centre, this also makes it harder to enjoy the photographs.

    Still, I would buy it and the other Taschen book “The Stanley Kubrick Archives” if the prices go down a little bit more.

  8. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I watched that video, Movie Watcher. I wondered if someone would be brave/foolish enough to attempt to make the movie, seeing as they had a very thorough blueprint.

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