Cut It A Break?

I must admit that last December’s teaser trailer for Michael Bay’s Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (Paramount, 7.1) put the hook in, and coming from moi, a hater of the original who refused to even see Revenge of the Fallen, that meant something. Today the first major full-boat trailer arrived. It seems potentially less offensive that other CG actioners in the wings.

The paycheck standout is Frances McDormand in the Joan Allen-in-the last-two-Bourne-movies role. Costar John Turturro also pocketed a nice big fat one.

  • coxcable

    Looks great.

    Shit blowing up real good.

    Anyone know whose playing the jive-talking-black-stereotype-that-only-a-white-sociopath-with-no-black-friends-could-create in this one?

  • Zach

    This trailer looks amazing. Then again, so did the trailer for The Last Airbender. Doesn’t mean a thing.

  • Jeff and/or Danny Is Always Wrong

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who never saw the second one. And I *actually think* the Transformers were kind of cool (as a child, but hey, fond memories). The Bay movie was loud, stupid, louder, stupider, and just had horrible, horrible CGI. All shiny and nonsensical and retarded.

    And Shia… I can’t take him seriously in anything remotely action-y. Nappy hair, weak chin, stammering performances, he’s awful. Shia feels like the punchline to a joke about the Stonecutters: the same conspirators who made Steve Guttenberg a star!

    Bonus: I always got a kick out of how the Pentagon refused to help out the makers of Independence Day because the script had Area 51 (an unacknowledged site) in the story, but was happy to help out Michael Bay when his script had the SAME EXACT CONCEPT (decades-old government facility keeping alien technology secret until the President/Secretary of Defense can discover it to use against the aliens), but got Pentagon cooperation, solely because he made up a fictional government agency and used Hoover fucking Dam.

    Bay, you magnificent bastard… how I love, and hate, you.

    The third one looks cleaner, however– better CGI, I’ll give them that. Also impressed that we’re finally getting to see giant skyscrapers destroyed on screen again, thought that was still verboten.

    (What I don’t understand is, how can any of the Moon stuff be secret, and if it is, why is it such a big scandal that the secret could get out? THE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS THERE ARE ALIEN ROBOTS THAT FIGHT ON EARTH! In that situation I think people would cut the government some slack, no?)

  • LexG

    I’d work up a usual rant but what’s the point… Thread’s just gonna devolve into the usual Bay Bash anyway, because that’s a novel fucking opinion that needs to be stated with the intensity of Frank Booth by his detractors…

    Looks great, life sucks, whatever, who cares.

  • Ray DeRousse

    Lots of money shots there. And I can assure you that it will not mean a damned thing.

    As Jeff and/or Danny points out, the film is already headed in the wrong direction logically by apparently forgetting that the Transformers destroyed the PYRAMIDS in the last film … they’re not much of a secret at this point.

  • Mark

    Sorry for skipping out on full disclosure, Optimus, but you are a fucking robot-truck-warrior afterall. I mean, what do you want for yourself? Just to ease into retirement and drink lemonade on some porch and have the grandkids over? Go fight those Deceptacons and STFU.

  • Mitchell

    @coxcable: That would be Tyrese Gibson of new HE favorite Fast Five fame.

  • gFresh

    I think the trailer for WORLD INVASION: BATTLE: LOS ANGELES was better than this mainly because it juxtaposed that Johann Johannsson track “Sun’s Gone Dim” against big action. But that movie sucked a fat one in an epic way. So how will T3:DSOTM (or whatever) stack up? This is deeply rooted in the age old philosophical question (I believe it was Plato and Zeus who first discussed it), how high can you stack shit?

  • Mark

    What you need to defend Lex is how this isn’t an animated cartoon, which as you’ve said, are for baby children. Those aren’t real robots, you know. Why should someone give a shit for Optimus and not WALL-E? Sure the Victory’s Secret model is real, but remove her, and I’m sure you’re still all in.

  • LexG

    Victoria’s Secret Model. Ferraris. The ACTUAL SUN AND CITYSCAPES. Heavy metal. Shiny rims. Tits. Oceans. Incredible Scenary. REAL ACTORS IN PERSON. Guns. The military. More explosions. More tits. Greased women in fetish dresses. BUILDINGS. NIGHTTIME. CITIES.

    All shit you don’t see in a cartoon. Is it that fucking hard to figure out? I don’t want to look at DRAWINGS for 2 hours, I want to see stuff like this.

  • gFresh

    With LexG on this. I always gotta explain to friends who love anime and try and get me to watch 100 hours of some pokemon with sex cartoon that I like movies with REAL ACTORS IN PERSON.

  • actionman

    Yeah. It’s not even worth pointing out the obvious any more. NOBODY DOES THIS SHIT BETTER THAN BAY.

  • Wiggumx

    LexG: You can’t be bothered to repeat your rant here, yet, in the X-Men comments, you have repeated (almost verbatim) previous rants about Fox shooting in Vancouver and Michael Fassbender. Odd.

  • LexG

    Wiggumx: Yeah I can just control C, control V those…

  • Telemachos

    I think it looks exactly like the trailer for TRANSFORMERS 2. The beat-by-beat moments are amazingly similar. Sure, a lot of stuff is exploding, and it looks expensive, but it didn’t exactly stand out from any of the other TF trailers for me. Meh.

  • Telemachos

    If you told me a couple of days ago that I thought the full X-MEN trailer would be better than TF3, I would’ve thought you’re crazy.

    But…. I like the X-MEN trailer better.

  • pajamas

    I’m most impressed by the extended shots of the cgi robots. The last two movies were so herky-jerky–with their cut-beat-cut-beat-cut-cut-cut-beat-cut editing–and it made the action sequences hard to follow and even harder to believe than they’d otherwise be. Those long(er) uncut sequences on this trailer suck me right in to the this Transformers-infected world. Like Moulder (and me when I was 8), I wanna believe.

  • LexG

    You people are fucking insane.

    I literally give up. I just give up. Some Canadian cheese fest with B-actors in RIDICULOUS SUPERHERO COSTUMES that looks like it’s made for USA FUCKING NETWORK blows you away, but THE MOST EPIC SHIT EVER is a “meh.” Look at those shots. Look at the SCALE of this thing, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST, 600 MILLION DOLLARS? And you come back with a “meh”?

    Your existence is a “meh.” It’s all because THE BAY WORLD reminds GEEKS of the REAL WORLD in which they suck, and THE X-MEN WORLD is some fantastical superhero world where EVEN THE LITTLEST GEEK CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Fuck the X-Men and fuck you douchebags. I hope Michael Bay fucks all your wives, too.

  • Telemachos

    LOL. I don’t even care about the X-Men.

    But I don’t give a shit Shia and some random Victoria’s Secret chick either. If Bay delivers a decent story, then great. But this shit looks all the same — expensive, but the same.

  • LexG

    WHILE I AM ON A TEAR, Telemachos reminds me, there is a whole breed of Joe Six Pack dude that doesn’t really “get” supermodels. I have encountered this all my life, from friends and workplace acquaintances to dudes talking about squack on the Internet:

    There’s dudes who do FUCKING CARTWHEELS over like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell, all of whom are fine and whatever, I like them too, but then you show them like Adriana Lima or Whatever This Chick’s Name Is or Alessandra Ambrossio or whoever, and they’re like, “Eh, I don’t get it, not for me.” Like, SERIOUSLY? Some Amazonian greased up supermodel GODDESS just oozing with contempt with awesome high heels on all STATUESQUE and POUTY, and dudes are ass-over-heels for like Jennifer Love Hewitt?


    Guys who don’t want to bang models should be waterboarded for being the LOW EXPECTATION HAVING DOUCHES they are, all pining for THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.

    News flash, ELLEN PAGE doesn’t wanna fuck you any more than THE VICTORIA’S ANGELS, so at least in your fantasies, GO FOR BROKE, dudes.

    I think it’s my nerves about FAST FIVE, but all week I’ve had this feeling like Cage in BAD LIEUTENANT where he’s all I HATE YOU PEOPLE SOOOOOOO MUCH. Exactly how I feel about the entire human race this week.

  • Telemachos

    I give that about a 6.5 on the scale of Lex Rants.

  • LexG

    I’m gonna give your girlfriend a 5.5 if you keep testing me, hombre.

  • Telemachos


  • Rashad

    Amazing trailer. Looks so good, Jeff is trying to restrain his excitement.

    Fight the good fight Lex.

  • 4th grade army

    Damn — looks crazy. I’m with Lex on this. And I haven’t seen either Transformers films (and I loved them as a kid). What’s to knock at this point? It’s a great trailer.

    It really hooked me with the original teaser and the whole conspiracy cover-up angle. And now this.

    Unless everyone says it’s god awful, I’ll be seeing it.

  • Wiggumx

    “I’m gonna give your girlfriend a 5.5 if you keep testing me, hombre.”

    THAT’s the spirit! This made my day.


  • HarryWarden

    IMO, that looks awesome though the new girl’s botoxed lips are a little much. They should have gone with the smoking hot Miranda Kerr. Has anyone seen her post-pregnancy pics? She looks even better somehow.

  • gFresh


    It’s the wider vagina.

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    Looks pretty good all right. Could be improved by taking out Shia, all the robots, fights, explosions, ect., and replacing them with close-ups of Michael Fassbender’s face. They could still do it in post.

  • Njmoviefan

    Not sure what Lex means by “drawings” since virtually every effects shot – 75% of the Transformers movie – is cgi. The same exact stuff that makes Wall-E, etc. Here’s a hint: they are all fake. They are movies.

  • Ponderer

    Oh LexG, there is NO difference between this and a cartoon. Same dudes hunched over their keyboards creating fake shit, fake plastic acting, big fake tits, fake gorgeous women primped with CGI makeup, fake cityscapes, fake locations, head replacements, actor replacements, fake screenwriter, fake, fake, fake, cartoon, FAKE TEENAGE JERKOFF GIANT JAPANESE ANIME ROBOT FANTASY IN THREE WHOLE FAKE DIMENSIONS. (The difference between this and “cartoons”? The cartoons have better acting.)

    That said.

    This trailer got me. Why? Because it’s about, oh, the exact opposite of Battle: Los Angeles. If the action stuff in this film has this quality of improved editing – I mean, the camera just totally lingers on absolutely fascinating shit – fuck me, I’ll be there right next to LexG.

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    God dammit Lex and anyone else. How long are you gonna live that you can afford to sit through another two hours of THIS FUCKING SHIT? The trailer looks like the last few Transformers movies. ROBOTS that become CARS and become ROBOTS again, and massive damage, shitty-ass one-liners that Neil Hamburger wouldn’t bother with, WOMEN that look like USED-UP BASEBALL GLOVES, and SHIA LEBEOUF thinking he’s doing HAMLET IN THE PARK in the serious scenes, and a fucking Christopher Guest improv in the comedic bits.

    This shit is for CHILDREN. We’re beyond the fucking UNCANNY VALLEY. Cartoons are the new live action, and VICE FUCKING VERSA. Which is to say, is there NOTHING that someone without a pea brain can fucking sit down and be entertained by?

    You know what this shit looks like? EIGHTEEN OTHER MEGA BLOCKBUSTERS THAT YOU’VE ALREADY SEEN. If you didn’t tell me it was Transformers and I watched that shit on mute, I would wonder, where did Roland Emmerich find the time to shit out another one of his DESTROY ALL BUILDINGS disaster fests solely for the cheap seats?

    It looks GOOD? Why? How? Because this shit is SHINY? Because everyone is barking lines spit out by the fucking APOCALYPSE SCRIPT MACHINE (“It’s ALL OVER!” Again. And Again)? Because we get to see HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE murdered by GOOD GUY ROBOT TOYS?

    How do you people not HIDE YOUR HEADS when you buy a ticket for this? Do you load the trailer on youtube away from everyone else because it’s more offensive than hardcore pornography? How can you prepare yourself for the umpteenth opportunity to WATCH TOYS FIGHT in front of SPECIAL EFFECTS BACKGROUNDS while chinless boy wonder Shia LeFuckoff continues to pretend he’s a leading man when he plays second banana to a fucking HASBRO PRODUCT?

    Fuck this shit.

  • Ray DeRousse

    Yes, Gabe! Yes, yes, yes! Perfectly said!

  • I love this, like love MBT Shoes

  • JBM…

    “I wish I was like you / Easily amused…”

  • LexG

    I genuinely hate all of you people.

    Look, more bitter 35 year olds on the ass end of their Spielbergian career aspirations, having gone to film school all thinking they were gonna BE SOMEBODY, be a FILMMAKER, BE A SCREENWRITER. And ten, twenty years on, y’all still haven’t done JACK or SHIT, same as me, so you just gripe about shit on the internet– bitch about how much you hate this and that and how it should be like some dogshit from 1986 or 1988, because that was the last time you WEREN’T a cynical, dillusioned, miserable fucking asshole. The post-age-30 “geek” who didn’t achieve their showbiz aspirations, where do you go? BLOGGING and BITCHING…

    Gabe Toro, Ray DeRousse (unless you post your screenplays for free on an an UNREAD BLOG for your health), ALL you guys– Bitter strikeouts pleased with hearing yourself talk, oh so clever, but all you talk about is ONE THING: How everything sucks. You have no light, no joy, no creativity, no art, no laughter, no silliness, NO FUN. Just ANGER and BITTER FAILED MISERY.

    Which is why MY POSTS PISS YOU OFF, because like a homophobe who’s secretly a closet case, YOU KNOW all my riffs about FAILING AT SHOWBIZ and NOT GETTING LAID and BEING BROKE and BEING AN ANONYMOUS LOSER?

    They’re not about me. They’re about you.

    Gabe Toro? You’re A TALENTLESS CREEP and noted pervert whose online antics are so disgusting even a fat piece of shit Don Calfa looking virgin like Devin Faraci calls you out for your bad taste. Post some more corpse-raping fantasies and tell us all some more about how your bitch dumped you as you chug cheap swill, then condescend to me, YOU FAKE LATINO, about as HISPANIC AS TACO BELL with your stupid clunky glasses and DATING ONLY WHITE WOMEN.

    Does your TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC FAMILY KNOW THEIR SON IS A SINNER? Do you act all LATIN around your ABUELITA then act like a smirking white jerkoff to get jobs you don’t deserve and pussy that hilariously cheats on you?

    You’re a worthless writer and you suck dick. Fuck off, bitch. CANNOT BELIEVE someone pays an inferior talent like you to write about movies.

    At least Ray DeRousse just kind of sucks on his own dime, no one reading his shit except his gaylord lover Burbanked, who’s unfortunately too far from Missouri to suck him off on any regular basis. But keep pining for the dream, Missouri Man, someday a 41 year old nobody in the Midwest will get his INCREDIBLY CRAPPY SCREENPLAY read by somebody that matters.

    So keep hope alive. Christ, the only thing missing from this parade of zeroes is fagtasmata telling us all how much he likes to do coke, ie snort fun dip with his mommy at the Deicide show. Another Hollywood Elsewhere psycho bottom-feeder nobody listens to.

    Fuck ALL of you fuckers. You’re all idiots and can’t write.

    “Hey, Lex, what’s it like to be smarter than me?”

    — all of Hollywood Elsewhere’s commentarati.

  • dino velvet

    Jeff, in other “paycheck standout” news, did ya know Malkovich is in this one too?

  • arispil

    Lex – I agree with most of what you just spewed… BUT… this movie does look like every other summer blockbuster, not to mention being a carbon copy of parts 1 and 2. I mean, really, it IS a FACT.

  • LexG

    I actually barely give a shit about this movie, and, yeah, I saw it twice already and even as a Bay fan I wish he’d move on to something else, so like I said 30 comments up, it’s not even worth the effort to defend a TRANSFORMERS 3 because everyone’s reaction to it was in etched in stone before a frame was shot– NO WAY I’m not gonna like it or Actionman’s not gonna like… NO WAY Jeff isn’t gonna complain about and NO WAY Gabe Doucheo isn’t gonna write a blistering pan where he talks about black guys laying pipe or whatever other race-related fetishes roll through his feeble, barely human incompetent brain when someone INSANELY PAYS HIM CASH to write reviews, something he’s about as ill-equipped for as I am to coach the Lakers.


    Worse than that, you’re fucking BORING. I cannot believe people pay some of you guys. I can’t believe some of you have the BALLS to actually publish your thoughts in blog form or in print anywhere. Most of you couldn’t write a grocery store list.


  • phantasmata

    fuck 2001 (pretentious existentialist garbage), fuck godfather 2 (pretentious shit about a crybaby talking about stupid shit), fuck the dark knight (batman is supposed to kick ass, not cry over ugly bitches) fuck your barakas and your koyaanisqatsis and your days of heavens. MOVIES ARE ABOUT BLOWING SHIT UP AND GETTING AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO SHOWING TITTIES ON SCREEN WHILE MAINTAINING THAT PG-13 AND RAKING IN THE $$$.

    art is for fags.

  • Ponderer

    As a person who was all meh on the first one and was utterly disgusted by the little I saw of the second…this does NOT look like a carbon copy of the first two. Frankly, just from the shot selection towards the end, it feels less like Bay and more like Nolan. Long shots? Comprehensible editing? From Michael Fucking Bay? Sure, I’m in.

  • Rashad

    People will respect Bay more once they realize all these newer crop of tentpole directors can’t make a movie feel large and stylish to save their lives. Liebesman even failed to make the Marines look appealing in Battle: LA – how does that happen?

  • LexG

    Good now my night is complete, HE’s single stupidest and unfunniest faceless fake-cokehead commenter has clocked in. He must just monitor this shit when he’s not EATING DINNER WITH HIS MOMMY AT THE DEICIDE SHOW… What’s it like posting here for a year and no one ever acknowledging anything you say except to tell you how unconvincing your stupid shtick is?

    Yeah, “phantasmata,” connoisseur of art… and big Deicide fan. I think their drummer Steve Asheim used to manage my grocery store in Canton in 1989. Bet a lot of ARTISTES are in the house at your fake AUDIO ENGINEER job that gets you all the pussy, eh, you Buckethead wannabe fucking Sunset and Gardner whammy bar ponytail asshole. Take your wack shit over to, no one reads your comments here.

    (Cue no response, because he’s busy ‘doing coke with the dark lord,’ aka eating Big League Chew while sitting on the sofa with his Mommy.)

  • reverent and free

    I’ve got to admit it has some striking visuals, like the robot kraken rising out of the moon and the lightning destruction of the Washington monument. And the moon landing cover up premise is a sign of an actual plot.

  • phantasmata

    aw lex, u mad? lol

  • Kakihara

    So it’s basically Skyline meets Tremors?

  • LexG

    Why do you come here, honestly? Just to troll a blog you have contempt for, a host you have contempt for, and commenters you insult? Wow, you must have a bitchin’ fucking life, Mr. I Live With My Mom.

    I also like how you act like you’re so artistically intuned. Hey, is Glen Benton a big DAYS OF HEAVEN fan? I like how you name-check a bunch of Criterion-approved titles, then you’re a big black metal fan, because yeah I’m sure there’s a lot of people there who love classic cinema. And why don’t you use the word “art” a few more times? Or post some links to your music, or anything you do? Oh, that’s right, you’re just a faceless bitch-ass bitch who comes here to heckle then skulks off to the Guitar Center to practice your dive bombs.

    Also, next time you’re eating DINNER WITH MOMMY, Ralph Macchio, tell her how creepy and latent-obsessed all your comments are. Actually, no, just fuck off in general.

  • LexG

    Kakihara, you fucking AUTISTIC RETARD, are you Jeff’s son or not? WAS YOUR MOM AN OLD FLAME OF JEFF’S OR NOT???

    Literally every single poster thinks this, you duck the question EVERY TIME, I asked Jeff POINT BLANK IN EMAIL and he ignored it, didn’t deny it/

    Was Gabi Zelter one of Jeff’s 170 or not??????

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    Lex, be a fucking man and get a life, you drooling keyboard jockey. Everything you say is only as sad as the loneliness dripping from the last thing that emerged from your narrow fucking mind. You’re not a person, you’re a fucking shadow.

  • phantasmata

    no, actually, glen’s more of a cimino fan. i try to point out the futility in that endeavor but the guy’s a bit stubborn, youknowwhatimsaying?

    btw, you’re REALLY cute when you’re angry. like, really. can i interest you in dinner sometime? mom could make us a nice pot roast . . .

  • Dan Revill

    The best part of this movie is that I can take my 5 yr old nephew and know that at least he’ll enjoy it.

    I hated the second film, but at least knowing that this is 3D means the action won’t be so frantic when it comes to the editing. Anyhow, this looks bearable…I may even try to enjoy it.

  • The Mean Freaks

    Whoa– Gabe @ #32 is like a boring, bizarro-world Lex impression.

  • It’s a GORGEOUS trailer, no one can really deny that. And it’s also not a surprise, because “gorgeous trailer shots” are what Bay is good at – problem is, he keeps trying to make 2+ hour movies out of nothing but that, and it’s worked precisely ONCE (“Bad Boys 2”) and even then irony was doing 80% of the heavy-lifting. It is kind of amusing, however, that they look to have stolen their big “money shot” with the skyscraper wholesale from fucking DRAGON WARS…

    But as well-cut as the trailer is, you can still tell that ALL of the same problems remain: The mecha-design still looks like ass, the robots are still indistinguishable from one-another, the human military/agent guys are still clearly way too much of the plot and the “main” thrust of things still looks to be the stupid fucking wish-fulfillment/empowerment fantasy i.e. “dorky” Shia gets to nail another vapid arm-candy chick because he’s pals with robots. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how it happened that material that was initially concieved as a saturday-morning diversion for geeky 6 year-olds got repackaged as go-to material for 20-something douchebags?

    Also, the “conceit” of these movies that the Transformers are working in some kind of covert-military arrangement with the US Army is unbelievably stupid in execution, even in terms of a movie about alien robots dressed up as cars. I get that Bay has a big hard-on for military culture and likes to have real Pentagon and army guys working with him on these things, but it’s just soooo dumb here.

  • Kakihara

    Lex: I doubt it, ‘cus unlike my father, Jeff visits *his* kids.

  • Steven Kar

    I’m only curious about one thing and it’s how this movie will look in 3D. Is it even going to work given how busy the robots’ design looks, how messy the action is, and how quick the cuts are?

  • Yeahhh really good movie trailer!!

  • Kakihara

    gfresh: “I always gotta explain to friends who love anime and try and get me to watch 100 hours of some pokemon with sex cartoon that I like movies with REAL ACTORS IN PERSON.”

    Unless it’s Avatar, of course. With it, I still feel more smug watching green-screened furries spouting off wannabe Star Trek alien lingo while frolicking on a rejected Heavy Metal set than sinking myself to the level of those losers who watch immature Jap toons.

    Lex: I seriously wonder who the fuck would not notice Lima. Hell, she’s hotter than Alba.

  • LexG

    Kakihara, I owe you an apology. That come off really dickish and mean. Very sorry.

    Everyone else, of course, still sucks.

  • gFresh

    Kakihara, true. And I do dig Miyazaki’s films for instance. I just have a preference. That being said, I don’t understand why it always feels like a line has to be drawn in the sand – why can’t I enjoying watching a “dumb” movie like FAST 5 and also appreciate McQuuen’s HUNGER. I’m looking forward to watching Bays flick. I like cinematic craft. When it’s not over edited he’s awesome, even if the script is “dumb” (BAD BOYS 2). Then I’ll watch TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE. Because I like lots of different films and will sit through pretty much anything.

  • Ray DeRousse

    Not sure why I’m responding to this, but I guess it’s because I made the mistake of actually returning to a thread (I usually don’t) and noticing the Lex bullshit above.

    I’m willing to say that you’re more intelligent and a better writer than I am. Cool, whatever. What are you doing with it?? Is it your aspiration in life to be a movie blog Tarantino? Or is it to be the coolest guy commenting on other people’s blogs at four in the morning? SO COOL!

    I never attacked you in this thread, dude. I don’t even know enough about your cartoon persona to even be bothered to attack you. I have no interest in chasing your “posts” across the Internet like you’ve apparently been doing with me. Which is creepy and weird, by the way.

    Why do you come to places like this if you hate the people and conversations you find here? I’ve been assuming all along that you’re just putting people on with these late night rants – in real life I imagined that you’re a normal dude with friends and girlfriends and stuff to do – but the rants are all the same and they continue night after night after night. Do you seriously have nothing better to do than stalk movie blog threads all night every night? Maybe I’m not getting some sort of elaborate LexG meta joke about movie blog people or something. Again, just too damned cool… Keep up the good “work” you’re accomplishing, I guess.

    I come here because I like Jeff’s “voice,” and I also think some of the guys here are intelligent and funny. I’m not here to fight with anyone, least of all you.

  • actionman

    I love how a stupid little action film with giant robots gets everyone up in arms and mighty pissed.

  • DavidF

    I say everyone’s ideal situation is Michael Bay making Transformers movies the rest of his life. Every few films there’s bound to be something of quality and the haters don’t have to worry about him making “real life” films, like Pearl Harbor and Bad Boys.

    When he’s on, he does brainless, big action as good as anyone. He can’t do BRAINY action (like, say, Cameron) but he makes great eye candy.

    The first Transformers was great, stupid fun. The second was an abominable mess. None is expecting this to slip in to the Top 10 at the Oscars next year but there is a difference between a good robot-righting movie and a bad one…and the trailer makes this look like a good one, for what that’s worth…

  • Ponderer

    “I’m only curious about one thing and it’s how this movie will look in 3D. Is it even going to work given how busy the robots’ design looks, how messy the action is, and how quick the cuts are?”

    While you have a point about the robot design – though depth may help distinguish between whirling masses of machinery – I don’t agree about the cuts. Even from the trailer imagery, it’s clear that Bay has rethought his style to make the 3D work. There are no equivalents to the barrage of long takes woven through the whole trailer, especially what seem to be the peak action sequences.

    For a guy whose stock and trade has been to bludgeon the audience into complete desensitization, I’ll go out on a limb and say he actually thought the visual presentation through.

  • Buk94

    This is what Michael Bay always does and it’s beginning to piss me off. He makes a pretty damn entertaining trailer that pulls me into the theater and I end up despising the film itself and swearing up and down he won’t get my money the next time. But he always does.


    If the film keeps the semi-serious tone of this trailer it could work. If he throws in the idiotic humor (like the mom eating pot brownies, for example) it will suck at least as bad as the first two.

  • #36 Lex rant above: geez, what the hell did I do? Go ahead and keep raging at the whole world, little man. It may not be effective, but it sure is amusing.

  • Buk94

    It really is sad that a guy as obviously talented as Lex has chosen bitterness and blog comments over an actual life.

  • raygo

    Best thread in a LONG time. An awesome exchange of bile, as well as a very classy retort from Ray DeRousse.

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  • prefabrik ev fiyatlari

    she dies in real life. So it’s like Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy.



  • prefabrik evler

    she dies in real life. So it’s like Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy.


  • prefabrik ev fiyatlari

    stupider, and just had horrible, horrible CGI. All shiny and nonsensical and retarded.

  • prefabrik evler

    stupider, and just had horrible, horrible CGI. All shiny and nonsensical and retarded.

  • I used to read Jeff Wells’s posts for interesting new tidbits about upcoming movies and amusing observations about films in general seo optimizasyon

  • su deposu

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