Hard Times

When I first bought my Nissan 240 SX in the mid ’90s, a fill-up cost $28 or $30…something like that. Before I moved back to NYC in late ’08 a tank cost $40-something. Food prices are definitely going to rise. People need to start growing their own vegetables. I’m glad to have a bicycle in good repair.

My ex-wife Maggie and I used to have a view like this from our place at 8682 Franklin Ave. We lived there from mid ’87 to late ’88. Jett came along in June ’88. We moved to Maggie’s apartment in Santa Monica to save money, and then bought a home in Venice at the end of ’89. Pic taken last night around 10 pm.

On the set of Rio Bravo in 1958. Angie Dickinson, 27 at the time, was under a “personal contact” to Howard Hawks. Hawks was 62 at the time. He was first and foremost a film director but he had his fancies and appetites, like any well-heeled, well-connected Hollywood player. Todd McCarthy would know.

33 thoughts on “Hard Times

  1. Man, that is a Neil McCauley-Van Zandt view right there. THAT’S the L.A. I love and wish I could see more of, instead of depressing Valley apartments where the only view I get is a moss-covered swimming pool out one window and the next building over out the other.

    I’ve always, always wanted to live in the hills, or somewhere overlooking the city or the Valley, anything that looks big and futuristic like that. I remember when I moved here and first drove up the 405 at night and when it starts to go downhill you get that epic view of the Valley. I thought I’d made it in life, finally the fuck out of the Rust Belt…

    Sixteen years of cramped one-bedrooms ain’t the dream I was hoping to liv–

    HOLY SHIT, look at that gas total! No wonder– the other night I was low on cash and didn’t wanna break out a CC at a strange gas station so I asked for “6 dollars on pump 6.” Was on empty again before I even got home. Shit.

  2. Wow, really Mr. Mystery? Don’t bring your politics in this post. Please. There’s no need. Talk about the high prices by all means, just not as the fault of Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, whatever politician or party you want to blame. Save it for a time when Jeff posts something legitimately about politics.

    And I’m so glad to live in New Jersey. We got a bunch of the refineries, so our gas is cheap. Last I checked, we’re sitting on about $3.80 a gallon or so. Definitely under (or the very least, not very much over) the $4 mark

  3. Right at $50 for me to fill up today, and already had a bit over 1/4 of a tank. Frustrating to say the least.

    I would damn near kill for that nightly view in the 2nd pic. Don’t think I could ever tire of it. My view right now is a row of pines 20 ft. in front of the balcony.

  4. LA romance is so empty and ridiculous. That view seriously sucks – what is everyone so impressed by? Dark and light patches of suburban/exurban sprawl?

  5. >LA romance is so empty and ridiculous. That view seriously sucks – what is everyone so impressed by? Dark and light patches of suburban/exurban sprawl?

    It’s all baked in with Pink’s and the Mann Chinese and Raymond Chandler and old studio lots and star homes and Sunset Boulevard winding its way west. There’s nothing beautiful about L.A. except for the weather, yet it does have a vulgar faded romance associated with its central role in the history of entertainment. Hard to describe.

  6. L.A, baby!. Hawkes was a pimp ha ha, great view, had a girl with that view, she still has it but i dont have her..60 to fill up my Stang but the convertible makes it all worth while…

  7. I get pretty good mileage but I figure it costs me about $12 a day to drive to and from work. Fortunately last time gas hit $4 a gallon, my department implimented a policy that lets us work from home 1-2 days a week.

  8. Goddamn Angie Dickinson was hot in Rio Bravo, to the point that it strained credibility than Wayne would just stammer over her, and then try to push her out of town. Until I realized there was a hell of a lot of gay subtext in that film, then it made sense.

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